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I'm a person. A person who writes stories about ponies in all their infinite variations.


In the home stretch · 12:32pm Oct 16th, 2016

I will officially be moved in and with internet come this upcoming Friday. Then I'll be able to begin to fully devote time to writing all that fun, sexy and occasionally cutesmut you all love me for :twilightsmile:

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Sorry for taking so long to move, everyone... · 9:55pm Aug 14th, 2016

Turns out I had a lot more books and the like than I ever thought, plus with buying all kinds of things to outfit my new house, I haven't had much time to sit down and write. That being said, I'm about to get to sit down for a little bit today and get some writing done after I unwind a little bit. Of course, I'll keep you all posted, but I thought I'd take a moment and apologize for the delay :derpytongue2:


Stories will pick back up soon · 2:34pm Jul 12th, 2016

I'll get back into the swing of things in the next week or two and updates will come on several stories... That's right, several :ajsmug: I'm currently about to get a house of my own and start moving, so after I settle in after all the chaos, I will be able to dedicate some real time to writing and all that good stuff :moustache:

Thanks for all your patience


New one shot has been submitted, new H & F to follow soon · 1:22am May 29th, 2016

Just an update for any interested :twilightsmile:


H&F and a little something extra · 8:36am May 28th, 2016

Tomorrow night I will be posting a new chapter of H&F and a one shot clop comedy story featuring Big Mac and Pinkie Pie. Hope you guys enjoy :raritywink:


Next Melody is coming along nicely... · 2:36pm Apr 3rd, 2016

As it sits, it's over 8,900 words in count and climbing. I think you all will enjoy the mare who will be joining Knuckle Down for the night quite a bit.

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A Melodic continuation and more to come · 8:30am Dec 28th, 2015

The next installment of A Melody of Three Parts will be published within the next few days, featuring a new mare for our leading stallion to have a roll with that I think you fellas may enjoy :raritywink:

As far as more to come, there is a longer story in the works right now and I'm starting to work on a buffer of chapters for it before publication. I won't give away much, but it'll definitely be gritty.

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So I shall be posting a new one-shot story tonight, H&F will be next · 3:01am Jun 11th, 2015

This is for a good friend of mine and the next update you'll see is for Hearth and Forge with the conclusion of Applejack's date with Galen :twilightsmile: I hope that this sexy little snippet will tide you guys over until next weekend when I get the next chapter rounded out :moustache:


Sorry for the delay... · 4:04pm May 8th, 2015

But I will be updating Hearth and Forge this weekend... Work has been hell and I've been busy with a side project that has been eating into some of my time as well :raritydespair: I will say that this next chapter will be the long awaited date with Applejack and there'll be plenty of fun :twilightsmile:

Sorry for the delay, but this story is far from dead... Not if I have anything to say... Er... Type about it... Xb

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A minor deviation from H&F after the next chapter... · 1:58am Feb 20th, 2015

As the title says, I will take a small break from H&F to write a short story for a good friend of mine for his (very) belated birthday :raritystarry:

Now, a few tantalizing details to pique your interest :raritywink:
It will be a level four anthro story.
It will involve a pair of musically inclined mares.
An OC of his will be included.
Sexytimes galore.

I hope you guys look foreward to it :twilightsmile:

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