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This story is a sequel to The Legend of Sunset Shimmer: Ocarina of Time

September 20, 2017: This story got past 1,000,000 words. Never have I written anything this long before but I wanted to acknowledge such a thing given that it doesn't happen very often around here.

This story has been given a new description as of October 3, 2016. Also, please check the numerical notations afterwards to understand some concerns.

Sunset Shimmer believed that it was all over. Her ordeal in the land of Hyrule was still fresh on her mind, and the Mark of the Triforce reminded her that everything was real. No one else recalled what happened and think she has lost her mind, yet she knew better. A nightmare had been plaguing her since then, one that her friends couldn't help her overcome. How could they when they didn't believe her?

In her nightmare... a world is on the verge of ruin. What is the meaning behind this nightmare? Sunset isn't sure but feels that her ordeal wasn't over yet. Two weeks after Her Highness came through the portal, Canterlot High and Crystal Prep celebrate after what happened during the Friendship Games. Despite the latter not in the best of spirits, things were going fine until an old enemy emerges, an enemy whom Sunset wished she could forget.

Ganondorf, the Demon King transforms the world that Sunset calls home and everyone in it into the world of Termina, the very land from her nightmare, a parallel world to Hyrule. Once again, Sunset must endure personal torment as she struggles against something she knew would happen. She has only three days to prevent this new world from being destroyed, yet she doesn't have to go through the experience alone. Her friend and mentor, Princess Twilight Sparkle, is by her side, trapped in the same nightmare as her student. Many friends from their worlds are in Termina under new identities, and the Demon King lurks in the shadows, waiting for the time to test Sunset once again.

1. Due to the release of Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree, I might as well mention this. Characters, events, magic, and so on will not be present in this story. This was started long before the movie was first announced, and will remain that way. However, bonus chapters are exempt from this.

2. The Prologue through to Chapter 13 are in my old writing style and won't be changed. From Chapter 14 and onwards, my new style will be featured.

3. The Prologue has been retconned slightly. I now have taken the events of Friendship Games and implemented them into the story. As such, this story takes places two weeks after Princess Twilight came through the mirror, but before Sci-Twi's slumber party and Camp Everfree.

Chapters (79)
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Comments ( 823 )

I was just thinking about this!:yay:
Edit the second: I'm happy to say the quality is just as good as the last story. I'm guessing twilight is tatl and starlight glimmer is skull kid.

To the Ganon who is putting Sunset through all this torment:

(just to be clear, I am not talking about the author)

" Huh? Why would I do that? I do have a reputation to maintain Sunset Shimmer, and if word got out that I would do something that wasn't awesome and epic, no one would ever be able to look at me in the same light again," said Rainbow Dash.

" Not only that, but Pinkie would be heart-broken if I were to just leave," I added.

And if Pinkie gets heart-broken.... well, the fucking world blows up!

" I think we're all jumping to some kind of weird conclusion here sugar cubes, so why we all just relax and take some deep breaths before doing anything else. I don't deny what Sunset Shimmer is saying because we've seen our share of strange events, but at the same time it is hard to believe especially without proof. I'm sorry Sunset, but believing your story, and believing something will happen are two completely different things," said Applejack.

" You think I'm lying?" I asked.

" We all think that maybe you are having problems due to your lack of sleep these past months, and because of this your mind hasn't been in the best of conditions. I know my explanation didn't make a lick of sense as even I don't get it, but the idea that this party is going to be struck by a disaster just seems plumb crazy. Your story is easy to believe, but the school being attacked just don't add up. It sounds like I'm just contradicting things, so I'll conclude by saying just relax and maybe get some sleep before going home," replied Applejack.

Applejack, you are


Then you've guessed correctly although I'm not at liberty to say.


It will get much worse when Sunset will have to face Ganondorf in person, for it will happen in due time. Also, someone else from her past will return, but I'll leave that up to the imagination.

I really hope she goes all Fierce Deity on his ass. Because if she doesn't, then I am going to be extremely disappointed.
Seriously, if that does not happen, then please someone

(JK please don't really do that:pinkiesad2:)

6452886 understood. Also, any chance of art? I wanna see deku shimmer!:derpytongue2: And fierce deity. If not, that's cool.:twilightsmile:

6450655 Starlight Glimmer as Skull Kid!? Nah. Methinks it's Pinkie Pie.

Lemme guess: RD's a BIG Zelda fan, right?


