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After Vinyl goes a little too far, Octavia makes a shocking claim about her music. Vinyl should really just ignore it and let it go.

Vinyl can't let anything go.

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I really enjoyed this! Major thanks for the shout-out to my favourite 20th century composer Karlheinz Stockhausen - wonderful!

Vinyl is dead. Doesn't matter about the table. She's a goner. No more DJ. Ever read Octavia Snaps? Aye. Snapped. :twilightoops: It was nice knowing you Vinyl.

Good story though!

Hey, I wrote a review of this fic. It can be found here.

Overall, it is a really good Vinyl and Octavia comedy.

Well done!


Yeah; at the time, I didn't realise how to format on this site. I've debated whether or not to fix up this (and Fleet), so...sorry about the slight mess!

So one point I'm confused about - what did happen to the cello? When Octavia came home and snapped Vinyl out of her panic, I thought that it might have been some sort of hallucination or something. The ending, though, seemed to imply that the cello was indeed broken.

Either way, this was a fun read!

If Vinyl was simply a listener of music, then this would`ve worked...

The problem is, that to compose anything that won`t rape your ears, you kind of need to have some idea of theory. And all musical theory is based on classic. So Vinyl simply couldn`t be unaware that all that she does can be traced back to what Octavia does.

Glorious. Needs more views.

Octavia x Vinyl Scratch :rainbowkiss:

Anyway... I Loved it

The cliffhanger! It burns!

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