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Night Princess

I'm a Pegasister new to writing pony fiction, and I can't wait to start writing! My favorite ponies are Twilight, Luna, the Great and Powerful Trixie, Rarity and Derpy.


Princess Luna wants to thank the mane six for all they've done for her by setting up blind dates for all of them. And the best part? There's no way it could possibly go wrong.


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First of all before I read this, "name six" ? :rainbowhuh:

Yes! You name six random ponies and hope it matches the names of the Elements. It's a drinking game!

Day after Nightmare night and Discord and Chrysilis has been defeated. The way you phrase it it sounds like it was just recently Nightmare Night happened so that's an inconsistency

No problem. :pinkiehappy:
Anyway, interesting idea.
One more little mistake I spotted: "We're getting presents?" Pinkue squealed.
A bit short but overall it looks promising.

I will laugh if Rarity gets Blueblood! :rainbowlaugh:

563934 I wold laugh my flank right off if DASH gets Blueblood.

Or if Rarity gets Fleur.

Sounds interesting, I'll have to give it a read when I get a chance.

I can not see how this could go wrong, cause blind dates always go so well:pinkiehappy:

Looks promising. Please continue :)

and in the end, they mix the dates up and fall right in love :heart:

Know what my favorite phrase is? 'There's no way it could possibly go wrong" or any variation of the phrase

So its ponies we know...or well they know and she will try to match them up based on they're personalities...and considering she thinks rainbow is sensitive I think it could be anypony really

One thing for sure....PLEASE let Twilight be okay with this, if anyone at all gets a proper date, PLEASE!? i'm begging you...this story has lots of potential by the way. To make some good conflict, can i suggest something? Ima message you now.. Favorited :3

I haven't even read it yet, and I wanna track just because of the synopses.

There was a picture like that- Blueblood, upon seeing rough-and-tumble Rainbow Dash, tearfully declared how he had waited his whole life for one such as her.
Rainbow herself was blushing, looked a little overwhelmed, and sported a, pardon me, severe case of wingboner.
All the while Rarity freaked out in the background.
Alltogether a rather funny setup.

564438 One of the most out of nowhere ships I have ever heard of is Anxie. Angel Bunny x Trixie.

wtf, lol

564483 Braeburn and Berry Punch make a better word; Braeberry. Braebury. It's an old family in the Highlands. I'm a descendant of this clan. Behold, my dirty blue colored Tartan!

I know what if the new coltfriends are Dusk Shine, Butterscotch and the rest of the mane six(male). They're a common base for fanfics.:pinkiehappy:

Why do I have the nagging feeling this isn't going to end well?:applejackunsure:

Funny, but a bit stale. Perhaps it could have been a little more twisty in plot. Good though, can't wait for the next one.

I don't know why, but this just doesn't do it for me...it seemed like nothing happened. It's like you didn't really want to do Pinkie and just got her out of the way ASAP.

At least you seem to be making Luna's pairings interesting in a LOL WUT way. What's going to happen next? Fluttershy x Roid Rage? Applejack x Doctor Whooves? Twilight x Tom?

bit of a letdown after the first chapter.

Ah well, 5 more dates to see.

Luna described Rainbow Dash as "kind, friendly, and sensitive". :rainbowhuh: :rainbowlaugh:

With such masterful understanding of their personalities, this is sure to end well. :ajbemused:

Heh, 'HoofBook':rainbowlaugh:

Really funny, but I hope the next chapter is longer:twilightsmile:

565170 its skyroids and the doctor should be with twilight

EPIC favorited! PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ DONT MAKE ANY OF THEM LESBIANS. Ive read a hundred fucking thousand of them THEYRE SOOO ANNOYING.:facehoof: thx bro def following. :scootangel: i just cant imagine them as lesbians. (although we already know rarity isnt one):raritywink: :moustache::duck:

Rarity and Blueblood. Because Luna would believe that Rarity deserves a Stallion of high standing. :scootangel:

Do you accept OC ponies? I have one that would be just PERFECT for this! In fact, he is my ponysona! Tell me what you think of him! http://yoyododo1990.deviantart.com/#/d4w8v52 and here is a much easier to see picture of him from the great guy who drew him for me! http://that897guy.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d4vxpd6 He would DEFINITELY be a good match for Pinkie Pie! I would LOVE to see him matched up with Rarity or Fluttershy!(because she's so quiet & shy & he's such a loud chatterbox! Get it?:rainbowlaugh:)

Why do I think Applejack will be with one of the Flim Flam brothers? I don't know why, but it just seems like something that could happen.

That date probribly wouldve gone better in another location lol
Nice 1st date choice lol

Hey wait a minute Big Mac and Pinkie Pie? I thought I was the only one who thought of that relationship. :flutterrage:

I guess not.:facehoof:

I don't think I like how the other dates are going to turn out, I guess Luna thinks opposites attract. :ajsleepy:

So, If you're ok with criticism...
The story like someone from above stated, does seem a bit stale. Instead of a chapter, it's more like chapter idea page...don't be be a slave to the deadline. Punch the deadline, and give this story full potential, and i see a lot of potential in this story.

lol, called it. I swear, Luna takes after her sister :trollestia:

And either I'm getting used to your style or you're getting better at it (probably the first one), because I'm starting to like this a lot more.

Maybe Luna be trolling? :rainbowhuh:
And a stallion Rarity would take after? I call Prince Blueblood!

Fluttershy and Roid Rage/Snowflake/(or my personal favorite: Bold Bigflank) could work. Just needs a little Flutterrage and it's all good.

"Hayseed Turnip Truck."
All my yes!

I wonder who Applejack is going to end up with? Can't wait for that.

"A silver tiara sat in her uniquely styles mane."
"do he must become type of royalty. Oh, she couldn't wait!"
"The boat continued to spin faster and faster, until Rarity leapt up and grabbed the oat from his hoof."
"This is an absolute disaster and if we don't do something the while town could be effected!"
whole* affected*
Just a few major mistakes I thought I should point out. Aside from that; more please! :pinkiehappy:

yes. yes . yes. YES. YES. YES. YES! YES! YES! YES!!! YES!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!

Moar! Still some grammar mistakes though.

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