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Discord’s escape had threatened the fragile peace of Equestria, but that vile manipulator was back in his prison now. Everything could return to normal. Life went on as if nothing had happened.
And yet, unwittingly, his release had triggered an old seed the draconequus had planted prior to his first capture, some thousand years in the past.
An explorer from Ponyville will uncover Discord’s last ditch plan and set in motion a series of events that will change the very face of Equestria and its inhabitants.
Why would he do such a thing, you ask?
It’s simple: He’s a nosy bugger.
Curiosity killed the cat, as the saying goes.

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Comments ( 13 )

thought he llɒdɒwɘɿɔƧ about Is ?


Sorry, but 'llɒdɒwɘɿɔƧ'?
Didn't quite get that... °°

I think krahe is asking "Is the story about Screwball?" Then again this is speculation


Right good point.

No, it isn't (though I suspected that question would rise at one point or another)
It's pretty obvious from the prologue and how he made contact with her, methinks.

No, it was 'Is he thought about Screwball?'
She is quite fit as corupted, mad 'daughter' of Discord
I just want to at last find story, where Screwball is creation-of-Chaos or shard-of-Discord, not someone-discorded


I'd have agreed when Screwball made her appearance.
Since then though, another member of the Screw family has made an appearance, so it seems unlikely that the family is actually related to Discord himself.
Rather they are prone to Disharmony, instead of cattering towards Harmony. Not taking into account the whole 'Discorded' thing.

In any case, Screwball, while being quite an intriguing char, doesn't fit the bill for my story, so it's not her ^^"

You, sir are a writer of high caliber. A throughly good read and I eagerly await the rest of the story.

which carton thing is this crossovering then?


Not a cartoon, a game.
It's a pretty obscure one, tbh, but still something that had a very big influence on me.
Kind of my way of comemorating that. :p

The game is "The Way" (http://www.crestfallen.us/)

Now, This is a good story!


A much appreciated comment ^^

All work and no play makes Discord a dull boy


Care to elaborate?
Also, I am aiming at portraying a more ruthless Discord than the one typically portrayed in the show :ajsmug:

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