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My Name Is Springtrap - TGM

I have been rotting here, for 30 years. I have been given the chance to live again. I will not waste it.

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I Remain

I came back.

This silence is deafening. My body is slumped, my back resting against a wall.

I always come back.

My body gives a twitch. Something electronic within me sparks to life, and I receive a jolt as I begin to violently spasm on the floor, awakening from my slumber.

That is a lie. I do not sleep. Not anymore.

A red light on a camera above me flickers on.

It is time once again.

My body slowly relaxes into a slump once more as the camera trains onto me.

I am patient. I wait. The anticipation of the kill is one of the most satisfying parts. The camera flickers off.


My body rises to a standing position.

He is waiting.

I stride forward, my twitching and jerky movements only amplifying my suffering. It hurts. Everything hurts. However, the end goal is what I need to keep in mind.

I do not feel pain, I will find him.

The darkness covers me like a blanket, and I sink longingly into it. Shapes and images pronounce themselves in the shadows. Familiar, but at the same time foreign. How is that possible?


An empty suit. Arcade games. The laughter of foals.

...The laughter of foals?

My body freezes. My jaw unhinges as I glance back to the room I just came from. My eyes glow.


My body spasms violently and I rush back to the room I had just roused myself from. It is empty as it was before, shadows and emptiness. An exit sign flickers overhead, bathing the room in a red glow.

No foals.

I turn to stare straight up into the camera currently looking down at me.

You will not fool me twice.

The camera flickers off, and I resume the path I took before.

But now I can remember. Though it pains me to recall, I know what happened.

I remember the suit. Gold in color. It resembled their mascot, the brown singing bear. I remember the foals. Their annoying laughter reverberating in my head. Their faces, so full of innocence, staring up at me. I hated them for it.

What was once meant to entertain, now serves to terrify..

I used the suit. I lured four of them away, and then I killed them. With my own hooves. One by one. I remember the looks on their faces as I did it. The rolling of their eyes. The blood leaking from their mouths. Most would probably call me a monster for committing such an atrocious act, but I did not see it that way. I felt alive. Their suffering was my boon.

I become alert to my surroundings once more as I hear alarms blare in the distance. The cameras overhead slump, going out. My body bursts into motion again, each movement bringing a new definition to the word ‘agony’. Each step digging the sharp innards of the animatronic suit I wore deeper into my skin.

I do not feel pain.

But I do. Even though I should not. My ‘body’ is decript, full of holes and barely holding itself together. My ‘face’ stretched into an eternal grin. Unable to breathe. Unable to feel. Unable to smell.

More reminisce. I remember hiding the bodies where no one would expect to find them. I stuffed the foals’ bodies inside of the animatronic mascots. I left them there to rot. I remember the ponies, asking me where their foals were.

A search was conducted, but I left nothing. I was meticulous in my actions. Perfect. Precise. Well executed. They could not be found.

A week later an official statement was made. And I, the stallion who had oh-so-selflessly helped this family through this heartbreaking time, was told to give the news of their deaths. So I did. I remember the crying. The mare broke down in front of me, crying out for the foal who would never return. I felt no sorrow. I revelled in the suffering my actions had caused.

Even so, as my gaze shifted towards the stage, I could have sworn I saw the bear looking this way. As well as the bunny, and the chicken. The fox too, was peeking out from behind his curtain. Odd to be certain, but I would not have thought it so if I had known what came after.

As I was pulling my shift later that night, they came after me. They tried to hunt me.

I holed myself up in the security office, and used the doors to keep them at bay until other employees came in and opened the restaurant once more. Strangely, the animatronics seemed to pacify once that happened.

It was then I suggested a change. A new place. New animatronics. Use the old ones for parts, I told them. The idiots, they listened to me. Though I was unsure if they could hear me, I told the animatronics that this was better for them. That they would be happier at this new place. And hopefully, when they returned, we could get off on the right hoof.

What a liar I was.

There was a witness. I should have known. They were afraid to come forth, but when they did, I was to stand trial in front of Princess Celestia herself for crimes I had committed.

I can see a small opening in the wall ahead of me. A moan leaves my mouth as I lower myself to enter it, still unused to the strange bipedal stance of this body. I begin to crawl through the metallic tunnel, vaguely aware of a camera off to the right.

The camera flickers on.

I freeze in mid crawl, staring straight into the camera. The camera lingers on me, and I can hear the sound of mechanics whirring as the path ahead of me closes. My eyes glow as the camera flickers off again.

He is smart. But not smart enough. Find a way around.

