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I'm older than your average brony, but then I've always enjoyed cartoons. I'm an experienced reviewer, EqD pre-reader, and occasional author.


Mayor Mare had a life before politics, but she sacrificed it for the greater good. She can't have it both ways, of course… except that Twilight says the exact opposite.

Expanded version of a minific that tied for 16th of 101 in the /fic/ write-off "The Best Medicine."

Featured on Equestria Daily!

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Beautiful story! It is always nice to see someone do something meaningful with Mayor Mare, she's always got a fascinating depth of character in these kinds of stories and again I just really enjoyed the way you portrayed her here. I also enjoy Twilight's role in this, and while it does play to the 'Twilight Goes To The Mayor' theme that most stories involving Mayor Mare have, it feels far more natural than it does in other stories.

Also really love the concept of a Cutie Mark changing to suit a pony's 'role', but that little snippet in the Author's Note...That was some powerful stuff.

inb4 the canon argument
blah blah, the comics said there was an actual competitive election, blah blah the comics aren't technically canon, whatever

What's definitely canon are the feels I'm feeling right now. Good story.

Mare just reading her old poem is a good start, dipping her toes in the water as it were. Gives her the option of changing her mind before reading her new poem and revealing herself as Will o' Wisp.

Maybe it would have taken something from the story to reveal Mare's final decision, rather than leaving it up to the reader like this, but... I REALLY wanted to read that new poem. I'm a sucker for poetry.

Congratulations. I found no errors. This is a good one-shot story.

Hey, I liked your little story, and funny enough I had the idea of the whole "cutie mark changing" thing. Except how I would present it would be more comical. (I won't tell you what that idea is, I still want to make that.) But yeah, damn, you beat me to it. Still it's really good and I would like to see more of Mayor Mare's poetry and her struggles between her love for poetry and her job. Come to think of it, I would like to see more poetry in general at this site. Well done, Pascoilte. All the best.

You might want to reverse the Rarity example; her cutie mark appeared when she used the gems to decorate her clothing, not when her horn led her to the gems.

Solid in the Writeoffs, and even better at a more relaxed length. The full poem is lovely. :twilightsmile:

I think this may be one of the few I didn't "miss" anything in the first time around. (Unless I'm still missing it now ...)

The only negativity I can bring to light, I only have but one up-vote and favorite to give... the poem alone made me melt. The story, more so. On par with project horizons without the gargantuan word count, to be certain.

Another nice story about Mayor Mare. Well done.

Beautiful, sad but heartwarming in the end. It's interesting to see, how much is interpreted in her.

Have my like and my fav.

Well done. I too find the cutie mark one of the most fascinating concept of MLP. :twilightsheepish:

It's interesting that Twilight raised Rarity's cutie mark as an example. I've done the same before -- and yet, Rarity is sort of the exception that proves the rule.

This is merely my own personal head-canon, but... I've never figured that Rarity had a special talent for fashion. There have been hints throughout the series that she's not some kind of fashion prodigy or natural genius, but that she's had to work and struggle to gradually develop her skills and sense of style. And I like that. That's what human beings do, and why shouldn't ponies be able to do the same?

Unfortunately, as the series has progressed (Magical Mystery Cure, etc.), cutie marks have been cast in a much more rigid light. I personally don't care for that spin on them. But I'm a FiM curmudgeon anyhow. To me, everything after season two is bogus!

A very charming slice-of-life story, and a great reminder of why I find the characters and their world so appealing. I really enjoyed all of the ponies within, from Twilight's meticulous flier inventory, Pinkie's randomness, and the Mayor's wistful, poetic soul buried under duty and obligation. A very sweet story with a perfect end point. Thanks for sharing!

Author Interviewer

Cutie Marks!

They're more like...


I absolutely adored this story! I just loved the way it was written. It flowed so well, like a modern-day fable. I do believe you have just earned yourself a follower. Cheers, mate!

How interesting, the cutie mark changing to represent what the pony is doing.
Always good to see more mayor mare.


Stunning, and an interesting idea!

:moustache: Hear about the new pet law the mayor put out?
:twilightsmile: What new law?
:moustache:Spay your pet month & I'm included.:rainbowlaugh::pinkiegasp::fluttercry::applejackconfused:
:twilightoops: Wut!
:raritystarry: I'll destroy her!:derpytongue2:

Lovely piece of slice-of-life. Mayor Mare is an underused character, and you fleshed her out beautifully here!

Beautiful story! :pinkiehappy:

Heh. Yeah, I tend to like to write subtle pieces that some readers will miss, and in the write-offs, I consistently get a mix, though the makeup of it tends to change from event to event. I just found it amusing that there was a stretch where three in a row or four times out of five or something like that, I left you scratching your head.

But this is not one of those pieces. It's pretty straightforward and out in the open.

“Who needs paper?” Pinkie cried. “C’mon, everypony, who needs paper!? Get your paper here! Ooh, it even has something about poetry on it!”

Heh heh...

That poem... most interesting. I have never been touched by poetry of any sort until today. There was some sort of feeling about it. You could feel heart.

Very well done. I like this. And Mayor Mare needs more love.

Interesting! I was half-waiting for an end scene with a mysterious disguised pony walking up to a poetry slam mike in Canterlot and being introduced as Will o’ Wisp.

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