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Just a guy who only recently got into MLP: FIM. Saw the first few episodes with my niece and nephew and wanted to see more.


Night has fallen. The train ride home to Trottingham is a long and lonely one. But on her way home, Quick Quill is visited by unnatural and otherworldly creatures. Strange beasts that are not known to her, or anypony else. But, the mysterious stranger who has become her companion seems to know more about them than she is letting on.
Will Quill survive to see her home again? Or will the beasts from another world end her there?

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Comments ( 7 )

That is what a typical train journey back to Nottingham from Leicester is like.

Really? Gremlins, werewolves and all? Even a stranger who eats your biscuits?

Well, there are some weirdos.

(I travel in 1st to avoid them.)

Sounds like the streetcars in San Francisco. Half the time, you end up sitting next to a guy who's having a conversation with a sock puppet.

I encountered some wierd people in Miami.

Never been to Miami. I hear it's pretty nutty there, though.

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