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Ponies have always been fascinated by the stars and the images they create. But where did they come from?

When Celestia finds Twilight studying them, she decides to tell her. And while it may be a story that Twilight finds difficult to credit, it is one which Celesta is very personally familiar with...

"Constellation Luna" covert art comes from WarePWn3's deviantart.
Inspired by the Lullaby for a Princess animation and A Meeting by Moonlight by Jordan179
Edited by Divine Path

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I like it! ANOTHER!


In all actuality, this is a lovely and well written story. Kudos to you.

Ever lovely, so sweet the sorrow~


I... can't really think of any other words to describe it. Although I have to mention that it's a little funny in a way to me- this story took Twilight's attempts at science and put it against the mythological truth, whereas I wrote a story doing the exact opposite. Just something in the back of my head while I read this.

But again, excellent story.

If there's any criticisms I have to make, you seem to have missed a few paragraph breaks, and a comma in one spot. Purely formatting, though, and only the former was noticeable.

Woah! Amazing! You have earned many cupcakes and much appreciation for writing this!


Nuuuuu, people read this :fluttercry:

I reviewed this story!

My review can be found here.

Promised post-contest review is here! I know it didn't place, but I thought it was far from a bad story. Just not as in keeping with the spirit of the contest as others.

Here's your super-cool review from the Pleasant Commentator and Review Group! Thanks for submitting!

That was... touching.
This deserves so much more love than it seems to get. I always like new concepts of how things came to be, a little world-building (or a lot, that's quite alright, too), stuff like that. And you actually made me tear up on those last lines.

Thank you!

Thank you for the credit.

Okay, this is really great story but...Discord killed all of the Star Ponies? Man, that's...that's pretty dark...'

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