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"Any religion that allows or commands you to pass judgement on, convert by force, or kill another human being is not a religion that serves any interpretation of any God or Gods above." Unknown


Discord and Fluttershy relax in their home with their newborn daughter while preparing for their next arrival.
Their second child arrives on the same wave of innocent chaos as their first.

Set after the events of Forward

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 10 )

Can't wait for the next chapter

Oooh! I'll be waiting for the next one!:heart:

another chapter please

This is amazing! I love it. Please update :pinkiehappy:

I want more stories like these!

when will there be another chapter

please continue I want to see the second baby

Pls update, need moar cuteness.:pinkiehappy:

whats going to happen nexts

I wanna knowthat too

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