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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

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Hmm... I wonder how many words I'll read before I'll encounter the word "butt" or some synonym.

I feel like placing this:

Death by snu snu.
That is all.

Ooooh Bendy, once more you have created something I don't know wether to laugh at or just cry xD
Hahahaha, but in reality, it was great, nice job! XD

Dat booty dough

A story by Bendy without the sex tag even though the first word of the description is sex? This I gotta see.


Quite a lot.


Indeed that booy.

Was the pain worth the sex?


I just forgot the tag. Now added.

Oh god my legs

Another story that focuses too much on Princess Celestia's butt.

Focusing too much? Are you pulling my leg?

Bendy... Can I Call You Mr. Random?


There were one-hundred and forty-two words before the first instance of the word "butt".

Lets make a Human in Equestria story. But instead of Anon it's BENDY that gets sent to Equestria. Hijinks ensure.


Sure you can.


Yeah, you're right. Not very much.

Did you enjoy this story... once you got past the butt part?


Well... I guess you're right. There can never enough focus on Celestia's butt.


I think such a story would be against fimfiction's rules. It goes under meta, which as far as I know is not within the rules of this site.

6580952 Mmmmm, maybe xD I have no idea, hehehe.

6582201 Meta for the win! :yay:


Mmmmm, maybe xD I have no idea, hehehe.

But dat ass man?

Also I changed the story's description slightly, 'Making love' sounds better than sex.

Meta for the win!

I too like meta. But the site seems against it for some reason.

6582459 Yes, dat ass.
Yeah it does sound better.

So is FF.net, losers :P
I write meta anyway, and I have like, three that have me in them :P and people like em.
I wanna see a Bendy in Equestria xD

In that case, that's called a self-insert. Usually frowned upon by the Fimfiction community, but in your case, I wouldn't mind reading a self-insert about you.

It'd be hard for you to act out of character, though.


Well, what I write in my stories does not necessarily reflect on how I behave in real life.

To be realistic I would be very nervous in Equestria. I would miss my family and things. Sure, the ponies having a human fetish (a man can dream) would topped off with canon like personalities, but I still would feel like a fish out of water there if even the Equestria I ended up in was much like the show itself.


Bendy in Equestria xD

I would be very different than many an Anon in my stories. I would not have half the womanizing powers that Anon has. But I guess still got the craziness.

6582743 I'd probably be nervous as well :P and a bit more insane, acting like an idiot to try and deal with it all.
I think a lot of us would be nervous, happy sure, but nervous and missing family/friends.

Dat title. I'm gonna read this now. Wish my legs luck.

-Sanity is overrated

Dammit Bendy, I'm running out ways to respond!

I honestly have no words for this.

The story contains 26 instances of the word 'butt'.

Feel ass-shamed of yourself.

I like some ass. Nice job.

"I’m sorry! I didn’t know human bodies were so weak!" she cried, a few tears falling down her cheeks.

Actually, this would never happen because human bones have like three times the compression strength of concrete. Meaning she would probably have to be as heavy as a fucking 10ton dump truck to break his legs through sheer weight. Although, I'm probably wrong about this.

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