Lemme guess: RD's a BIG Zelda fan, right?


I do plan on having Sunset Shimmer obtaining every mask in the game, and that includes the Fierce Deity's Mask.


Pinkie Pie has a much more meaningful role which shouldn't come as no surprise to anyone if you know Majora's Mask's cast of characters.

Also, yes Rainbow Dash is a big Zelda fan which adds consistency.


I'd love to see someone provide artwork in that manner, but I'm not as good at drawing as I used to be.

I don't think Sunset's scream will be a running gag here.

Welcome to Clocktown, Sunset. Good luck with the Bombers.:pinkiesick: Annoying little kids...

" No, my role as the Princess of Friendship would have compelled me to help you deal with the problem," said Twilight.

" You reformed and learned from your mistakes, but she refuses to change her ways," said Twilight.

What was the point of that little comparison?:applejackunsure:


Not as much as before given how she has improved, but it will still happen on occasion.


Yep, she has to do that at least once which is what the game makes you do.


To emphasize that not every villain from Equestria can be reformed.

Pinkie Pie as Tingle? Eeeeugh.

Maybe we should take a look at that map Pinkie Map sold us

Thats a funny way to spell Pie.

I just loved playing Majora's Mask, especially after reading this article about the themes of the game (and several others in the series).

Under the "Child's Wrath" part Majora is described as a child that refuses to grow up, he wants to stay in his playground forever. Thus why he wants to destroy the clock tower: It represents time. He does not want things to change, he cannot accept that things end. The final boss arena? A giant twisted playpen that towers over you and Majora. While the other four children have outgrown their playpens (the rooms you find them in when you play 'hide and seek'). Majora has not.

Its three manifestations represent childish immaturity. The Child’s Mask hides the child’s true self behind a facade, the Child’s Incarnation lives for the joys of playtime, and the Child’s Wrath lashes out at the world in selfish anger. It holds two monstrous, tentacle-like whips perfect for grabbing hold of something and never letting go. It delights in the agony of those around it and screams in horror and pain whenever it is wounded. This monster is the antithesis of the other four children and the altruistic questions they ask.

Bratty, self-centered kids generally need stern parents. Hence, the Fierce Deity. If Link faces the bully in any other body, it is terribly powerful. But the Fierce Deity utterly overpowers Majora’s forms. The adult silences the wailing child as time’s hero brings Majora’s Mask’s playtime to an end.

You repeat three days over and over again cleaning up that brat's messes and when you finally reach him you can have the satisfaction of giving him the long over due time out he deserves. I hope Sunset will also come to understand this over the course of her journey.


This is what I planned as she was the only character who made the most sense.


Did I seriously miss that error? Wow....guess I'm still consistent when it comes to missing the obvious, so let me fix this quickly.


That's quite the observation, and one which I never really considered before. It's actually made me think about my own experiences playing Majora's Mask long ago (the original version) and currently (the re-made version), and how I didn't think of Majora as a child who refused to grow up. Sunset is going to have her hands full cleaning up everything that has happened in Termina, and she is determined to make sure Starlight doesn't get away with what she has done.

Okay, this is my own comment to let people know a couple of things in case they were curious.

1. Due to the events of Friendship Games now being known to us, characters, forms, and specific plot details will be applied. If you've seen the movie for yourselves, I'm sure you already have a good idea as to what this means.

2. Sunset Shimmer will be collecting all 24 masks which does include Fierce Deity's Mask.

3. The "Other" character who stars alongside Sunset, Twilight, Spike, and Starlight should be easy to figure out if you know how my previous story concluded.

4. This will be using the changes made in Majora's Mask 3D which means main bosses, dialogue changes, mask changes, and so on.

That's all, so hopefully things will become even more interesting.

Edit: Forgot to add in the fourth thing due to forgetting about it.

6469710 Happy to help.:twilightsmile: A question for far later though. In the battle with Twinmould, is it going to be from the original, the remake, or maybe some combination of the two? Just wonderin.