I pull myself from the opening and stumble back the way I had been going originally.

Memories flood my mind once more. These are abundant tonight. Though I had been forced to stand trial, they had no solid evidence to say that I had done it, for they could not find the bodies.

They let me walk free. Me, a pony accused of murder, was allowed to go free. In the time I was detained and questioned, and forced to stand trial, it seemed that my old place of employment had been going under heavy investigation. Patrons to the restaurant complained of blood and mucus leaking from the animatronics, and described the smell akin to a ‘reanimated corpse’.

I could not take any chances of discovery. So I went back.

Found him.

I stood outside the window to the security office. There was a stallion inside, a screen raised in front of him. Sweat pours down his face. He’s shaking, clearly in a panic. He is flicking his hoof across the screen. When he lowers the monitor and sees me however, all of the color drains from his face.

Be afraid.

I slowly raise a hand and put it on the glass, my eyes widening at the sight of him.

He screams, and brings the monitor up again. He pushes something on it, and I can hear foals’ laughter in the room I just came from. I want to acknowledge it, but I know better.

Nice try, little pony.

His monitor is still up, and I quickly rush into the room right next to his office. I peek at him from the corner of the door. He is looking up at where I was in the window, then his gaze shifts towards the doorway. I quickly lean behind it again. The pony is beginning to hyperventilate, his chest rising and falling rapidly. I can practically taste his fear. I hear another foals’ voice, but I know better by now. It is a lie.

I came back to dispose of any damning evidence. It was fairly simple, I had learned of the restaurant’s closure long before attempting to break in. They had a dark past from which they could not escape, and it hurt them badly financially. They could no longer keep themselves afloat.

I read that one of the elements of harmony, the pink mare known as Pinkie Pie, tried to help them. She protested the closure of the restaurant, saying that Freddy and his crew were a source of happiness and fun for foals all across Equestria.

However, words could only have so much impact. The place closed down. Inevitable really, and I relished in the fact that I was part of the reason for the closure.

I snuck in and acquired one of the old Freddy Fazbear suits from the back. It was devoid of any endoskeletons or electronic wiring, so it was safe to wear. I peeked into the main room.

The animatronics were slumped forward, their mouths hanging open in an everlasting scream-like expression. I took a single step forward.

Freddy began to twitch and spasm rapidly, coming to life as he turned to face me.

Follow me.” I rasped, and walked towards the safe room I knew the animatronic’s AIs would not allow them to enter.

Memory served well, and I was able to navigate through the dark restaurant without incident. I could hear Freddy’s heavy footsteps behind me, the telltale chime that broadcasted his presence. After I slipped into the room, Freddy attempted to follow me, but he would freeze up whenever he tried to enter. He lingered there only for a moment longer before turning back towards the room from whence he came.

With his back to me, I made my move. I lit my horn brightly, firing off a blast that caught freddy in the back of the head. Freddy turned, his eyes narrowing to pinpricks and turning almost black upon seeing me. He pointed at me and began to scream, but I followed up with another blast of magic.

Freddy began to spark and spasm, spouting out random lines.

“W-welcome to F-Freddy Fazbea—”

I fired another blast, my teeth gritting.

“H-here you w-will m-m-meet—”


“Y-your maker… because t-this—”


“I-Is your fault… You did this t-to u-us… t-to me… “

A final one, and Freddy fell onto his back, spasming violently. Blood began to leak from his eyes and mouth, and out of the joints in his arms and legs.


I picked up a metal baseball bat I’d brought with me in my mouth, just in case. I bashed Freddy’s face in.

“A-aren’t leaving—”

I hit him again.

“H-here… alive….”

Once more.

Freddy started laughing, though it was much different than his usual laughter. It started normal, then went lower and lower in tone and went slower and slower until it sounded almost demonic, then stopped with another whirr.

I tore Freddy apart, then dragged the foals’ rotting corpse to the saferoom with me. I would dispose of the bodies later.

Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy fell as well. They all fell for the same tricks...Foals are so naively stupid.

I stored the bodies in the saferoom, then made my preparations to leave. As I did however, I heard something.

I turned to see five foals, four blocking the exit, a fifth one with tears streaming down his face stalking towards me. This would not normally scare me, however I knew that I had killed these foals… how were they here?

I backed away from the crying foal as much as possible, though he was rapidly cornering me. Something at the other end of the room caught my eye, a golden glint in the dim light. An empty suit.

When I’d eluded the foal again, I quickly donned the suit in an attempt to hide, than began to laugh at my victory.

How stupid I was.

