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All underage, non-sentient, and/or clearly non-consenting participants are figments of some other characters dream.


That last bit just makes this. It's all in a dream so it's okay. I think I'll read this when a few more chapters come out c:
Electricity torture fetish?

Sex (duh), F/F, F/M, hornjobs, aural

... Theres going to be ear sex?


Hot enough for me. This piece is very well written, I wonder how long it took you to write this chapter?

Sorry, I just prefer it that way. It's just how I roll.

I kinda figured the titles & descriptions would give the dream thing away.
Also, I'll have to add the electro-stim/torture tags.

:facehoof: Possibly, and maybe oral as well, once I learn how to spell.

Thanks. I started on... Saturday, I think. A few hours each day, so maybe 12-ish hours over 6 days. I wasted a few hours tring to set up my tablet/keyboard.

If this holds up, Luna will become a "servant to her people" in ways she never imagined.

Either that, or her creation is going to turn all of Equestria a whole lot more interesting over the next few nights/week. Even if the Incubus doesn't escape, some dreams may leave deeper aftereffects than others.

the music seemed to pulse loader than ever


This sounds like it's going to be verrry interesting. Do go on.

Thanks for the catch, and for the comment.

Hmmm. Luna's reaction indicates that these dreams do leave some kind of residue with their victims. It was only a minor slip of the tongue here, but she also had only a single dream. Several dreams assaulting her over the course of several nights could leave more noticable mental changes.

Plus, Rarity had a humiliating dream just as Luna did. So, she wasn't present in Luna's dream, nor did Luna tap into some dominant aspect of Rarity's personality. The "Mistress" appears to be a product of the dreamscape itself. That is to say, the Incubuntus.

Will more mares find themselves suffering from sexually degrading dreams that can even affect their waking hours? That would be quite lovely...

where everything is — Princess Luna!?”

Wow, okay, that's one creepy store you've got there, Rarity. :rainbowlaugh:

But daaarling, Rarity is the finest Princess Luna designer in all Equestria, and soon everypony shall know it.
Already, ponies travel from miles around, just to buy one of her Princess Lunas.
Why, Sapphire Shores has commissioned no less than 12 Princess Lunas from Rarity already.
Rarity's already made custom Princess Lunas for all her friends, and they couldn't be happier.
Don't you know there's nothing quite like the feeling of slipping into a bespoke Princess Luna, made just to fit your exact measurements?

(I'll stop now)

hoofing is the correct term , and danm that's a lot of things....

The trouble with "hoofing", as a word, is that some people use it as equivalent to "fingering", meaning rubbing with the tip of the hoof, female masturbation in general.

To give some context for the wall-of-tags, the rough outline I have in my head is 13 chapters long (but that includes an epilogue). It was slightly a case of "how many fetishes can I cram into one story", but I avoided scat and vore because of how strongly I dislike them (no offence to people who are into them, but I'm not and I just couldn't bring myself to write them).

Frankly, I'll be impressed with myself if I manage to finish this at all, doubly so if I finish any time this year.

Despite this, I'm already seeing more ideas in the comments, and coming up with a few of my own. Things that haven't made the cut, more ponies and scenarios I could write. Maybe I'm trying to do to much, maybe I've left it too open-ended, but if things go really well, I might just write a sequel (though I guess I should focus on finishing this, first).

6424473 i haven't seen hoofing used that way very much , though it is annoying when it is , cause that's not what i want :c , there's not nearly enough fics out there that involve hoofing....

Just had a strange idea.

It's this: Spike wakes up after being kidnapped by somepony. He can't quite make out who it is, but she looks, sounds, and holds herself very similar to Rarity. He's tied down; she starts pleasuring him, being all loving and gentle but always staying dominant. After a while he can see the pony clearly, and it turns out to be Sweetie Belle, not Rarity. Spike panics, begs to be let go, argues that they can't do this because he sees her like a little sister. She turns it around and mocks him by saying that's exactly how Rarity sees him, like a little brother, so he should just lie back and enjoy this pretty mare giving him all this love.

That's assuming you'll want to write a chapter with a male submissive. It's not my fetish, being entirely into maledome/femsub, so I'd understand. Plus, it's.. kind of mean. :raritywink:

Oooh, a Trixie idea!

You know the lady sawed in half trick? Well, what if that's done to her in her dream? One box holds her head, one holds her legs, the last one contains her lovely blue torso and rump. She would be forced to helplessly watch whatever is done to her defenceless backside or even made to give herself oral.

6468239 That sounds awesome - autocunnilingus is something of a fetish for me, and I'm something of a Trixie fan anyway.

I think I've taken on more than I can handle with this story already, though. Despite what I said about cramming in as many fetishes as possible, I have to admit that even if I do finish this I'll barely have scratched the surface.

If someone wants to use the ideas from this story (and the comments) and write some alternative/extra chapters, I certainly wont complain.


I really like this idea. If it doesn't make it into this story someone should really write one based on that.

Yandere!Sweetie Bell nursing an unrequited crush on Spike finally snaps an decides to take things into her own hooves or so...

The end.

Just kidding.

Well that just...oh boy...you just love messing with us don't yah?

