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After her stay in the Haymalaya's, Daring Do had been looking forward to some rest while she wrote her next book. Instead, she finds herself press-ganged into leading an expedition at the command of Prince Blueblood. The prince has decided to mount an expedition for the legendary, long-lost palace of Princess Platinum.

For Daring, the motive is simple; the chance to find lost artifacts, treasure ad adventure. But is Bluebloods distant relation to the princess really the only reason he wants to find her lost palace? Daring doubts it; but as the secrets of the Platinum Palace, Princess Platinum and Clover the Clever are revealed, that doubt might just get everypony killed...

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Blue blood mysterious and bratty on a mission with Daring Doo this can go far and fun.:pinkiecrazy:

This does read like it has a lot of potential. I'll make sure to check in again!

Also, you might want to go over the description again. At least the part where it says "Butis Bluebloods", which should probably be "But is Blueblood's".


I have ro agree. Potential and we'll written. Keep it up and you have a good story here.

Well, color me intrigued.:twilightsmile:

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