Equestria Girls: The Friendship Games

by Caesar Orzell 600

First published

At this year's Friendship Games, the Canterlot Wondercolts are determined to beat the Shadowbolts! However, when a new girl arrives bearing resemblances to an old friend, the Mane 6 are thrown off guard.

Year after year, Crystal Prep's Shadowbolts have won the Friendship Games, an inter-school competition. This year, however, Sunset Shimmer, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and the rest of the girls are ready to win!

When a new competitor takes the field, the girls are thrown off guard. And not just because she's been stealing their hair. This girl bears a strong resemblance to one of their best friends, and she's planning something sinister.
(Thanks to Tennis Match Fan for help with the synopses!)

1. The Smell of Victory

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The Crystal Prep school always won the Friendship Games year after year. Their students were always perfect and prepared, and they always won first place. Even the weakest student was phenomenal.

But Canterlot High School, one of the competing schools in the event, were still triumphant. Even though they always came in last place, they still tried their best.

But one the students didn't share the same feeling...

Rainbow Dash got off her motorcycle, feeling exhausted. She had just rode it for about a half an hour, going through the woods around Applejack's house.

She grabbed her cell phone from her backpack to check something when it suddenly buzzed in Rainbow's hand. She had been expecting this for a few minutes now.

It was a text from Sunset Shimmer.

"Still riding," it read. "I'm got so much adrenaline right now! LOL."

"You better come back soon," Rainbow Dash texted back. "The group's gonna meet at Applejack's mail box in about 10 minutes." Curious, Rainbow quickly added, "R U listening 2 anything?"

A text message popped up about 15 seconds later. "Rock music."

Rainbow Dash was going to respond, congratulating her musical interests, but she could hear screaming and hollering behind her.

She turned off her phone, which was playing a Foo Fighters song and turned around to see Pinkie Pie and Rarity, roller skating up to her.

"Hey, Rainbow Dash! Hey!" A pink blur suddenly circled around Rainbow Dash's body.

"Hi there Rainbow," Rarity said while panting. "Whew! That was quite the ride that we had."

"It was the best!" Pinkie Pie added happily. "We skated all around town, singing songs!"

Rainbow heaved a heavy sigh. "It's still strange that you never win the roller skating competition, Pinkie. And same with you, Rarity! You really get into it."

Rarity blushed. "Why thank you, Rainbow. That's very nice of you."

Rainbow Dash's eyes narrowed. Every single time the Friendship Games came around, the Shadowbolts at Crystal Prep won every single trophy. For instance, for the roller skating competition, it was always Sunny Flare and Lemon Zest that won. Deep down inside, she longed for the praise and the feeling of a trophy or medal. She wondered if anyone else at her school thought that way, too.

She didn't just want a pat on the back and a "better luck next time". She wanted the sweet smell of victory.

Rainbow snapped back to reality. "Oh! No problem." She waved her hand.

At the same time, Applejack and Fluttershy were walking over from Applejack's barn where she set up a fake archery target.

"How's it goin' out here?" Wondered Applejack curiously.

"Pretty decent," Rainbow replied. "We're just waitin' on..."

"Sunset?" Whispered Fluttershy, just as the girl in question arrived.

Sunset's headphones were blasting Kid Rock while she removed her helmet slowly, letting her hair spill out gracefully.

"Oh my," said Fluttershy.

Suddenly, the music and the sound of the motorcycle's engine ceased and Sunset stepped off her motocycle, doing a little jump.

"Sorry I'm late," she said apologetically.

"It's no problem," Rainbow replied.

"So... what did you wanna talk about?"

"Oh yeah, that! But let's sit down first."Applejack understood. "Why don't we sit down on the hay in mah barn?"

The girls were now all gathered in Applejack's cozy barn, all of them reclining on bales of hay... all except Rainbow Dash.

"So, as we know, the Friendship Games is going to be in two days," she announced as she was pacing back and forth.

"Thanks, Captain Obvious." Applejack replied. "And ah would really like it if you would jus' siddown, too."

"Nah." The look of concern on her face grew even more. "I'm just worrying about the games, guys! I SO wanna beat the stinkin' Shadowbolts for once, that's all!"

