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You'd be surprised at the emotions twenty-six letters can unearth


Sometimes, the best memories are those born out of suffering. All you need to bring those memories to mind, is a friend who raises things an octave higher.


What happened in the Canterlot Music Academy? Find out here


Author's Notes:
Here it is! After a month of constant reading of this fanfic, getting two proofreaders (JohnPerry and BronyMaster) and a request from the amazing artist called Frees, I am very proud to present the 4th entry into my 'Remembrance Saga' featuring Vinyl Scratch and Octavia.

What started out as a stray idea in my head has grown into, what I think, is one of the best stories I have ever written. I really hope you enjoy this fanfiction and if you do, be sure to check out the rest of the fics in the 'Remembrance' saga on my profile! Thank you for reading!


Beautiful cover art done by Frees

Proofreading done by JohnPerry , Bronymaster and NinjaBrony43009. They really helped turn the story into what it is now!

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 34 )

Amazing. Absolutely amazing ending. The whole thing was executed flawlessly.

Its finally up and I should ask everyone to raise the glasses in honor of this magnificent story.

Its really awesome.


621055 Thanks for the amazing art :pinkiesad2:!!


When Octavia was talking about how she just up and left my ipod decided it would be appropriate to play Pieces by Sum 41 then at the end Far Side of Nowhere by Social Distortion came on... Its like my ipod is magic or something O.o but I love the friendshipping in this one. I love the fics where Octavia isn't portrayed as a pompous classical but the ones where she is portrayed as an open minded mare who can accept other kinds of music. Consider it faved :D

Awesome work dude :D Really enjoyed reading this fic. I loved the back story for Octavia, and the ending was perfect ;) Keep writing, you're really good at it! Thumbed up and faved :D

*wiping the tears from my eyes* That was an amazing story. Even though they're background characters, you really gave them life. *begins a slow clap* Bravo!

626337 Thank you!

626887 Yay! Glad you enjoyed it ! I'm gonna search the songs you mentioned and give it a shot ;)

627182 Thank you! :)

628198 Thank you for the kind words!

Well, I've seen this story, and I've already given my comments about it. I suppose it is a waste that not many people saw it, because this is a really good story. :)

629271 Tell me what you think :pinkiehappy: Even if you don't particularly like the songs I can take it, considering my mom detests just about all the music I like :rainbowlaugh: And if you do like them, you're welcome :twilightsmile:

ha, you managed to do the exact opposite with the two as im doing with my fic lol, vinyl is the disturbed one, and Octavia is going to be the rich one :rainbowlaugh:

this one was nice though, it wasn't as serious as the other ones, but i think if you did make this as serious it would have failed, like this was 2 friends talking, they weren't arguing, they new a fair bit about eachother and one of them wasn't dead :rainbowlaugh: (<--- the irony).

there was 2 thing that i noticed, the first one was again you say "The blue hair pony" or some shit like that, this ones a lot better than the spitfire one but still noticeable. and the second thing was the fact that you used "DJ-er" or "DJing" or something on those lines (I'm way to fucking lazy to go back and get an actual quote) it be called beat mixing beotch :duck:

but in all seriousness, i would tie this with the spitfire in second! now I would follow you, buuuuut my previous account got banned aaaaaand that had my fics on them, I'm still not 100% sure if i'm going to be able to get my account back but if i do i'm deleting this one, but if i dont make any progress with getting my account back then ill keep using this one... i think im going to be using this :fluttercry:

634093 oh okay thanks for the tip :) I'll fix it soon. Oh? I hope you get your account back! Thanks for the reads and I hope you enjoyed it! :pinkiehappy:

Yay!:yay: Another story to the remembrance saga! I look forward to this. But, when evaluating your previous work, I doubt I shall be disappointed.:derpytongue2:

634222 I hope you aren't disappointed either!

634105 it was my pleasure, I'll be sure to read anything that you come up with now... Sept cross overs nothing against them just not me :twilightblush:

Brilliant! Very few grammar mistakes, near the beginning so I can't find them at this moment, but I was not disappointed. :derpytongue2: I'm pretty upset that Octavia would hurt Fluttershy though. I'm also glad that you don't go down mature routes. I unfortunately have to admit I've found several moments in your saga that could have turned down a much "steamy-er" path. But kudos to you for keeping it clean. And I just wanted to bring up a weird coincidence, but the song "worlds apart" or "separate ways" started playing on my Itunes in the middle of the story and I found it too amusing to not let you know.:scootangel::derpytongue2: keep up the good work. I look forward to your next fic.

634507 Thank you! :) I shall check the grammar mistakes! I really wanted a Vinyl and Octavia fanfic where they were just very good friends, nothing more. :D I'm glad you enjoyed it and I look forward to letting you read my next fic too! :pinkiehappy:

Oh my heart :pinkiegasp: So sweet
However I wish you had gone into more detail about Octavia's parents since they were central to the plot.

Beautiful! There were a couple mistakes here and there with grammar, but an overall amazing job. Well done.

736695 Thank you! If you don't mind would you please point out the errors? I would like to correct all of them if possible ^^


Sure! Would you like me to just send you a PM, or do it here in the comments? FAIR WARNING: By asking me to point out errors, you give me free reign to point out any and all grammatical mistakes I find. Don't be offended or daunted if I find a bunch, I'm just a grammar Nazi. From this read-through, though, I don't think that will be a problem.

736724 I definitely won't be! In fact I'd be grateful! Yes a PM would work fine ^^


OK, I'll send it later, I've gotta eat lunch now. Sorry! :twilightsheepish:

736738 No problem! :)

Woah. That was beautiful. Seriously, wow. I am totally blanking on words to say. So ...ya
thumbs/fav for sure

Well-written with only a few mistakes and very touching. I like how you alternated between past and present. Also, very nice back story with Octavia. You really gave both of these characters life. like/fav for u

856901 Thank you so much :)

* applauds*

VERY well done. very touching. very well written. i didn't notice any errors in this, which is a feat in itself (growing up with an english teacher as a parent will do that).

very clever use of flashbacks.

I also enjoyed the prequel to this story. btw

1760809 Thank you very much! :) Glad you enjoyed it! :D You should check out the other entries in the 'Remembrance' series if you want more of these flashback type stories. (I also have a few that aren't part of that series) ^^

1760875 already on my read later list

1760888 Hehe, awesome! Tell me what you think about them! Especially 'The Most Valuable Treasure', that's one of the stories I'm very proud of :)

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