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Year after year, Crystal Prep's Shadowbolts have won the Friendship Games, an inter-school competition. This year, however, Sunset Shimmer, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and the rest of the girls are ready to win!

When a new competitor takes the field, the girls are thrown off guard. And not just because she's been stealing their hair. This girl bears a strong resemblance to one of their best friends, and she's planning something sinister.
(Thanks to Tennis Match Fan for help with the synopses!)

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Wow! That's a really great start! Can't wait for more!!

BTW, more chapters are coming soon... don't worry.

It might actually be up tomorrow, chapter 3. Who knows? :trixieshiftright:

Thank you! Now if only I had a good enough description... :twilightsheepish:

5683173 It is, don't worry, I just can't wait till they see that Human Twilight is one of the Shadowbolt's, should be very tough for them

Are you basing this off of the upcoming movie? If so then I applaud your effort to no end!

5683198 Sweet. And will the chapters get longer each time?

Probably. I already have the rough drafts of chapters 3 and 4 planned out, they are about 3 pages long, back-to-back. I will expand on them too, add more detail.

I loved t when is more going to be up

Chapter 3 will hopefully be up today. And thank you!

Yay I just submitted a story myself hopefully I gets posted

Cool so far, but... you do know the Shadowbolts have confirmed appearances, and Sunny's hair is purple and magenta, right? :unsuresweetie:

Oh! Oops! Sorry. I have no idea why I made her have purple and blue hair! I'll fix that right now. :twilightblush:

I can't believe I had actually forgotten that , though. It was pretty obvious that her hair was purple and magenta and not purple and blue! I must have confused her with Sugarcoat or something.

Oh, well. We always make mistakes.
And now it's time for dinner for me! XD

Well, Pinkie and Sunset spotted her, can't wait to see everyone else's reactions

5686294 Good! :yay: It's time for me to panic about the homework I've haven't done. :twilightoops:

and she swore that they locked eyes for a split second

Is Human Twilight looking to crush what she thinks is her arch enemy? Cause I could get into that

Awesome chapter!!

WOAH! :pinkiegasp: Human Twilight is a good actor!

she's smart but she's not that good an actor. twi needs work.
also the story has fast pacing, just the very basic details, and no real fill to it
i like the idea and premise. i REALLY look forward to the movie in the fall but...this needs work


"Oh, um... I don't ask this, but... why are you here representing the Shadowbolts? Oh, and how is Ponyville?"

...Oh cud Futtershy!

Twilight assumed that Ponyville was the place where the other her came from."Oh, you know! Great! And what am I doing here? Well, uh... hey, look! That girl totally missed the target!"

...Wow...just wow.:applejackunsure:

Great Chapter, can't wait to see more!!!:pinkiehappy::heart:

Thank you for the feedback. I tried to fill in a few parts but I have a bit of trouble expanding a story... I'm only used to writing short ones.
I'm really looking forward to the movie too. :coolphoto:

Can't be what?! You can't leave us there!

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