Pinkie jumped up from one of the haystacks, somehow blowing bits of hay onto her hair. "Me too, me too! I wanna beat ol' meanie Sunny Flare for once!" She balled up her fists held them up to the sky. "Yeah!!"

Rarity yawned while she played with her slightly rugged hair. "Keep on dreaming, girls. That's all I have to say about this matter."

Rainbow sighed again. "I just wish that we could pony up during the competition, that's all! It would maybe help us a ton."

"Face it, Sugarcube. It only happens when we play our instruments," argued Applejack angrily.

"I know! But I really, really want to win for once!" Rainbow shrieked with stress.

Sunset, who was surprisingly silent during the whole debacle, finally spoke up. "I see where you're going with this, Rainbow Dash. But yet again, that would be also called cheating."

Rainbow Dash facepalmed. "Yeah, you're right. And cheating, as it may be totally awesome at the time, results in a whole load of trouble! And we don't want that."

2. Getting Ready and Worrying

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It was the next day and everyone was getting prepared for the big day in the school arena.

Rainbow Dash was currently with one of her best friends, DJ PON-3 in the microphone room that was by the bleachers.

"DJ, you gotta play the coolest songs for the big day!" She begged.

DJ PON-3 nodded her head. (She's not much of a talker.) She gestured to her playlist that she was syncing on her laptop.

Rainbow Dash looked at her songs.

"Sorry dude, but I don't know any of these... well, maybe except for one." Rainbow was trying to be polite.

DJ PON-3 shrugged. "It's okay. And please, call me Vinyl Scratch." She raised up her glasses and smiled. "That's my actual name."

Rainbow's eyes widened with shock. "Wow! You can actually talk! Oh, and see ya!" Happy, she waved goodbye and practically flew down the bleacher steps and back to her friends, who were practicing.

"Ohmigosh ohmigosh ohmigosh! Guys! DJ PON-3 can talk! Isn't that AWESOME?"

Applejack looked at Rainbow Dash like she was stupid. "Yeah, and the sky is blue. Can you please get back to practicing now?"

Rainbow Dash bit her lip. "Yeah, yeah. Okay. I'm just trying to keep my mind off the fact that we're probably not going to win. Again!" She groaned and put on her helmet and started to rev up her car. "Bye, guys."

Fluttershy, who was playing with her bow, looked up at her friend with worry. "Um, have fun?"

The rainbow-haired girl was already driving out of the arena at full speed.

"AND DON'T HIT ANYBODY!!" Screamed Pinkie Pie, who had purposely skated after her.

Applejack and Fluttershy looked at each other and laughed.

It was nighttime, and Rainbow Dash was lying in her bed, thinking on life and how unfair it could be. She had her arms folded on top of her bedsheets and her eyes were wide open, staring out the window that was by her bed.

"Please, please, let us do well tomorrow," she prayed. "It would be really cool and it would be another trophy on my shelf... also the thought of winning makes me wanna have a party... gotta tell Pinkie about that."

Bzzzz! That was the sound of her phone on vibrate.

Rainbow jumped out of her bed and ran to her dresser, careful to be quiet in case her parents heard.

It was a text from Sunset again.

"What does she want so late at night," Rainbow wondered with a grumble.

"Hey," it read. "Can't sleep either?"

Pfft. Totally. Rainbow smiled, glad she wasn't the only one. "Totally!" She responded, giggling.

"It might sound a bit crazy, but I think there might actually be something strange going on with the Shadowbolts. That's what I've been worrying about all night."

"Seems legit," Rainbow Dash responded. "Do you think they might have magic too?"

"Maybe, maybe not. But if they did, wouldn't it be obvious? For example, the Dazzlings had their pendants. I have no idea what the Shadowbolts would have, whether it be magic or something else. But them winning year after year is not just a coincidence!"

"True. But what if they're just that good?"

"I highly doubt it. :)" Along with that text message, Sunset also sent a selfie of her with a confused look on her face, shrugging.

Rainbow Dash chuckled and then promptly yawned afterward.

"Okay, Sunset. That's enough worrying for tonight. I'm going to bed!"

"Kay. Make sure to get some sleep for the big day 2morrow! You wanna have energy for all that motorcycle riding we're gonna be doing!"

"Yup." Rainbow responded. "Sure do. Nite!"

And with that, Rainbow Dash shut off her phone and jumped into bed, not sure what tomorrow would bring.