Might take you up on that offer. :raritywink:

Right? :pinkiehappy: Never saw that in writing anywhere.

So now... The incubus controls Rarity? Interesting...

Umm… thanks? If I'm interpreting that image correctly, I'm glad you liked it.

Okay, these last two chapters may have worked better the other way around, not that it matters much. One question I have though is, WHY WOULD FLUTTERSHY DREAM THAT!? Seriously, that isn't like her at all. How does she even look Pinkie in the eye after having dreams like that?

6561911 Funnily enough, they were originally going to be the other way around, and they were going to be two parts of the same chapter. There was going to be a third part as well, though, and I felt the combined chapter was just getting too long. When I split and re-ordered them, I wasn't entirely happy with the result, but I was starting to feel that if I spent any more time working on them then this story would just slip into an indefinite hiatus, along with all my other unfinished projects. So I may have rushed them a little, just to try and keep my momentum going.

As for Fluttershy's behaviour, I dunno. I suppose most of the characters in this story have been/will be acting more-or-less out-of-character, and to some extent you can blame that on the Incubus's influence, but I'm also of the view that a person's deepest/darkest/weirdest sexual kinks/fetishes tend to be quite different from the personality we see on the surface. We aren't in control of our own subconscious minds, after all, and it's not that uncommon for dreams to reflect desires that we weren't even aware we had, and may well be disgusted by when we wake up. So, this is maybe the sort of scenario Fluttershy would never consider fantasising about while she was awake, but that doesn't mean the desire isn't there within her somewhere. She isn't choosing to dream about this, she just is. Everyone has a "dark side", which may contain (among other things), fear, anger, self-loathing, aggression, and petty vindictiveness.

Though, maybe that's just down to my interpretation of her character.
(Also, I think Fluttershy has trouble looking her friends in the eye anyway)

6562036 Hmm, okay, fair enough. Rarity seemed quite disgusted at her behaviour once Luna snapped her out of it so I guess that consistent. I've always thought of dreams as more random than that though, but I guess they could represent a twisted version of some desire. I'm sure Fluttershy wishes she could be more confident. I'm also sure that at times she finds Pinkie annoying (c'mon who doesn't?). All that combined with possibly being jealous of Pinkie for her confidence could result in a dream like this.

I swapped "Shadows" and "Fluttershy's Dream" around, especially after writing "Dreamwalking", I felt they worked better that way. No change to either chapter, though.

Well shit. Does this mean that Flutters has a cruel streak or that the Incubus has its hooks in her? Also here's hoping there's more delicious cumflation later on.

So much of what happened to Pinkie is impossible, I mean... Okay dream world shutting up now. I seriously hope that this is the Incubus' doing, it's hard to imagine Fluttershy enjoying something like that.

It's always the quiet ones. And we know Fluttershy has a nasty side to her. I just hope Rarity and Luna handle this correctly.

That. Would. Be. AWESOME!

6702708 I've re-watched “Putting Your Hoof Down” recently. After watching how Fluttershy treats Pinkie in that episode, I don't find it that hard to imagine. Maybe that's just me, though.

6704027 I'm sure they'll make the right decision.

Rarity squealed slightly at the feel of teeth pressing against her butt, Luna's mouth forming a seal and sucking on her cheek.

I hate to break it to you, but this wouldn't work on a surface with fur.

There are too many gaps created by the hairs. Even by a rather light coat, let alone one as thick as the coats that ponies from the show seem to have, what with having such rich, full, clear colorings.

The only way this would work would be if Luna did this literally over the bare area around (or directly on) Rarity's anus or vagina.

6704135 You're probably right, but I don't feel like going back and changing it now. It's something I'll try to bear in mind in future, but maybe write this off as magic cartoon pony physics.

6704126 Yeeesss, but remember how guilty she felt afterwards, that would have impacted her subconcious just as much.


I don't know. In dreams, and even role play, she might feel much more comfortable acting like that. If she both desired and feared acting that way, and suppresses the behavior, she might very well act on the desires in her dreams. Certainly the sex demon doesn't help matters.

Apologies to everyone who's been waiting for the next chapter, but I've decided to officially put this story on hiatus. You may have figured it was pretty much there already, being 2 months since the last update and all, but I think it's time to admit that I won't be updating any time soon. I've had a lot of personal shit going on, and I've worked myself into a knot where I keep thinking "I should write the next chapter", but I just… can't. I'm feeling completely uninspired and it's stressing me out, I need to take a break from it, take the pressure off, and work on other things for a while. Hopefully that will get some of the tension out of my system and get the creative juices flowing again, I would really like to complete this story one day. I want to thank you all for your support and patience.

I want you to know that it's "Sapient" not "Sentient".

7014798 Thanks, I've updated the description.

7014900 No no, thank you for being so quick and dedicated as a writer.

7014903 Not gonna lie; It's sheer luck I happen to be checking FimFiction for notifications right now.

Probably obvious but is this dead dead?

Uh… yeah. I can't really imagine myself coming back to this one, sorry.

Change from On-Hiatus to Cancelled so that its confirmed this story is dead, so that people won't ask you "Is this story dead?"

Fair enough. I have trouble letting go of my unfinished projects sometimes.

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