This is actually the fourth thing I had to mention in my own comment, but I forgot all about it as it was late last night, and I was really tired from doing other activities. To answer your question, yes Sunset will be going up against the new version of Twinmold as seen in the remake, and that will be true for all of the bosses.


The article really made me take another look at the game and just made me appreciate it all the more. Of course even before I had read the article and I was doing everything to get all 24 Masks. Receiving the Fierce Deity Mask for the first time and just flat out annihilating Majora has to be one of the most satisfying experiences I've ever had playing video games.

6470985 So pro wrestler Sunset then? Neat.:scootangel:


That is definitely going to be interesting for me to write, and once again the last main dungeon happens to be my favourite one just like the Spirit Temple was back in Ocarina of Time. Stone Tower Temple will take at least six chapters at the minimum to go through because of how it's set up with its gimmick.


When I played the game for the first time, and acquired the Fierce Deity's Mask, I accidentally reset time because of need to go to bed myself, and I discovered that you need to beat the final boss in order to keep it. So, I had to go through all of those mini-dungeons again just to give away all of those masks.


My preferred version is the Inverted Stone Tower Temple where the music becomes eerie at certain points, but I do like this one as well because of how mysterious it is.


She will although now that I think about it, she should have when she first entered the observatory given Bonooru can be found there if you look around. Sunset still has a chance though whenever she stops by the Trading Post for a visit, and that is going to happen eventually when she realizes she needs supplies.

Question: will this be longer or shorter than your ocarina of time story?


Given how the first chapters of this story are longer than the first chapters of the previous one, I'd say this one is going to be longer in terms of word count. I'm not sure if the number of chapters will be more or less, but I'll know for when I eventually get to the final dungeon.

Next up, Song of Healing then on to Woodfall!

"Those who are weak must be destroyed as they cannot fathom what will happen when the moon comes crashing down... the strong are just as useless as their way of thinking is flawed to no end. No, nothing can be allowed to survive," said Starlight Glimmer.

...And Starlight's gone full Omnicidal Maniac because of Majora. I guess its taking her desire to make everyone equal to its logical extreme: Everyone is equal in death.

On a more positive note, now that she's got her Ocarina back Sunset will be returning to her human form soon.

Here's hoping that Sunset goes Fierce Deity on both Majora/Starlight and Ganondorf for everything they've done to her and everyone else they've hurt.


You have my sympathies. Those mini-dungeons (especially the Water Area) in the 3DS version are a LOT harder then I remember them being. I gave up trying to get to the heart pieces in those areas after a certain point and just focused on getting to the kids so I could give them my masks and move on.

Great Chapter, very good.


The Song of Healing yes, but Woodfall won't be for a little while longer. There are some events in Clock Town which need to be taken care of first, and then it's off to a farm... I mean ranch.


Combining the power of the Fierce Deity's Mask, and what she became in Friendship Games is probably more than enough to handle the likes of Majora's Mask, and Starlight Glimmer. Ganondorf on the other hand... well... I'll let you all find out when that comes up within the next month or two.

Sunset, you actually DO need to go back to the observatory. The ability to slow down time and skip through it would come in handy.:raritywink:


Bonooru is also located in the Trading Post on the west side of Clock Town, so Sunset will probably learn the secrets of the Song of Time from him there. She'll have to go back to the Observatory eventually when it comes to the real final showdown.

6500128 I forgot about that. I never went in there, so i only remember him in the observatory. And i say this is one of my favorite Zelda games.:facehoof:


The Trading Post is often ignored because most of what you can get there can be found elsewhere.

Another question for the future, will Sunset be getting the gilded sword?


That is going to happen because I have to show off Sunset participating in the Goron Races, but I'm not sure when this will happen in the story exactly. I know most people prefer to get it after the second dungeon, but I like a challenge and go for it after the fourth, but I suppose Sunset would want it as soon as possible given her experiences.

6500339 You want a real challenge? My very first play through on the Gamecube (Legend of Zelda: Collector's Edition), I actually fought and beat Majora with just the Kokiri sword. Didn't even have the Fierce Deity mask. Despite the fact that it's because i sucked at video games then, I'm still rather proud of that.:rainbowwild:

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