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Just a guy who only recently got into MLP: FIM. Saw the first few episodes with my niece and nephew and wanted to see more.


While on a camping trip with Jon, Garfield and Odie discover a doorway to a world very unlike their own. Here, it seems like paradise, but soon the two learn that they have a role to play for the future of this strange land.

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This is really good... Then agian i still love watching garfield.... anyway good job

5347007 What a co-inky-dink. I still love reading the comics.

5335395 Don't you worry, there will be more. And I will keep it funny as hell.

Intriguing. I shall have to keep an eye on this story.

If ponies don't eat meat, then there can't be any sausage for lasagna!

5557576 I thought about that, but then I realized which pony we were talking about here. Because come on, what's lasagna without sausage. And if you don't know this: there's such a thing as lasagna alfredo, and it's friggin awesome.

6183920 Nope. Lyman was not planned to be in this story. Neither were Liz, Nermal or Arlene. Sorry, friend, but them's the breaks. Unless I can think of a way to squeeze them in some-crazy-how. It's a big 'if.'

6183990 True. Before Garfield and Odie became Jon's established companions, Lyman was the one who Jon leaned on for conversation, but I didn't think of including him in this story because I didn't know how he'd fit. Then again, I didn't plan for Jon to end up in Equestria, so who knows what could happen.

6184554 Well, if that's all: I think I can manage that. Hell, maybe Equestria is where Lyman disappeared to. Let's try not to think there might be loose floorboards in Jon's basement.

6188250 Hehe
The portal to Equestria was hidden in his basement all along

This story is incredibly funny. Please write more soon sir!

Hilarious! I am especially looking forward to how twilight is going to react to Garfield!

This takes me back to the original, cell-shaded Garfield and Friends TV series. Gonna follow this one. :pinkiehappy:

There we are for chapter three. Sorry if the quality of this one seems a bit low

Didn't notice.

Two things of note: if the burp only gains more force as it moves outward, Appleloosa is gonna be in trouble! :applejackconfused::applecry::eeyup:

Second thing of note: At first I thought Canterlot would be fine (being higher than Ponyville) but it's built on a mountain at about a forty-five degree angle slope. That means when the burp hits it, it'll bounce straight up at Canterlot. Gonna be a bad day to be a princess I tell you what...:trollestia:

6334663 You just gave me one crazy idea. Thank you kindly, my friend.

I wanna ship Odie and Winona. :pinkiehappy:

"It's like I died and went to Kentucky," Garfield said...

Garfield encountering chickens? That's totally what he'd say...much to Fluttershy's dismay... :fluttercry:


You just gave me one crazy idea. Thank you kindly, my friend.

Don't you mean a "Wacky" idea?... :derpytongue2:

And thank you. I haven't enjoyed Garfield this much in years. :pinkiehappy:

Great chapter, but....

Sorry, but to quote a famous 'Seinfeld' character: "NO BUFFALO FOR YOU!!"

...you didn't quote--you paraphrased! :twilightoops:

Sic'im angry Twilight! :twilightangry2:

6443342 I'll make soup out of your purple pony. And since you dare imply I have no grasp of vocabulary: NO SOUP FOR YOU!!!


That was a beautiful chapter. Thanks for the update sir!

Ah banana man I remember that my fav is the one Garfield dons his blanket as the caped crusader

6619262 I'm actually surprised that people like this chapter so much. I'm going to have a hard time trying to make Odie's chapter come close to the reader's expectations.

6619564 Funny you should mention that. I almost had Garfield and Odie become the Caped Avenger and Slurp for one chapter, but I couldn't figure out where it fit into the story.

Great heart touching chapter.:heart:

Great to see this still posting new chapters. :trollestia:

Technically, all ponies have magic, but it's generally passive things like walking on clouds or making plants grow better. I say "generally" because there's a scene in "Look Before You Sleep" where Daisy's picking up a branch telekinetically (it's better if you see it animated); whether you consider that canon or an error (i.e., they should've had a unicorn there instead) is up to you.

6623399 Thanks for the info. And I took a look at that clip from Look Before You Sleep, and I think that thing with Daisy is most likely an animation error.

You know, It's kind of hard to imagine Fluttershy saying "You moved."

I guess Lucky Star is a unisex name.

I've always wondered if Jon could at least semi-understand Garfield. Meaning he can't talk to Garfield as an intelligent person, but can get the basic gist of what he's saying.

Garfield thrust his arms down and his face forward. What happened next was a thing only described by people who survived a death metal concert.

I can't wait for Garfield to encounter lasagna...VEGETARIAN Lasagna! :pinkiehappy:


I like it when you show Odie and Garfield's compassionate sides.

You brought Lyman back! I always liked him even if Jim Davis dropped him eventually.
Thanks for the update!

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