3. Twilight?

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"Hello everyone, and welcome to the tenth annual Friendship Games! We are very happy to be hosting this event at our school, unlike years past. Today we, Canterlot High School, will be competing against Appleloosa High School, Cloudsdale High School, and the winner of the past Friendship Games competitions, Crystal Prep!"

Principle Celestia announced this with grace and tact, and the whole audience cheered.

Meanwhile, out in the audience, a girl with pink and green hair with archery gear was picking her nails.

Another girl, who was next to her, groaned. "Man, can't we just start already? I hate waiting, Sour." She was tough-looking and had blonde hair that was spiked.

"Me too, Indigo. Me too." The girl with the pink and green hair, named Sour Sweet, sighed. "Hey Twilight... how do we plan on winning this time? My body aches from practicing so much."

"Well, since I practically begged my sister-in-law to have the games here this year, I was thinking of doing something different." She grinned, clearly excited.

Another girl joined in on the conversation. "Man, I still can't believe that your sister-in-law is the principal of our school!" She exclaimed, bouncing up and down. She have poofy purple and magenta hair.

"Shh, Flare! The principle is looking at us!" Hushed Sour Sweet as she twirled her pink curls carefully.

Twilight Sparkle grinned tightly and pretended to pay attention as close as possible, but all she was thinking about was her research about this school. From what she gathered, it had magical properties that made everyone somehow get along. In the school, there six, nay, seven girls who were the main source of this power.

Now, if only I could get from a hair sample from each of the girls, Twilight thought deeply. Maybe that would tell me more about them... and maybe I could get some magic powers too! Wouldn't that be cool... I could do anything.
Suddenly, her thoughts were pulled when she saw, right out of the corner of her eye, the six girls she was just thinking about. But wasn't there seven? Oh well. There they were.

"Hey! Psst! Sunset Shimmer! Psst!"

Sunset Shimmer folded her arms and looked to her left. There was Pinkie Pie, who was standing just an inch away from her, her head literally on Sunet's shoulder.

"What?" Sunset moaned, slightly annoyed.

All of a sudden, Pinkie took a pair of binoculars out of her hair and stuck them to Sunset's eyeballs.

"See her? See her?" Pinkie whispered loudly.

"See who? I don't see anything."

Pinkie Pie zoomed out further and further until Sunset could see the backs of the people in the crowd clearly.

"Now... turn to your right."

Sunset Shimmer turned slowly to her right and then she saw what Pinkie was talking about.

"Twilight Sparkle?" Sunset, confused, lowered Pinkie's binoculars. "What is she doing here?"

"No, silly! That's OUR Twilight Sparkle! You're thinking about the Equestria Twilight Sparkle."

Sunset, still confused, looked back at the girl with the binoculars up to her eyes again and noticed that she was different from the Twilight she knew. For one, this Twilight had spiky orange glasses, and for two, she looked mean and stuck up- just like Sunset was was.

Thinking back on that made her shudder.

"Here," she said as she gave the binoculars back to Pinkie.

"Okie dokie lokie!" She said cheerfully.

It was now time to split into groups for the first competition: Archery. As the people who were participating in it got up from their seats in the bleachers, she took one last look at the Other Twilight... and she swore that they locked eyes for a split second.

4. Perfect Point

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"As you can see, the first competition is archery," announced Vice Principal Luna, excited. Principal Celestia nudged her, as if she wanted Luna to say more.

"Th-the goal is to shoot as many arrows as you can into the bullseye. Whoever gets the most in five minutes wins!"

Everyone who was doing the archery competition was lined up at the back of the arena, including a certain group of people...

"Okay, Sour. Remember what our gym teacher always says? Be precise and quick!" That was Twilight speaking, who was playing with her ponytail.

Sour Sweet clicked her tongue. "Yeah, yeah. I've got this. Piece of cake!"

The two girls did their secret handshake and waited for the horn.

"Applejack, I'm-um... so nervous!" Fluttershy squeaked as she hid behind Applejack.

Applejack sighed lightly. "It's okay, Sugarcube. Just pretend that the audience is a bunch of apples. That's what I always do."

Fluttershy's eyes widened as she heard the crowd stomping and clapping.

"That doesn't help me one bit. Apples don't stomp, clap... and sing!"

