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I've been a brony since October 2013, and it's only now that I have finally decided to take action and find my true place among the herd.


Legend of Sunset Shimmer: Link's Awakening - Update: 31/12/21 · · · 2:57am Jan 1st, 2022

Last update for 2021.

Only one chapter remains though this one took a while for me to get to it due to losing my dog days before it was finished months ago. l plan on publishing it either tomorrow or Sunday without fail as l do wish to finally have all chapters available.

Bonus chapters? l still want to write a couple of them but l haven't decided if l'm going to be 100% dedicated to it.

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Legend of Sunset Shimmer: Link's Awakening - Update: 24/10/21 · · 9:50pm Oct 24th, 2021

When was the last time I did one of these?

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Legend of Sunset Shimmer: Link's Awakening - Update: 29/06/20 · 1:22am Jun 30th, 2020

Sorry for the lack of chapters, but I've had to deal with private family matters as of late which is preventing me from getting new content up as well as write new content. I know it's not an excuse but I needed to let you all know in case you thought I had left or something. I'm going to have to take a different approach from now on so please bear with me on it.

This story is going to be finished.

In fact, it will have bonus chapters with one already in the very early planning stages.

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Legend of Sunset Shimmer: Link's Awakening - Update: 06/04/20 · 2:04am Apr 7th, 2020

A new chapter will be published next Monday barring any emergencies. Why hasn't there been any new chapters for the last couple of weeks? I don't need to tell you what's been happening in the world for you to figure out the answer. As such, I've had to be cautious. We all have. This story will be finished no matter what though. I'm too invested in it to want to cancel it without a proper conclusion.

Thank you.

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Legend of Sunset Shimmer: Link's Awakening: Update - 27/02/20 · 9:06pm Feb 27th, 2020

I've had more than enough time to deal with the family emergency which caused this story to be put on temporary hiatus, so now I am going to be continuing with it by uploading a new chapter next Monday. Essentially, I'll be resuming the weekly chapter postings barring future emergencies.

Basically... Let's get to adventuring.

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Legend of Sunset Shimmer: Link's Awakening - *On Temporary Hiatus* · 9:02pm Feb 9th, 2020

Due to an unfortunate family tragedy which has just recently occurred, I am putting this story on a temporary hiatus so that my family can grieve over what has happened. I'm going to make this hiatus for two, maybe three weeks but no longer. It will return but for now, I need to comfort with my family.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Legend of Sunset Shimmer: Link's Awakening Update 03/02/2020 · 1:44am Feb 4th, 2020

Due to me feeling under the weather, there won't be a new chapter uploaded for this week. Sorry for the inconvenience but I need to focus on getting better.

Thank you.

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Legend of Sunset Shimmer: Link's Awakening - Update 04/11/19 · 10:55pm Nov 4th, 2019

Time for another update of this story of mine. Actually, this is more like a few small ones.

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Legend of Sunset Shimmer: Link's Awakening Update: 28/10/19 · 8:42pm Oct 28th, 2019

I'll be doing these periodically so as to keep people up to date.

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The Legend of Sunset Shimmer: Link's Awakening Cast List. · 4:37am Oct 21st, 2019

Now this is quite the update.

It took me some time to figure out who was going to portray who in this one. Due to the fact that Link's Awakening has a small cast compared with later Legend of Zelda games, I had to go with a combination of main and secondary characters. I couldn't include any princess barring Twilight as it would've meant including them all. I also couldn't include any one Pillar without all of them--Starswirl is a special case due to earlier seasons.

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