The suit was a trap. There was some sort of faulty spring mechanism that activated after I climbed inside. I felt what was akin to a thousand burning stakes driven into my body all at once, blood leaking from the openings in the suit as I slumped down into a kneeling position. My body quivered as the springs drove deeper into me, and my eyes began to bulge out of their sockets. The pain was unimaginable.

Finally, I slumped against the wall, eying the five foals as they disappeared. I sat like that for a while, my body spasming violently within the confines of the suit before I finally surrendered to the cold embrace of death.

And thus, my sanctuary became an eternal tomb.

I do not know why, but I did not pass on. Images came and went. Decaying walls. Oppressing blackness. I do not know how long I lay there, my body spasming and twitching every now and again. it must have been years.

Finally, however, I heard noises. Unfamiliar noises. The noises of ponies. The door to my tomb slid aside, and a flashlight shone on me.

“Hey, I think I found one!”

The voice is unfamiliar, but the form is unmistakable. Ponies. they have found me again.

I want to cry out, tell them to get me out of here, but I cannot move. The most I summon is a twitch, a moan, and a spasm. The ponies take a wide step back, fear clear on their faces.


Just thinking that word brought a smile to my decaying lips. They feared me.

They took me from my tomb, and onto some kind of wagon. There was a crowd outside waiting, and my rescuers answered questions concerning what they had found in the thirty year old restaurant.

Thirty years? Is that how much time had passed?

I saw a pink form emerge from the crowd. She looked to be in her 40’s or so, her pink poofy mane slightly more pronounced as she took a close look at me.

“See, Pinkie Pie?” One of my rescuers said. “You can’t tell me that’s not creepy.”

Pinkie took one last look at me, shuddering slightly, before turning to address the one that had spoken.

“This is still wrong! Freddy Fazbear’s was meant to be fun, and happy! You can’t bring it back just to scare everypony!”

The ponies argued for a long while. I waited until most of the crowd’s attention was off of me, then I slowly leaned forward, putting my mouth next to Pinkie Pie’s ear.

What’s the matter Pinkie Pie?” I rasped. “Don’t you want to be my friend?”

Pinkie went rigid, then took off like a bat out of tartarus. Nopony knew what had spooked her, but from my slumped and immobile position, I smiled beneath my mask.

The ponies who saved me were apparently building a horror attraction based on the ‘myths’ of the Freddy Fazbear’s restaurant. I was to be nothing more than some prop for a horror attraction.

However, though I may have been a monster in life, I am a literal nightmare in death.

The night guard watches the door. I wait, standing just out of sight as I observe him. he swallows hard, then turns to flick through the cameras again.

I make my move.

I step through the door. The noise gets his attention and he turns towards me. His face pales and his irises shrink as he attempts to back away from me.

I reach out, locking my metallic fingers around his neck.

He kicks and screams but it does him no good.

My mouth opens with a crack, spilling saliva and blood down onto the pony’s chest. The pony writhes in my grip, desperately trying to beat me off.

“My name is Springtrap,” I speak, my voice blends with the voice box of my suit, giving it an electronic tone. “And I am here to do tartarus’ bidding.”

Author's Note:

... 1/10.

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Then the place burns down with him in it and then he gets sent to hell to suffer for all time and gets turned into some demon child's bitch.

Nice. XD

As Scott Cawthon would say: "Awesome! That was good stuff! :)"

Wow... nice going! I love the FNAF series! :pinkiehappy: Have a mustache and a like! :moustache:

This is fucking amazing! Just as good as the first if not, then it's better!! (No offense
5705708 :twilightsheepish:)

5705822 None taken. This was an excellent story. :twilightsmile:

5705873 This was. I kind of hope there'll be a third one.

Good job, good job.

Interesting taking things from Springtrap's POV instead of the standard.

I like it, I really like it. *thumbs up*

That's.... That's creepy.
Follows the storyline perfectly, but still creepy.

Purple man choose his path...now the path he takes will be for etenity...he may kill as a animatronic but in the end he will be nothing more then a puppet to eternity a slave to his endless torment...He will be forgotten not as an animatronic but by what he was...All this is what he will do for eternity...in the end he is here forever never to be at peace..his name may now be spring trap but his soul is stuck here unlike his victum who have passed on. He does not realize that now and forever he will be damned

I was going to wright a story somewhat like this one except I ended up changing topic



Thanks :3


Scott said that? :rainbowhuh:


I see your mustache, and I raise you my own. :moustache:


:twilightsheepish: Oh stop it, you're making me blush.


