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Just a guy who only recently got into MLP: FIM. Saw the first few episodes with my niece and nephew and wanted to see more.


Nightmare Night is always a time for fun and candy. But as the days draw closer to the anticipated holiday, Ponyville is besieged by strange happenings, and even stranger creatures. Applebloom is convinced that these all have something to do with the stories that Granny Smith has been telling her all these years, and she and her friends begin to investigate the phenomena. Little do they know that their investigation will lead them on an adventure that will take them to a place they never could have imagined before, and show them things they never thought existed. Includes an OC who was a villain in a story I wrote for a project back in seventh grade.

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Good start. I think it's a little hard to believe that nobody noticed Applebloom's necklace, but at least you gave a reason why they didn't notice Looking forward to more chapters!

Includes an OC who was a villain in a story I wrote for a project back in seventh grade.

Care to tell me more about the project?

7326529 Sure. Why do you ask? Not that I'm not going to tell you. I'm just curious to know why you're interested.

Comment posted by Justin Mershimer deleted Aug 26th, 2016

WoW, Applejack sure is racist :ajbemused:
Loved Appleblooms retaliation, felt good reading that.

Am exited to see which dark beast Sweetie will try to coax into her home, or what spirits Scoots will call next time.
I am more exited for the two of them than for Apple Bloom actually :twilightsmile:

Before I read this, what is the Dark tag for ?
And how bad does it get ?

8181229 Not too bad. The only reason I put it up there is because of the content involving ghosts, monsters, poltergeist activity, dark magic, prejudice, themes of maturing (as in growing up), shattered perceptions of people you love, etc. But, most of all, there's a part in chapter two where a foal dies, and that's a pretty important plot point. It's nothing graphic, in fact it's not graphic at all, but I myself found it pretty unsettling nonetheless. All and all, I think you should find it rather tame, compared to some of the other stuff you can find with the 'Dark' tag.

Doom? Not really. Keep reading and you'll see.

This was fantastic from beginning to end! I greatly enjoyed this story and am sad to not find another remotely like it. Thanks for the great read!

I'm sure there's at least one other story similar to this on the website. Also, thanks for liking this story so much. If you like this, you might like some of my other work.

Hmmm...another realm full of evil, eldritch creatures?

I'm interested.

Isn't that cute how Apple Bloom has her first crush, until the colt dies in a horrible accident by actually getting crushed?

Okay, there's dark comedy, and then there's that.

So Owlicious drinks whiskey :rainbowlaugh:?

This was a very cool chapter, I loved all the folklore references, and how Apple Bloom has become so friendly with the darkness now. I've also heard of the Fiddler's Green in pirate folklore, how did they get that belief?

I'm actually not sure how it entered pirate lore. It was probably just a carry over from the English and Irish crewmates aboard those pirate ships.

Got it, that makes sense.

Wow, that was an impressive climax, :pinkiegasp: I'm glad that awful Wicker Man is destroyed for good.

And it's not over yet. There's still the epilogue.

Like real witchcraft? I ask because my aunt frowns upon commercial covens. She's kind of a strict traditional Irish woman.

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