All of a sudden, the sound of a microphone was heard. It was Principal Celestia, who was standing a platform in the middle of the arena, ready to announce the first round.

"Alright, students! Representing Canterlot High, Applejack! Representing Cloudsdale Hgh will be... Flitter! Representing Appleloosa High, Honey Crisp! And representing Crystal Prep will be... Sour Sweet!"

The crowd cheered wildly.

"You rock! Whoo-hoo." Whispered Fluttershy, lost in the moment.

Principal Celestia spoke again. "On your marks! Get set! Go!"

The sound of the horn was heard.


Techno music blasted from the large speakers in the arena.

Applejack, Sour Sweet, and the other girls were already standing on the X marks and had their bows readied.

Then they started aiming and shooting was much as they possibly could.

Fluttershy, who was sitting and watching the competition on a bench in the back, suddenly flinched.

"Eep!" She shrieked.

"Oops! Sorry about that," said a girl who was sitting beside her.

Wait a second... Fluttershy recognized that voice. It was Twilight Sparkle's! Or was it?

"Twilight?" Asked Fluttershy hopefully as she turned her head.

But this Twilight had pointy, orange glasses and her was up in a sharp ponytail. Maybe she wanted to dress different, Fluttershy thought nervously.

"Yep, it's me!" She said with a fake smile.

"Oh, um... I don't mean to ask this, but... why are you here representing the Shadowbolts? Oh, and how is Ponyville?" She asked that last question with hope and a tinge of anticipation.

Twilight assumed that Ponyville was the place where the other her came from.

"Oh, you know! Great! And what am I doing here? Well, uh... hey, look! That girl totally missed the target!"

Fluttershy looked at where Twilight pointed, forgetting about the fact that she didn't even finished her sentence.

Meanwhile, Applejack was getting fed up with Sour Sweet and the fact that she was totally beating her single-handedly. Applejack thought she was one of the best archers in this town! She thought she had good precision and was very careful and took some time.

Applejack scowled. "Are 'ya just good at this, or are 'ya cheatin'?"

Sour Sweet smiled sickly. "I'm not cheating... I'm winning."

Suddenly, the sound of the horn was heard again.

"Alright, everyone! Representing Canterlot High, Fluttershy! Representing Cloudsdale High, Cloud Kicker! Representing Appleloosa High, Apple Cobbler! And representing Crystal Prep, Twilight Sparkle!"

Fluttershy and Twilight both stood up and walked towards the Xs.

"Good luck, Fluttershy," mumbled Applejack. "I didn't have it." As she was walking back to the bench, she saw the back of Twilight's head.

"That can't be..." She murmured.

5. Roller Madness

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The next chapter was held in the same place as the archery one, but it was around the track. Principle Celestia stepped up to the microphone again one the platform.

"The second competition is roller-skating. The goal is to skate around the track ten times before time runs out. Whoever finishes first wins!"

Knowing it was their turn, Pinkie Pie and Rarity both stood up, and so did the other competitors... including Lemon Zest and Sunny Flare.

Not too far away, the girls were having a conversation.

"Okay, so we're going to do this faster than usual, right?" Asked Sunny Flare curiously.

"Uh, yeah! Isn't that obvious? We aren't gonna even try! Since the Wondercolts did so good the previous round, we're going to do even better." Lemon Zest laughed in a manner that made her sound almost evil.

From the top of the bleachers, Sour Sweet was twirling her hair like she always does. Her face looked determined and excited at the same time. Standing next to her was Twilight Sparkle, who looked a little bit nervous.

Principal Celestia then called out the names of the people for the first round.

Pinkie Pie, Sunny Flare, and the other two competitors all skated up to the starting line, waiting for the sound of the horn.


And with that, the girls were off!

Even from the start, Sunny Flare started to skate around the court like she was on fire.

Pinkie, who noticed how fast she was going, suddenly felt super-competitive.

"You wanna go fast? I'm gonna go fast! IT'S ON!!"

Suddenly, Sunny felt a gust of wind go past her, and thought it was too good to be true. She, in turn, skated even faster.

2 laps. 3 laps. 4 laps. 5 laps!

The girls didn't care if they were making a scene. Sunny and Pinkie were in it to win it.

Minutes passed and all everyone could see were blurs of color.

Rarity, who was watching them along with the other girls, suddenly didn't feel too good.