:pinkiesmile: Thank you, that means a lot.


I step through the door. The noise gets his attention—


Alternative rage ending...? :duck:


I was trying to keep to the theme of the prequel, focusing more on the animatronic's thoughts and feelings about things more so than anything else. :twilightsmile:


Good... good.

Thank you.:pinkiehappy:


Purple man is a psychopath. He may be stuck here for eternity, but he is more focused on the here and now. And now, he's part of an attraction that is supposed to hunt people down and 'kill' them (not really supposed to kill them, but that is what his animatronic is programmed to do for this horror attraction, and with a murderer inside he goes beyond what he's supposed to do). Yes, he is indeed paying for his mistakes.


orly? :trixieshiftright:

5708457 Well this is awesome! :pinkiehappy: It captures such a creepy feeling!

Great story. Deserves an original song.

I am trapped here, trembling in fear
Waiting out this forsaken night
I get the eerie feeling that something just isn't right
Bring up the camera and what do I see?
Some kind of mechanic atrocity
It look back at me and chills my soul
And the dread that follows, it swallows me up whole!

Five Nights at Freddy's! (Why on earth did I choose to stay?)
Five Nights at Freddy's! (Why won't the nightmares go away?)
Five Nights at Freddy's! (When will I see the light of day?)
I do not want to spend another night
Here at Freddy Fazbear's Fright!

I hear a sound, it's all around
I spot a shadow pass by the door
Something ducked under the window, I can't take this anymore!
And the ventilation went offline
For probably the seventh time
What is wrong with this piece of shit?
This is a nightmare and I want to get out of it!

Five Nights at Freddy's! (I see and hear the phantoms groan!!)
Five Nights at Freddy's! (I know that I am not alone!)
Five Nights at Freddy's! (I just want to go back home!)
I do not want to spend another night
Here at Freddy Fazbear's Fright!

I'm getting jump-scared by monsters that aren't there
I'm seeing phantoms that lost their way to Heaven
There's a killer in the halls, painting purple on the walls
Carrying on his work from nineteen-eighty-seven!

I feel less lonely suddenly
Is there something in here with me?
I move the camera away...

Five Nights at Freddy's! (Imprisoned in this office space)
Five Nights at Freddy's!! (Get me out of this creepy place!)
Five Nights at Freddy's!! (There's no hope, there's no escape!)
I really don't want to spend another night
Here again, at Freddy Fazbear's Fright!

If anyone wants to make a music/song out of this, I demand credit for the lyrics and I want links to my YouTube channel made!

5708457 Yeah, it was on Markiplier's first FNAF animated video.



Awesome job with the song! Do you write music for a living or something? :rainbowhuh:


Oh! I never even knew that! I just looked it up and saw it, that's awesome. :)

5709593 Nope. Haven't ever made anything musical or ever written a song and sung it or had anyone sang for me.

I do a bit of poetry in my spare time when I'm not doing novice-level YouTube MLP animations for fun. Yes, that was totally a cheap poor excuse of a self-promotion right there. Sue me. XD

Please don't.

Why do you ask, if I may ask, I ask?



I was just curious, it's not every day I see people on this site making poetry/music about stuff they read. ;)

I'll check your stuff out when I get some free time.

5709644 Really? Well, so long as you're doing it out of your own free will and not just for my sake. XD

Like I said, I'm kinda a noob animator, since I haven't the fortune of owning the sort of animation software or equipment that other animators have, but I make do with what I've got and I try to come up with a good video from time to time.

So, thank you, is all I can say really. I hope whatever content of mine you look at will amuse and entertain you!

(bows politely, smacks head on laptop)


Why do I keep doing that and then typing it out in a comment? I must be weird.

Oh wait, I am!

Anyways thanks dude!

I f***ing hate him. Alot. If I ever meet him, (Warning, Brutal) F***ing kick him so hard in the balls that he would spit seamen for a week. No joke. I hate him. Nice fanfic, though!!!:pinkiecrazy:

Comment posted by Dear Sir Knight deleted Mar 8th, 2015

Good read. Your writing made me feel hate for the Purple Stallion, and that's good.

*slow clap*

5711501 That description... instinctive testicular shield activated...

5718329 Sorry... I just hate him. Alot.

5711501 Remind me to not get on your bad side.

5723461 Ok! Dont get on my bad side!

He always comes back...

"Thirty years I have sat here, rotting. Thirty years I have been caught in the painful spasms of my own dead body as I am forced to relive my own death again, and again, and again, and again."

I also created a story about Springtrap.

