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*SEQUEL NOW OUT!* You can find it on my profile.

Twilight Sparkle has been sleeping more and more ever since her friends resealed Discord after he managed to escape from his stone imprisonment. Before he had been freed the second time, he was sending dreams to Twilight being romantic as the God of chaos possibly could be. He is able to charm her and make her fall in love with him.

Now that he's been resealed, Twilight has been sleeping so much just so she can see him again in her dreams. She is told by Nightmare Moon in her dreams (in the form of a riddle) that she can free Discord if she figures out the answer to the riddle. If she manages to break him free, what will her friends or family think about the two lovebirds being together? Could they become an out and about couple or would they have to stay secret lovers instead?

This is also my first FIM story, so please bear with me on this...

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Whooohoo! super 13 chapters awesome release!!
gonna put me into it ^^

she has to sing a love ballad to discord´s Statue?
...well its more original than a wake up kiss ^^

Daaaaaawwwwwwwh. Absolutely loved it. And FIRST!!! Sorry, had to get first comment (first time doing so), but really TwiCord? First time I've ever heard of it, and I love it. Oh, and I also adore the subtle change in how you refer to Twilight. ("No we can't!" laughed the purple alicorn. "Where should we do now?") I wonder how many actually saw it, but I loved it. keep up the good work. (seems a tad bit rushed, but for about fourteen chapters in one day, I can't blame you.)

the explanation was a bit muddy... Suddenly the sisters believe her and also want to free Discord? and while this is still good, the characters personality in the waking world is a bit... Watered...

awww, Dizzy hasn´t changed at all?
Discord, I am Dissapoint

...oh, dear... already done with `em...
what Have I become? :pinkiegasp:

don´t mind, Had pony... :pinkiecrazy:

610604 He put the sisters under an acceptance spell...that's why they seem so accepting of him. It's also more powerful than the one he used on Twilight, so that's why the don't mind freeing him since they're under Discord's magic. :twilightsmile:

Yay! I think your writing gets better with ever chapter, good job!

I also noticed that unfortunately, as much as the TwiCord is pretty good, and the story plotline is plentiful, something your story is lacking in is detail. You have a few grammar/spelling mistakes and that is it, but I think you should go over your work for detail. Sometimes, you're so excited that you can't wait to write it and you forget all about the concept of detail. That's why I always look over my work to find places to enrich so it sounds much better. Try looking over your work and you'll really see the difference between the barren bones plot and the fleshed details that cover over it after you have edited.

If looking over for detail is too much work for you, I actually do detail-editing for several authors, so I can detail-edit yours. Just email me with your latest chapter at lightninglarklarry@gmail.com and then I'll send it back to you with detail added.

I hope you don't find this offensive! I've just wanted to help, that's all.:twilightsmile: I think your story's quite strong in the aspects of originality and romance and plot, but its the detail you are lacking in. Thanks for listening to my rant!


618590 I'm glad you want to help me improve my writing. But, I do not understand the lack of detail you're talking about unfortunately... :twilightblush:

Ok. IT'S AMAZING!!!! but... theres a few grammar mistakes... AAANNND... so twilight helped seal Discord away even though she wanted to rule caos over the world with him? I think that needs to be explained... and I'd like to know why Discord isnt mad at Twilight for that, or why he doesn't feel angry for being turned into a statue. He tells Twilight that he cant tell her, but I'd like to at least know the circumstances surrounding it. Do that, and the story will be simply PERFECT! Or more amazing, anyway.:pinkiehappy:

ummm. at the end you wrote If you want to help free the pony you care for, you must wake up, Twilight Sparkle. Good luck and may the odds be in your favor."... Discord isnt a pony. You know that of course, but i just wanted to inform you of this mistake. Oh... and i love this story so far, BTW. I mean, ive never even heard of TwiCord before, and to have Twilight fall for someone like him... its got a hint of forbidden in it. :heart::duck:

623716 He knows that he isn't a pony but since everypony around him is a pony, he can refer himself as a pony technically because I don't know if he knows he's a dragonquus (SP?) or not. It's also just a general term too.