"I-I feel like I'm going to be sick..." She complained.

Lemon Zest, who was sitting right next to her, put her hand on Rarity's shoulder and coaxed her. "It's okay... just don't look at them and look at me. Oh, hey Twilight!"

Rarity looked up to see where Lemon was looking.

"Twilight?" Rarity cried out. But then at that moment, she realized that she didn't look like the one she knew.

"Uh... hi, Rarity!" Twilight said brightly. "Oh, Lemon- here's some water for you. I know you accidentally left yours at home."

Lemon took the water hastily. "Ah, thanks! I bet I'll really need it."

Twilight's eyes brightened when she noticed Rarity staring at her thoughtfully.

"Wow, Rarity! I like your cute ponytail! Can I touch it?"

Rarity, who thought this comment was a little odd, didn't want to offend her friend. "Sure, darling. Just don't mess it up, please

Twilight walked over and touched her hair delicately. While doing this, Rarity felt a slight pain in her head.

"Have a nice day!" Twilight said as politely as she could and walked out of the arena, heading to her school.

Twilight Sparkle's school, Crystal Prep, was far away from Canterlot High, but it didn't take too long to get there, mainly because there wasn't much traffic.

When she arrived there, she was slightly surprised that the doors were still open... she had no idea why.

Clip, clop. Clip, clop. Her boots made heavy noises as she laboriously made her way up the long, swirly stairs. However, each step she took made her more and more excited to see what her new research led her to.

Finally, about five minutes later, she ended up in the top main hallway of her school. Literally shaking in her boots, she made her way to classroom 412... the science lab.

Her hands, shaky and sweaty with excitement, turned the nob to the lab room, which was basically like her home.

As she walked in, she was thinking aloud what she was going to do.

"I should probably look at the DNA in these first."

Twilight promptly got out a microscope from a cupboard labeled 'science tools' and quickly got to work.

She, being careful, put Fluttershy's strand of hair on a slide and put it on the microscope, and zoomed in.

"Woah... that's strange! It looks pretty normal. I should compare it with my hair."

Sure enough, when she compared the two, they were almost exactly alike.

"Hm... now how about comparing it to Rarity's?"

When she did, something strange happened. The both hair strands started to grow! Twilight then had the brilliant idea of separating them again.

The hairs strands shrunk and went back to normal.

"Hmm..." Mumbled Twilight, thinking deeply. "I think I finally found out what's up with these girls..."

6. Breaking Point

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It was finally time to take a break. Everyone was gathered inside of the gymnasium to take a break.

"It's...so...cool...in here!" Rarity said while gasping for breath.

"Ah think someone needs to tuh take a break," chuckled Applejack.

"You think so?" Rarity quickly turned her head to face Applejack. "I NEED so!" She then fell onto a properly placed floormat.

The girls then decided to take a seat on the ground.

"Hey, did anyone happen tuh see a girl that looks like Twilight today?" Asked Applejack.

Everyone but Rainbow Dash raised their hand.

"Oh, I did. We even talked." Fluttershy added to the conversation quietly.

"ME TOO!!" Rarity shouted, still out of breath.

"What? How? Shouldn't Twilight be back Ponyville, where she belongs?" Applejack narrowed her eyebrows.

"...You could ask right now," Sunset Shimmer said, right as the saw the girl herself walked into the gymnasium.

However, she looked a little...off. She was wearing a long, white labcoat and her hair was tied up in a messy bun, not to mention she looked a bit frazzled.

"Hi girls!" Said Twilight, a little bit over-enthusiastically. "I just wanted to meet the last of you!"

"The last of you? questioned Rainbow, curious.

"Yeah, yup, cool cool! Your name's Rainbow Dash, right?" Snag.

"Ow! You totally just hurt me! Why would you do that?"

"And your name's Sunset Shimmer, right?" Snag.

"Y-yeah." Sunset wasn't sure what to say about this current situation.

"And Pinkie-" (snag) "Pie!"

And with that, Twilight snagged hair off the remaining girls and left, albeit too quickly.

"...What was that all about?" Said Applejack, genuinely confused.

"Not even I have a clue!" screeched Pinkie Pie, jumping up from her position on the floor. "But I think she just took bits our hair!"

