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With the events of Rainbow Rocks behind her, Sunset Shimmer was simply enjoying a night indoors with her friends, but the magical energies of the human world which clashed in the movie has caused something unexpected to happen. Now Sunset has found herself in a world much different than her own, and the people of this world look like her human world friends and foes, yet this is the land of Hyrule.

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Wow! Very well written, Ganon! I really like the story, and the way you've chosen to cross the two universes. Also very good wording and storytelling :) Can't wait to read the continuing parts!

Poor Sunset, not many get her.
Other than that, the story seems great.

Welcome to the land of fanfiction! lol this reminds me of my first fiction. Great story and concept but bad grammar.

Great part, Ganon! I really liked the throw back to that of which you wrote in the introduction of the previous part (the conversation between Sunset and The Great Deku Tree). You were able fit that very well with the story! I'm really enjoying the story so far, and looking forward to the next part.

To point out some grammar stuff:
- Maybe "vision" instead of "visual" when sunset wants to see The Great Deku Tree's story with her own eyes. "If you were able to give me a "vision" of some kind..."
- When The Great Deku Tree is talking about Sunset having been chosen to save the world, the word "been" is missing the second time The Great Deku Tree is saying it. It only says: "You have chosen to save this world".

Those were the main things I wanted to point out.

Otherwise, great job and good luck with the future parts! :)

Comment posted by Ganondorf8 deleted Nov 12th, 2014

I can't believe that I didn't see those two mistakes Dashy, and I'm usually pretty good at seeing them. Thanks for pointing them out, and I see what you mean with the word vision being better than visual.

It's never easy to read through everything you've written yourself and find the mistakes ;) When you are writing, your head is all up in the story, so it's easier for someone on the outside to notice them. I'm glad I could help!

Yet another good chapter. Looking forward to the next one.

Awesome update, hope to see another very soon!! :twilightsmile:

This courtyard is certainly much spacious than what we had to go through just to get here


Much spacious
Very courtyard

For some reason I can't wait until she gets to the water temple.


I already have plans on how Sunset is going to handle the Water Temple. I'll just say that a certain encounter is going to test her emotionally beyond the limits of endurance.

Oh man, I guess I'm still kind of sadistic, because I seriously can't wait.


At the current rate of the story progression, I'd say that the Water Temple won't be coming up for at least roughly 15 parts as of Chapter 5. This might change depending on what gets covered from now until then.

Sunny as Link and Spike as Navi? Well, at least this incarnation of Navi will be less annoying.

Princess Celestia - Din, Goddess of Power
Princess Luna - Nayru, Goddess of Wisdom
Princess Cadance - Farore, Goddess of Courage

I'm pretty sure that Luna has a stronger affinity towards Power while Celestia has more Wisdom. Oh, I can imagine the shenanigans now...

I like Maud as a Goron. I was also expecting Sombra to be Ganondorf, though.


In my eyes, Tirek made the most sense to portray Ganondorf as his actions in the season four finale is similar to what Ganondorf does throughout Ocarina of Time. I could give Sombra a part in the story, and I think I know the perfect role for him.

As for the three princesses portraying the great goddesses in the positions I have them in, I see Din as the leader of the three which makes Celestia ideal here as she is also a leader.

Broke the universe of my favorite Zelda game. I hope Ganondorf wins... Not you sir, but Ganondorf, King of Evil, wielder of the Triforce of Power.
And spike as Nai will be more annoying. Applejack will most like be Malon...etc

Can we have artwork of Sunset Shimmer cosplaying as Link, please!?

A LoZ crossover? Well, this is new.


Not as new as you may think. FimFiction does have a number of stories where MLP crosses over with the Legend of Zelda, but only nine stories as of right now that crossover with Ocarina of Time with my story here being one of them.


I'd love to see that happen, but I've never drawn any MLP characters before, so it would have to fall onto someone else. My idea was simply to use a vector of Sunset Shimmer from towards the end of Rainbow Rocks, and have an image of the Triforce behind her.

5334231 I meant it as in it's new to me. I honestly would've been surprised if this were the first story to be crossed with LoZ.


My apologies then for causing any kind of confusion. To be honest, I'm surprised that there are crossover stories here that feature Majora's Mask. I find that game to be difficult to write a story around it due to the nature of the three-day cycle.

5337852 oh but the three day cycle is what allows for really strange things to occur. Majora was the second game in the franchise that I played, but Ocarina of Time remains my first and favorite.
Also on a side note, I would just like to thank you for being one of those nine fic writers who have a LoZ OoT fic here on fim:Fiction. While I wish that one of the other characters had been in Link's shoes, you portray the charcters ver well. Please continue the good work


Thank you for the kind words. I do appreciate what you had to say about my story, and you make a valid point regarding Majora's Mask. Perhaps a sequel to this story using that game as the setting complete with the three day cycles can work.

I'm curious as to which character you feel should have portrayed Link.

I have a strange feeling that Derpy's a really more important character than we think she is.

5348139 I know it seems cliché, but I would have used Spike or Flash sentry, and before you ask, I'm not sexist...
But I would have chose them because they would have more in common with Link in my opinion, and I would have imagined Sunset as the Spirit Sage, Fluttershy Would have been as you have it. Applejack as Fire sage, ironically Pinkie as the Water Sage, Rainbow Dash as the Shadow Sage, and of course Rarity as the Light sage. Twilight would have been my second of the female characters to have been Link, but most likely Zelda... There is my rundown


In some ways she does appear to play an important role, but I wonder where she'll end up in seven years?


I actually did consider Twilight to portray Link at first with Sunset Shimmer as Zelda, but then I came to view Twilight as having more in common with Zelda. Plus, Twilight becoming the main star would have been too obvious and too easy of a choice.

Spike or Flash Sentry? I never considered either to make for a good Link although you've made very good reasons for why they both work. I always pictured Spike as Navi because of his being an assistant which is what Navi can be considered.

As for your choice in Sages....I can see why you assigned them that way especially Sunset, and it does make sense in that context. I went with my choices because of how I viewed the Mane Six in comparison with the Sages, although Applejack probably makes the least amount of sense.

as a fan of TLoZ and of sunset shimmer I should say that I love this story

I'm guessing that Sunset Shimmer plays teh role of Child Link for the time being?


And Adult Link as well because she is going to go the entire distance by the time I'm done with this. How will this work out? It will become clear by the time Chapter 17 comes along which isn't too far from now.

Thank for the comment, and I hope that you continue to enjoy it.

5368183 How old is Sunset Shimmer right now?

5368183 I'm pretty sure that you can change between Child and Adult Link at a certain point.

10-30 rupees?! I only got a 5 rupee discount!
That guard ripped me off:twilightangry2:.


She's whatever age she is during the events of Rainbow Rocks, and that goes for pretty much the rest of the cast from the movie. It will all be explained in Chapter 17....sort of and reiterated throughout the second half.


The prices of the masks and how much money was given to Sunset Shimmer is exactly how it happened in the game. The only difference is that Sunset is able to react to what happened whereas Link just does nothing. She was really upset about being ripped-off with the Skull Kid though, and her expression with the Bunny Hood sale is going to be very interesting.


Once Link opens the door to the Sacred Realm, the Adult portion of the game takes over and things changed heavily. Sunset is going to be exploring this future Hyrule, and of course there is that whole age gap that comes with seven years. Someone is bound to give a good explanation when it all starts, and it will be the one you least expect.

5370803 Wouldn't that mean if Sunset is kept dormant for 7 years she would be over 20 years old.


I knew that the seven year thing was going to be an issue which is why I have something prepared to handle it. Sunset Shimmer will sleep for that length of time, but she won't exactly age which gets explained to her. I still need to figure out one or two loose ends, but I will go with this plan, and other characters will comment on the fact that she hasn't aged a single day whereas they have.

5371497 Okay, now to ask a question that quite a few people might be thinking, will Sunset use the Master Sword?


This was also something that I knew was going to come up, and I do have a good answer to provide. Sunset Shimmer does use the Master Sword, but she can only use it when she transforms by gaining her pony ears and tail. At any other time, it pretty much stays in its scabbard on her back as an accessory she has to lug around for a lengthy period.

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