I have to say that the summary ALONE caught my attention, and I was so morbidly curious to see what this was. And wow, I don't regret it. I enjoyed it! I laughed so many times throughout, and it was kind of interesting to see romance between Discord and Twilight! Not that I'd actively start shipping it anytime soon, but for this story, what the hay? I just can't help but really enjoy it. Awesome! :derpytongue2:

639242 I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm always happy that more ponies are enjoying my work! Thank you! :twilightsmile:

I WANT MOAR!!:flutterrage:

642408 As you wish. I'm in the process of adding another chapter. :twilightsmile:

I'm fairly sure NONE of the characters would have acted like that to the plan. Celestia, maybe, but the others? Hell no. It just wouldn't work, but it's an especially egregious error considering how little convincing each of them took. It just rings false.

643116 I apologize if they didn't act the way they should have. I perhaps should write this better. Thanks for the criticism though! I'll try to fix this chapter as soon as I can! :twilightsheepish:

Please bear with me on this chapter, everypony. I realize this one is definitely is not the best, but the next chapter will be better this one! Maybe Twilight & Discord will get lucky and not have to go under effect of Celestia's spell...

643116 Ithink you are right...

...you fellow brony also got lost too long in Tvtropes?

"One that dreams of him day and night She misses him with all her might Stone can be reserved and crumble If she allows her voice to rumble."


FUS RO DAH!! :rainbowlaugh:

It's a pretty good fanfic. I love TwiCord, (nothing else!) and this fic has provided me with all the TwiCord I need :)


That was my face while I was reading it.

Aww.. no "fus ro dah"??

651179 I guess not. I'm glad you're enjoying the story though! :twilightsmile:

I found a (probably unintended) reference

693431Hunger games because of nightmare moon. Also noticed a cupcakes reference:pinkiecrazy:

694039 That was completely unintended. :twilightblush:

also awsome story:moustache:

That was incredibly unrealistic and convenient for the doctor to just decide to help her free Discord, and remain unfazed that she had freed him of her own free will. If perhaps the contract of therapist/patient confidentiality had, perhaps, persisted, it still would not have caused him to just be fine and dandy with the idea. He IS the God of Chaos, after all.


722953 I think whatever traces of Discord's magic were left were affecting the therapist. He did seem too unfazed by it. :pinkiehappy:


Ahh, I could buy that.

Oh shiiiiit. Somehow, I figured, after how quickly he was turning to that "Acceptance spell" all the gatt-dang time, that he'd used it a bit more freely than he let on.

Make more.. please.. I'LL GIVE YOU ALL MY BITS :fluttershysad::pinkiesad2::twilightsmile::heart:

738837 Of course I'll write more. :twilightsmile: I'm writing it right now. :pinkiesad2:

740844 That's good because I've got 500 bits here that will expire by tomorrow evening

... That went better than expected... you may now have 1000000 bits... *hands over*

oooooo good ending can not wait for squal :twilightsmile:

Yay I knew they couldn't be in that sleep spell.:pinkiecrazy:

741172>>741120>>741108 I'm glad you all enjoyed the ending. :pinkiehappy:

Why is twillight a Alicorn? :trixieshiftright:

775297 Because Discord made her that way. I'll be writing a prologue soon. :trollestia:

I agree, alongside this as well :pinkiegasp: and :twilightblush:

Perhaps I've been missing a part but how did Twilight fly all the way up on the cloud? I mean, this isn't a dream their in and as far as I remember, she only had wings in her dreams. Are their like the wings Rarity had in the show or is this perhaps a small mistake?
Or am I wrong somewhere?

I agree, this makes the story go all topsy turvy on me.:pinkiesad2:

784443 She has wings in reality as well; I'm sorry I confused you. :fluttershysad:

Oh man, that ending :rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:
But again, how is Twilight an Alicorn now if this isn't a dream? If you can't answer me to avoid spoilers for chapters to come I can understand that but if this is an error, please inform me if you wish.:rainbowderp:

786964 I'll end up writing a prologue soon, but Discord gave them to her after trying to free him a previous time but only to be put in stone with the Elements (Twilight really didn't have a choice in the matter) later the same day and that's what sets this story to start. :rainbowwild:

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