"But what for..." Muttered Sunset Shimmer. "What does she want it for? This is definitely not the Twilight Sparkle I know."

As she was walking out to her car, Twilight Sparkle was absolutely ecstatic. She had all of the DNA she needed! Even though there were only seven people who were in her research, she only found six of them... but so what? She had the bulk of it! Plus, the remaining girl was probably back in Ponyland, so there was no way to get to her at the moment.

Back at the gymnasium, the girls were trying to have fun, but they really couldn't. It was lunch time now, but all they could think about was the girl that looked like Twilight.

"I'm telling you guys, it's OUR WORLD Twilight!" Yelled Pinkie, who was munching on a cupcake. "Why aren't you believing me?"

"Yeah, yeah. I believe you," groaned Rainbow Dash. "It's just too hard to imagine that there's two Twilights... a nice one and a weird one."

"Well, that's not say that the other Twilight wasn't weird, because she was," Rarity replied while drinking her iced tea. (She finally felt refreshed again.)

Sunset Shimmer who was still eating her sandwich, was looking at the Shadowbolts. She wasn't entirely sure how they got so good so fast, but she knew one thing: She was going to win the final competition.

7. The Ultimate Showdown

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"And here we are, at the very last competition: Motorcross! The goal is to, like the previous competition, is to ride around the track ten times! But this track is different- it has ramps and our very own ring of fire!"

The crowd cheered wildly. They were outside in the arena again, and the air was tense.

"Good luck," whispered Fluttershy to Sunset and Rainbow Dash.

"We might need it," giggled Sunset, who was excited yet nervous.

But strangely enough, Rainbow Dash was shaking in her boots... with excitement and only a little bit of nervousness.

"Wow... how AWESOME!" She squealed.

"The first round is Rainbow Dash from Canterlot High, Indigo Zap from Crystal Prep..."

Wobbling with hype, Rainbow hopped onto her motorcycle and rode to the starting line when the principle was done talking.

Meanwhile, Indigo Zap did the same, but calmly and coolly.

"Good luck!" shouted Sugarcoat at the top of her lungs. Sunset facepalmed.


And before they knew it, the horn sounded and the girls were off!

Rainbow's eyes narrowed as she saw Indigo literally fly by her before her eyes! But, her eyes narrowed even more when she could have sworn she saw wings growing out of Indigo's back, and her hair extending into a ponytail!

"Hey, that's cheating!" She hollered with anger.

Rainbow decided it was to fight fire with fire and she, too sped up.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" yelled Indigo over the sound of the wind whipping at their ears.

"NOTHING!" Rainbow replied. "YOU'RE CHEATING!"

Even though it was loud, she could make out Indigo snorting with amusement.

The race seemed to go by very fast, and by the time Rainbow finished her ten page rant about cheating in her head, the horn sounded, startling her.


"WHAT!?" The two girls said in unison.

As Rainbow Dash was heading back to the bench where Sunset was sitting, she looked visibly displeased.

"Did you see that?"

Sunset smirked, knowing that her friend was going to bring that up. "Indigo cheating? Yeah, I saw that."

"ARGH! Who would even do that?"

"Maybe Twilight?" Sunset gestured to her head to her right.

Standing right there was the supposed Twilight Sparkle, who was just caught injecting something into Sugarcoat.

"Twilight..." Sunset said slowly. "What are you doing?"

Sunset then noticed that she looked different yet again. Her hair that was once up in a bun had now turned a long ponytail, and her lab coat was replaced with a light pink vest.

"Uh..." Twilight replied, suddenly feeling mortified

Suddenly out of nowhere, a certain blue-haired boy came running up to her.

"Hey! Twilight! What's up?"

The girl felt alerted. "Oh! Hi, Flash. I was just... talking to my new friend Sugarcoat." She turned her head to the aftermentioned girl. "You ready?"

"Yeah!" Sugarcoat pumped her fist up in the air. "Yezzir!"

Sunset Shimmer, who was facpalming in her head, suddenly heard name being announced. Ever so carefully, she got on her motocycle and revved it up. Knowing what she was doing, she snuck along her phone and chose her favorite Kid Rock song.


Right as the horn went off, she was quite a force to be reckoned with. She actually went faster than Sugarcoat for a second!

For the next minute or so, it appeared that Sunset was winning.

