• Published 1st Mar 2015
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Equestria Girls: The Friendship Games - Caesar Orzell 600

At this year's Friendship Games, the Canterlot Wondercolts are determined to beat the Shadowbolts! However, when a new girl arrives bearing resemblances to an old friend, the Mane 6 are thrown off guard.

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3. Twilight?

"Hello everyone, and welcome to the tenth annual Friendship Games! We are very happy to be hosting this event at our school, unlike years past. Today we, Canterlot High School, will be competing against Appleloosa High School, Cloudsdale High School, and the winner of the past Friendship Games competitions, Crystal Prep!"

Principle Celestia announced this with grace and tact, and the whole audience cheered.

Meanwhile, out in the audience, a girl with pink and green hair with archery gear was picking her nails.

Another girl, who was next to her, groaned. "Man, can't we just start already? I hate waiting, Sour." She was tough-looking and had blonde hair that was spiked.

"Me too, Indigo. Me too." The girl with the pink and green hair, named Sour Sweet, sighed. "Hey Twilight... how do we plan on winning this time? My body aches from practicing so much."

"Well, since I practically begged my sister-in-law to have the games here this year, I was thinking of doing something different." She grinned, clearly excited.

Another girl joined in on the conversation. "Man, I still can't believe that your sister-in-law is the principal of our school!" She exclaimed, bouncing up and down. She have poofy purple and magenta hair.

"Shh, Flare! The principle is looking at us!" Hushed Sour Sweet as she twirled her pink curls carefully.

Twilight Sparkle grinned tightly and pretended to pay attention as close as possible, but all she was thinking about was her research about this school. From what she gathered, it had magical properties that made everyone somehow get along. In the school, there six, nay, seven girls who were the main source of this power.

Now, if only I could get from a hair sample from each of the girls, Twilight thought deeply. Maybe that would tell me more about them... and maybe I could get some magic powers too! Wouldn't that be cool... I could do anything.
Suddenly, her thoughts were pulled when she saw, right out of the corner of her eye, the six girls she was just thinking about. But wasn't there seven? Oh well. There they were.

"Hey! Psst! Sunset Shimmer! Psst!"

Sunset Shimmer folded her arms and looked to her left. There was Pinkie Pie, who was standing just an inch away from her, her head literally on Sunet's shoulder.

"What?" Sunset moaned, slightly annoyed.

All of a sudden, Pinkie took a pair of binoculars out of her hair and stuck them to Sunset's eyeballs.

"See her? See her?" Pinkie whispered loudly.

"See who? I don't see anything."

Pinkie Pie zoomed out further and further until Sunset could see the backs of the people in the crowd clearly.

"Now... turn to your right."

Sunset Shimmer turned slowly to her right and then she saw what Pinkie was talking about.

"Twilight Sparkle?" Sunset, confused, lowered Pinkie's binoculars. "What is she doing here?"

"No, silly! That's OUR Twilight Sparkle! You're thinking about the Equestria Twilight Sparkle."

Sunset, still confused, looked back at the girl with the binoculars up to her eyes again and noticed that she was different from the Twilight she knew. For one, this Twilight had spiky orange glasses, and for two, she looked mean and stuck up- just like Sunset was was.

Thinking back on that made her shudder.

"Here," she said as she gave the binoculars back to Pinkie.

"Okie dokie lokie!" She said cheerfully.

It was now time to split into groups for the first competition: Archery. As the people who were participating in it got up from their seats in the bleachers, she took one last look at the Other Twilight... and she swore that they locked eyes for a split second.

Author's Note:

And that was chapter 3! I hope you enjoyed it! Chapter 4 will not be up tomorrow because I'll be busy but maybe Tuesday. :)