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This story was very hot.

And there'll be more of that down the road :moustache:

Okay, I am most pleased. A bit surprised that Knuckle is so popular, but I can roll with it. I'll be keeping an eye on this story for sure :twilightsmile:

Well, think about it this way... When most of the stallions around the school are slightly frumpy music instructors, an ex-guard with a rumored past will get a lot of attention, especially considering how he slips away mysteriously to deal with some ne'er-do-wells :rainbowlaugh:

6082676 Alright, fair enough. Patiently waiting for more now :pinkiesmile:

You may not be so patient when you find out what's in store for the next chapter XD It's going to be as raunchy as it will be hilarious :rainbowlaugh:

Very nice but is him getting with those 2 legal even though they're 18? Saw a news story not long ago about a teacher getting in trouble for sleeping with an 18 year old student. They still considered him a child and a minor at 18 just cause he was still in school.

Unless they signed this document when they turned eighteen, they're considered minors while in high school. That being said, this isn't the same situation and he's not an actual member of the faculty either, so there's no issue there either.


:rainbowdetermined2: oh really... And how raunchy will it be? Cute mares wiggling sexy plots at him?

Or maybe a few of them got some sexy kinks in liking a stud such as him warm their insides with his seeds as they sleep after a hard rutting?

Mayhaps a mare or two likes to play a roll of the dice when thier season is oh so very close and dangerous for a stud to release his virile swimmers inside their watery garden...

Russian.... Errrr... How about a sperm roulette? Musical chairs but he is the chair they sit on? The danger that one of the cute girls in season but the rest are not... :pinkiehappy:

Oh so many possibilities oh assumed sexy raunchiness ... To bad we don't have a discord icon in the comments section.


Dibs on celestia walking in on him spewing his seed within one of the girls, "I ...*huff* *huff* *huff* ... can ... urghhhhh... Explain..."

Celestia would cock an eyebrow, "I see... So you would explain to me what is a coital union while doing it in front of me with one of the faculty's students? Last I check this is a musical school and biology is not on the study list... Unless you are teaching her vocals."


It appears that I should have made him a vocal coach instead of the groundskeeper since he seems to be helping her hit those troublesome high notes~ :trollestia:

Hmmm.... An anthro clop shipping Octavia and Lyra. No sign of their usual pairings. Could be interesting? :unsuresweetie:

I think this pairing has a distinctive flair that Octavia / Vinyl lacks... Mainly the caring playfulness that Lyra has. Vinyl is a good bit more... Reckless with her fun it seems and it usually trots out the same carbon copy odd couple tropes. Lending unnecessary drama. :twilightsmile:

Well that was.. *wipes away nosebleed* enthralling.

I don't suppose we can hope for further development of the story? I'd be reading it for erm... the plot.

There's definitely more to... Come :rainbowwild:


There's definitely more to... Come

*cum :trollestia:

an erection (or severe arousal as the case may be) lasting more than four hours

Haven't even started reading yet, and I'm already glad I live close to a hospital.

This was very enjoyable, and glad to see anal done right in a story.

Glad you enjoyed it so much :raritystarry: So how'd you like the breakfast scene?

6111859 The breakfast scene was great. I would honestly do the same thing if I ever ended up in the same situation.

I love me some Trollestia :trollestia: And who knows what may come of future visits? :trixieshiftright:

6111925 Possibly a certain groundskeeper getting lucky with two amazing mares and a princess.:trixieshiftleft:

The breakfast scene was very sweet with the hero making breakfast for Octavia and Lyra, Celestia binding with the three and actually showing that she has needs, and Kyra's first experience with anal. It was a great chapter. Hope to see more of this story.


I love me some Trollestia

Who doesn't? The fact that she was not only aware of, but actually entered the pool centering around the protagonist, speaks volumes for her character. Then to nude up starkers to cover the pot... You bonza sheila you. :trollestia:

Being a former serving member of the Australian army myself. To start a pool covering when he would finally partake of the local cuisine, is precisely what his mates would have done as soon as they discovered what his future employment would entail. Bravo my son. :ajsmug:

The two distinctly different characters portrayed by both Octavia and Lyra are very well done. The fact they are removed from their usual pairings was a risky move but I for one have enjoyed how they complement each other. The commonly accepted ships for these two always state different reasons for why they end up with their respective partners. Some usually quite far fetched. In this scenario them being roommates-with-benefits, at a prestigious all mare music academy is a little easier to swallow. They are similar enough in their passion for their crafts to be partners, yet just different enough to play off each others social discrepancies. Good one cobber. :twilightsmile:

As for the anal scene... Well, more so the prep work involved with the act. I agree with 6110889. It was refreshing to see it done right for once. You obviously did your research, unusual for a clop fic. You can not simply change lanes with or without signalling and expect a positive outcome for all parties in involved. That trite does not work outside of porn... :facehoof:

All in all, a well done chapter. I am eagerly awaiting, with bated breath and a pitched tent, for the next installment. :pinkiehappy:

Finally got around to reading this. :twilightsheepish: Very nice my good sir. :moustache:

i've only ever to my knowledge or anyone elses snored once. and that was when i got back from the emergency room at 145 A.M on christmas day. i woke up around noon.

After reaching her first set of pectorals, he dipped his fingers into the oil once again and focused his attention on her neglected hand hand arm, treating it to the same attentions he gave the other. She practically turned into a puddle of mare when he made it to her other shoulder joint.

:applecry: so close to perfection......oh so very close. But really i do love this story :3 its well written and its now liked Favorited and watched, hope for more :D

Nice way for Kuckclemto handle Luna. Regardless, the sex scene was hit, as usual.

An update, nice! The wait was worth it.

Now THAT'S how you handle a royal brat! nice work and love how Luna was straightened out so thouroughly. Aside from that, beautiful chapter, can't wait to see what happens next now that knuckle's got two princess (possibly) wanting to date and/or marry him alongside lyra and Tavi.........please update soon.

Finally got to reading this chapter, and glad I finally did. Very enjoyable chapter and looking forward to the next one.

I know what I'm reading later tonigjt.

I think you forgot to give a link, friend.

Took a lot longer to get to this chapter than I wanted to, but had to read everything again to make sure I was remembering parts correctly. Either way, very enjoyable chapter and am looking forward to the next one.

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