In the bleachers, Twilight was in the first row, biting on her fingernails.

"C'mon, Sugarcoat, c'mon!" She whispered gruffly.

"What's up with you?" Said Sour Sweet snottily.

"We're not winning."

"That's sucks," Sour frowned.

"We're... n-not..." Twilight was rushing through her pockets, trying to find the six small bottles containing the girls' DNA in each one. Hastily, she injected each one into six places on her left arm.

"Uh... what are you doing, Twi?" Lemon Zest, who also with the group, wanted to know.

"Yeah, you're really concerning me," added Sunny Flare.

Right as Sunny said that, Twilight's eyes went white.

8. Midnight at Twilight

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At this time, everyone was paying attention because the girls surrounding Twilight were shrieking and screaming.

"Twilight! What's up? What's up with you!?" Yelled Sour Sweet.

Now she was rising in midair, and the sky was turning to night.

Even while this was happening, Sunset and Sugarcoat were still racing around the track, not aware of the events that were currently unfolding.


The horn sounded but no one seemed to care. They were all looking at Twilight, who was clearly transforming.

Her hair was turning from blue to black and was extending in a long ponytail, and she was growing big purple wings. Her normal clothes melted and formed into an elegant gown, and her glasses turned into a teal mask with a protruding horn.

The crowd oohed and ahhed.

On the platform, Celestia and Luna were both shell-shocked.

"I did not plan for this to happen," said Celestia stoically.

Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie and Rarity all ran to the track, looking to grab Rainbow Dash and Sunset Shimmer.

"Rainbow Dash!" shouted Applejack. "Are you okay?"

"Uh, why wouldn't I be? I mean, I know that Twilight just totally turned into a she-demon, but she didn't harm me...yet." Rainbow folded her arms across her chest.

"You guys!" Sunset Shimmer rushed up to the girls, sweating. "How are we supposed to defeat her?"

The girls were silent for a moment.

Fluttershy's voice was briefly heard. "Uh... we could, um, always try...no, um...never mind."

"What was your idea?" asked Sunset. "I bet it wasn't stupid."

"Well, um, I was thinking that summon Twilight, but...I don't know what would happen."

Sunset's face suddenly lit up. "I know! Why don't we write to Twilight? Maybe she'll have an idea of how to defeat her."

"Cool!" Rainbow Dash cheered. "Let's go!"

Stealthily, the six girls made their way out of the arena. Luckily, Twilight didn't notice because she was just arguing with the Shadowbolts.

At Sunset's car, the girls were watching her write to Twilight.

"'Thanks for helping us! Your friend, Sunset Shimmer.' How's that?"

"Cool!" Said everyone, except for Pinkie, who said "great!"

"Okay, let's wait for the response." Sunset looked back at the arena, and she saw Twilight flying toward them. "In my car."

Five minutes later...

"I'm bored," groaned Rainbow Dash, tapping Sunset's window in a quick rhythm.

"I'm not! Look at this seat! Bouncy bouncy bouncy!" Pinkie Pie shouted, bouncing on her seat.

"Pinkie, please stop." Moaned Applejack, who was sitting right next to her.

Suddenly, the book vibrated.

"Ah! Finally a response!" Rarity was scrambling for it, but Sunset got to it first.

"Okay, let's see..." She flipped to the most recent page. "Dear Sunset, I see your problem, and I think I know the solution. Twilight's transformation is similar to Nightmare Moon's. In order to defeat her, me and my friends used the Elements of Harmony. I'm sending you them right now...all you have to get to the front of the school and they'll be there! Your PFF, Princess Twilight Sparkle."

Everyone looked at each other worriedly.

"Well guys," announced Sunset. "Looks like we gotta go fast."

9. We Are the Champions!

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When the girls got to the mirror, Twilight wasn't there yet, luckily.

"Okay, guys." Sunset Shimmer said, getting everyone's attention. "Twilight and her friends originally beat Discord and Nightmare Moon with these. I'll put the necklaces on each of you, and I'll wear the crown."

At that moment, Sunset realized that she was going to wear the crown. At one time in her life, she had wanted it!

And now, she held it in her hands.

Sunset had to blush.

The first necklace she needed to was Pinkie Pie. "You're the element of laughter...that's pretty self-explanatory."

