• Published 1st Mar 2015
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Equestria Girls: The Friendship Games - Caesar Orzell 600

At this year's Friendship Games, the Canterlot Wondercolts are determined to beat the Shadowbolts! However, when a new girl arrives bearing resemblances to an old friend, the Mane 6 are thrown off guard.

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7. The Ultimate Showdown

"And here we are, at the very last competition: Motorcross! The goal is to, like the previous competition, is to ride around the track ten times! But this track is different- it has ramps and our very own ring of fire!"

The crowd cheered wildly. They were outside in the arena again, and the air was tense.

"Good luck," whispered Fluttershy to Sunset and Rainbow Dash.

"We might need it," giggled Sunset, who was excited yet nervous.

But strangely enough, Rainbow Dash was shaking in her boots... with excitement and only a little bit of nervousness.

"Wow... how AWESOME!" She squealed.

"The first round is Rainbow Dash from Canterlot High, Indigo Zap from Crystal Prep..."

Wobbling with hype, Rainbow hopped onto her motorcycle and rode to the starting line when the principle was done talking.

Meanwhile, Indigo Zap did the same, but calmly and coolly.

"Good luck!" shouted Sugarcoat at the top of her lungs. Sunset facepalmed.


And before they knew it, the horn sounded and the girls were off!

Rainbow's eyes narrowed as she saw Indigo literally fly by her before her eyes! But, her eyes narrowed even more when she could have sworn she saw wings growing out of Indigo's back, and her hair extending into a ponytail!

"Hey, that's cheating!" She hollered with anger.

Rainbow decided it was to fight fire with fire and she, too sped up.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" yelled Indigo over the sound of the wind whipping at their ears.

"NOTHING!" Rainbow replied. "YOU'RE CHEATING!"

Even though it was loud, she could make out Indigo snorting with amusement.

The race seemed to go by very fast, and by the time Rainbow finished her ten page rant about cheating in her head, the horn sounded, startling her.


"WHAT!?" The two girls said in unison.

As Rainbow Dash was heading back to the bench where Sunset was sitting, she looked visibly displeased.

"Did you see that?"

Sunset smirked, knowing that her friend was going to bring that up. "Indigo cheating? Yeah, I saw that."

"ARGH! Who would even do that?"

"Maybe Twilight?" Sunset gestured to her head to her right.

Standing right there was the supposed Twilight Sparkle, who was just caught injecting something into Sugarcoat.

"Twilight..." Sunset said slowly. "What are you doing?"

Sunset then noticed that she looked different yet again. Her hair that was once up in a bun had now turned a long ponytail, and her lab coat was replaced with a light pink vest.

"Uh..." Twilight replied, suddenly feeling mortified

Suddenly out of nowhere, a certain blue-haired boy came running up to her.

"Hey! Twilight! What's up?"

The girl felt alerted. "Oh! Hi, Flash. I was just... talking to my new friend Sugarcoat." She turned her head to the aftermentioned girl. "You ready?"

"Yeah!" Sugarcoat pumped her fist up in the air. "Yezzir!"

Sunset Shimmer, who was facpalming in her head, suddenly heard name being announced. Ever so carefully, she got on her motocycle and revved it up. Knowing what she was doing, she snuck along her phone and chose her favorite Kid Rock song.


Right as the horn went off, she was quite a force to be reckoned with. She actually went faster than Sugarcoat for a second!

For the next minute or so, it appeared that Sunset was winning.

In the bleachers, Twilight was in the first row, biting on her fingernails.

"C'mon, Sugarcoat, c'mon!" She whispered gruffly.

"What's up with you?" Said Sour Sweet snottily.

"We're not winning."

"That's sucks," Sour frowned.

"We're... n-not..." Twilight was rushing through her pockets, trying to find the six small bottles containing the girls' DNA in each one. Hastily, she injected each one into six places on her left arm.

"Uh... what are you doing, Twi?" Lemon Zest, who also with the group, wanted to know.

"Yeah, you're really concerning me," added Sunny Flare.

Right as Sunny said that, Twilight's eyes went white.

Author's Note:

Yay! I finished another one! Woo-woo!
Except the last two chapters in the next week or so... I've got a lot of reading to do this week, plus my choir festival. :derpyderp2: