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One day just before the start of the school year at Hogwarts, several strange new names show up in the enchanted Book of Admittance. Now, Princess Twilight and Friends will have to learn to navigate the strange and unfamiliar world of wizards and witches. Will the Magic of Friendship be enough?

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Well, I'm a sucker for HP/MLP stories (especially if they don't devolve into bashing) so I'll definitely give this a follow to see where it goes.

So far I'm kind of confused on who is actually going to Hogwarts I'd assume the EQG characters but then you have the pony counterparts there as well. I also can't determine when this takes place in the EQG timeline. I'd assume before Sci-Twi showed up since her name wasn't on the list but Starlight is around so it's a little unclear.

Umm OK Friendship Games takes place at the same time as the Cutie Re-Mark, and Sci-Twi had already transfered to Canterlot when Starlight and Sunset meet so Sci-Twi and dog Spike should be in the group. So who is going? Only 4 out of the 24 people there don't share the exact name with someone else (Sunset and Starlight don't have doubles, and one twilight has a title)

Thank you for the feedback!
Also, "Pinkie pretended to glare at the Twilight Sparkle that wasn't wearing glasses."

They are in the group. They're just not going.

I've seen a few Harry Potter crossovers in my time, and this one definitely seems like it's worth my time.

So, is Spike the Dragon a human or dog?

You get a follow and a like just Becuase:pinkiecrazy:

Loved those undertale stories. Eagerly awaiting an update for this story.

Looking forward to reading this. I've seen a lot of stories like this, but they all died at one point or another, I'm hoping this one doesn't.

I can guarantee this story won't die. It could take a long time, but it will be finished eventually.

I've honestly read worse and as far as Harry Potter crossovers go this is a solid entry.:eeyup:
I'm looking forward for more chapters!:pinkiehappy:

Damn this is a good story, I can't wait to see how everything turns out, so are both sets of Mane 6 going to Hogwarts or what, also why would Princess Twilight and Sunset go there, after all they can use their magic easily and why should they bother to go to a magic school, not to mention what will happen when the Cutie Map needs them.

I eagerly await updates.

As a note, I love the spin you put on the lore, more specifically the founders, mentioning Ilvermony, and the Book and Quill.

Fantastic, that was.

It won't be both sets, that would get confusing. Twilight and Sunset are adept at Pony magic, not Human magic.

Well this is intriguing. Bit disappointed you're cutting Sci-Twi out of Hogwarts as having the pair of doppelgängers running round could be a lot of fun. Heck, since you've gathered both the mane six and the human seven together as well as both sets of the CMC it could be a recipe for a great big old storm of chaos!lot of fun. But I suppose it would be difficult to differentiate. Maybe she'll be running a more scientific side show? Researching magic through correspondence and her own discreet observation, playing with merging it with technology? Can't wait to find out exactly what you have in store with such a well written opening.

Also that cover art... Pinkie Pie has a green tie... makes me wonder, will she somehow convince the Sorting hat to put her in Slytherin? Not because she necessarily belongs there but because she feels she's needed there most? A lot of frowns to turn upside down after all! :pinkiehappy:


Sci-Twi will have plenty to do. After all, someone has to "hold down the fort" at home. Not to mention monitoring the magic that keeps leaking in from Equestria.

Not because she necessarily belongs there but because she feels she's needed there most? A lot of frowns to turn upside down after all! :pinkiehappy:

It's like you read my mind :pinkiegasp:

9688753 Defiantly need to give them a means to communicate then I think. Maybe another pair of diaries?
Hum... that just sparked an idea. Might make for a fun intermission side story at some point but what if the mane six - the ponies that is besides Princes Twi - took up the lives/roles of their human counterparts while they're away? Since you've gone to the trouble of introducing them and all.

Sorry, you got me brain storming now. Probably doesn't help I'm juggling a few story idea of my own for both MLP and HP. Though no crossovers between the two yet thankfuly. :twilightblush:

Thank you for the journal idea!

You know, I could use some help writing this, especially since I'm not much of a writer.


Also what is going to happen to Harry now that the Ponies are coming?

It would be interesting to see both sets of the mane 6 there.

It would also be convoluted and confusing.

Not bad. I like harry Potter as well. Though it did have a bit to much summarizing at the beginning for my taste. Still, I'm interested. Hope you will make more.

Continue and update please soon.

I am assuming that all of them are 11? Great.

Nope. They're not going as first years.

Is this even going to continue?

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