"Well, duh!" said Pinkie. When she got her necklace, she examined it. "Sparkly!"

"Rainbow Dash, loyalty. Applejack, honesty. Rarity, generosity. Fluttershy, kindness. And me...magic."

Right as she put on the crown, Twilight flew onto the scene, and hot on her trail was Vinyl Scratch in her car.

"Guys!" she yelled. "Twilight's been brainwashing everyone! They're after you!"

Sunset's face read "oh crap."

"Now what?" Whispered Rainbow Dash nervously.

"Uh, you need to put on your necklace." Sunset whispered back.

"Oh, yeah."

As everyone else put on their necklaces, they all ponied up! Pony ears and tails appeared, as well as wings for Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy.

While this was happening, Twilight was trying to brainwash Vinyl Scratch and Octavia, who were in Vinyl's car.

"Why is it not working!?" Twilight whined.

That was because Vinyl was using her headphones, which was blasting dubstep music in them. Octavia was also listening to music, but of a different kind.

"YOU CANNOT RESIST THE POWER OF THE WUBS!" Vinyl screeched in a tone deaf tone. It was so bad that Octavia, who was listening to her own music full blast, was startled.

Disgusted, Twilight gave up and turned her attention towards Sunset Shimmer, who yelled, "hey Twilight!"

Sunset was waving her hands toward the flying Twilight in the sky. "Try to brainwash us."

The girl rolled her eyes. "Really? Why would I even try? I'm too smart for that."

"Looks like she she's gonna be hard to reform," mumbled Fluttershy.

Sunset gestured to the girls' hands to hold them.

Then, when they held hands, they too floated into the air, reaching Twilight's level.

"Hey, what are you doing?" screamed Twilight angrily. She then blast a ball of purple smoke at them. Luckily, the girls were protected by an orb of light that ended up bouncing the purple smoke off it-and it went right back to Twilight.


Just then, her wings vanished and so did her pretty outfit, leaving her a hopeless human in a garish uniform falling in the now afternoon sky.

"I've got her!" called out a voice from below.

It was Flash Sentry, ready to catch her.

The six girls floated back to the ground, turning back to normal right as they took of their jewelry. Sunset safely put them back in the box and pushed it through the mirror. She then started to write her letter back to Twilight.

Dear Princess Twilight,

Yay! We got Twilight back to normal! It's all thanks to you and the elements. Now it's time to talk some sense into her!

Your friend, Sunset Shimmer.

P.S. I saw Flash Sentry!

"Hey Twilight," said Flash to Twilight, blushing. "I hope I didn't catch you at the wrong time."

Twilight snorted, jumping from his arms. "Uh, yeah. About that."

Flash raised an eyebrow, curious. "What was going on back there? You were literally flying in the air. Was that apart of the games?"

"Uh-ah-no...I mean yes, on. Shoot! Where were you, though? I thought I brainwashed you."

"Well, I saw DJ and Octavia leaving the arena so I followed them. She made me jump into the backseat of her car and she handed me a music player and a pair of earbuds."


"Hey, Twilight!" Sunset Shimmer, at the time, finished writing her letter. "Why did you do that?" She said the last sentence more calmly, and seriously.

"Do what? Oh, that. I just wanted the Shadowbolts to win, that's all. I feel terrible if they don't. I'm sorry." she pouted.

"It's okay," Sunset smiled. "I did far worse things at this school, trust me." she giggled.

"I know. No off-"

"None taken."

Somehow, at the same time, both Pinkie and Vinyl yelled "group hug!"

Sunset turned around to look at Vinyl and Octavia. "When did you two get out?"

"Right as you were talking," said Octavia. "That took some time to do, right?" she looked at Sunset and Twilight affectionately.

Everyone nodded and did the group hug-even Flash Sentry.

"Now what about those awards?" joked Rainbow Dash. "I wonder who they go to, huh?"

Twilight looked flustered. "I don't think we're the winners today. I think you guys are. I realize that now."

Suddenly, Principal Celestia's voice was heard, echoing from the arena. "Alright, everyone! Time to hand out the awards!"

After that, everyone separated and were ready to go back to the arena.

"Time to not get those awards!" Shouted Pinkie, hopping on her tippy toes. "Woo-hoo!"

She then turned to the non-existent audience.

"Those guys didn't even realize that there's only four days left of school left!"