5709504 I can imagine this as a song. Right now. Music and everything.
It kind of sounds like a Break my mind and march toward the nightmare mash up- but it sounds awesome:pinkiecrazy:

Love it.
Actually, I've read this about five times now.
I just love it! Death and death along with more talking about death:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

6458552 yay! I'll play the game! When do we start!?:pinkiecrazy:

6458573 Flesh for steel. Oil for blood. Circuitry for organs. Life for death. A constant whirring nose fills the empty halls, echoing like a shrill voice in a cavern. Lonely footsteps tread past drawings of happier times, memories of smiles and laughter, a time before the screams and haunting silence. Hush hush, no more noise. Just the beating of a mechanized heart, of a soul that wants to die. Alas, the passing into the afterlife; it is denied. The smell of mucus and red fills the empty halls. Nobody comes here. But I'M STILL HERE

When the lights go out and the doors close
After the animatronic shows
At the hour of midnight, this place is filled with fright
It's a monster's delight
Darkness fills the hallways and the rooms
I get a sudden feeling of gloom
When I hear them walk, as they stalk
Gotta hide or else I'm doomed!

This place was one of fantasy
But now it reeks of depravity
I didn't understand the gravity
Of just how fucked this place could be
In the darkness I see their evil eyes
Behind their wel-com-ing disguise
This whole playground is filled with lies
Those things are ter-ror in-car-nate! Revived! Mech-a-nized!

When you are here during the day
You see the children laugh and play
But at night it is not the same
It's another story, a different game
The animals you thought were cute
Now want to stuff you in a suit
Can't you hear their garbled calls
As they pace up and down the halls?
Stay clear of that golden teddy
Hide yourself, keep your breath steady
And watch out! Be scared! And be aware!
Cause' it's another one of Those Nights At Fredbear's!

NOTE - Follow the link at the end to see a very special surprise. One I think you should inform other people about...

6458624 I love it. I love it.
Now I must do fan art...:pinkiecrazy:

*and if you don't mind possible quotes into a story.... As long as I credit you...*



Hmmm? What's this?


Oh wow, thank you :twilightblush:

It was something I came up with after reading It's Me Forever, I'm glad you enjoyed it :pinkiehappy:


Another couple of lyric lines from you? interesting.

And what's that at the end? A game you're making?

6458624 I watched that trailer before. I love it. I want to play the game...

And I just sung your poetic lyrics and it would make an awesome freaking dubstep song.:pinkiecrazy:
Question though- is it an FNaF 1, 2, 3, or 4 song?
*A bit confused, though I love the piece. It's awesome!!!*

6458804 First answer - This is one of a few designs I'm making for some posters I'm planning to have made so I can make a little money for myself. My subscribers/followers/Barack Obama/other people can get signed posters from me, and I can make a little money on the side (though I'll also give them away as prizes for little competitions) I'm not the greatest artist, I know, but I think of it as just something nice to give back to the people who have supported my channels and whom without I'd never have gotten as much of a voice as I have today.

Second answer - No. This is someone else's game. I'm trying to raise awareness of this game and get attention drawn to it. It looks amazing and Nikson - one of the people working on this game - also does amazing animations on his channel. He's done things in SFM that I've never seen people do on their channels. Please help raise awareness of this fan-made game if you can. It looks astounding, and could even be scarier than the original FNAF series altogether. This guy's project deserves a little help to get noticed and I like helping folk out when I have the time and opportunity.

Third answer - Cheeseburger and fries, with a medium Coke, and a toffee sauce Sundae. Oh wait, was there even a third question? Ah shit. Now I'm hungry.

6458758 You can draw me if you want.

Forgive my OC, Unique. He's full of himself.

No I'm not. I haven't eaten myself. Ha! No? No laughs? Not even a giggle? Tough crowd...

6458829 It's a work in progress, but I was kinda freestyling with lyrics. I was trying to be the first to come up with a song for that new Those Nights At Fredbears game, so I could go on YouTube and tell Mandopony I beat him to it.

Of course Mandopony doesn't have a clue who I am so he'd be slightly confused by our short-lived conversation. But that'd suffice for me.

6458877 Well, the lyrics are going well so far!:rainbowkiss:

I can imagine Mando not even knowing those nights at fredbear's is when you get the song out:rainbowlaugh:

(Just getting to talk to him would be awesome in it's own way):raritywink:

6460111 Just so you know I'm not an actual songwriter. Not that anyone other than good folk like yourself would notice my songs regardless. XD I prefer to do animations and artwork. Well, when I'm not doing my job as a carer that is.

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