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A mighty glacier—a force of nature.


Applejack is a steadfast, reliable pony. Loyal to her family and friends, always ready to take responsibility, she’s someone who found her place in the world a long time ago. And she’s happy with it.

But anything can change.

Now she’s faced with a question: where’s the place in the world for a pony who can accidentally turn a mountain inside out by thinking too hard?

Also available as a custom-tailored ebook because I’m some kind of psycho who thinks XML is “fun”: EPUB, AZW3, MOBI

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Huh. Good beginning. Can't wait for more.

Scootaloo asks for flight, Blueblood asks for true love, and Twilight asks for books. Maybe?

In regards to your A/N, you might want to plan out your story a bit. It's awesome, Discord is written marvelously, and I dont want to see it written into an unescapable corner like a Tron Bike. I've seen too many stories that the authors have lost hope on because they put it in an unredeemable place. at least planning out the gist of the story helps prevent it.

5689736 Haha, don't worry. I do have the gist of things planned out, but the specific things, the little misadventures she has with her powers - you know, the stuff that makes "what if?" fanfiction worth reading - I don't have all of that set up ahead of time. Have to save some of the fun for the sit-down-and-write part, you know!

And thanks! I'm glad you like my Discord, though I'm afraid he's about to disappear for a few chapters. I'll have an interesting challenge writing him after that, but your comment helps give me confidence I'll be able to pull it off.

Very intriguing premise. I can't wait for more!

Ooh-hooo! This looks like it could be a very fun ride to be had :D

That last speech just made me think of the Joker so much. That can't be a coincidence.

I hope this isn't gonna just be one of those things where the author just writes one chapter and then abandons the story without an explanation, or takes 8 years to update. Because I really really want to read more of this.

This looks... Great! I'm keeping my eye on this for sure!

5692387 It isn't! It made me think of him, too, which is why I finished with "Everyone loses their minds." That was a direct reference to "The Dark Knight".

5692430 I recently opened up two periods in my high school class schedule to decrease my workload, since I'm taking college classes next quarter. I've committed both of them every day to writing this story, allowing me to classify it in my mind as a "scheduled project" rather than a "free-time project". Does that help set your mind at ease?

5689627 Scootaloo's request sounds good. I can think of some interesting things I could do with that. Blueblood's a maybe; that guy's pretty ambiguous, so I may go with a different character interpretation if I include him. And Twilight... you'll see what I've got planned for her.

5691201 5691387 5693310 - all of you - I hope I don't make a habit of finishing up each multi-reply with a "glad you liked it" that loses its meaning over time, but I just couldn't help it. This is the first time I've really put something I made online, and... well, I've only posted the prologue, and the response is already making me feel more adequate, as Finn the Human once said. Of course, he was talking about shoes, and he also said "radder" and "faster". I don't feel particularly fast right now, because I'm using up my scheduled writing time by responding to comments. Note to self: Don't do this again.


Better not be looking here during designated writing time!

But no worries :D Sometimes that's all you can say, even if it does get said a lot :3 If you need to, you can choose to not reply and just make A/N stating your thanks for the feedback and the interest on each chapter. Sure, it's a bit of a cop-out, but it helps to manage your time instead of it creeping into your schedule.

Also, if I can get my own story going, I'd love to have my OC have a small part because she's a gardener with a tomato cutiemark. The last thing she needs is her crop getting turned into chocolate or something.

Most individuals would be terrified by others having powers beyond their comprehension. Applejack might get slapped by the lonely stick that would be fatal to mortals.

What'll happen to the tools used to bring this about(the Elements). If nothing or they can just be created again, then it will be pretty short.

Vinyl scratch would ask for a real bass cannon

5697583 When I read that, a bunch of things came to mind, and they all seemed to involve Vinyl picking on Octavia. I couldn't help but try stitching together and recoloring a bunch of vectors from DeviantArt to illustrate.
So, a bass cannon, then?
("That's obviously not a bass." "Shut up.")
Or perhaps a bass clef cannon?
Or maybe a double bass cannon?
(I know Octavia's instrument is supposed to be a cello, but whatever.)
Or you could have meant "bass canon".
Alright, alright. Looking it up now.
Looks to me like she's already got one!
Anyway, that was enough fun I just might include this thing in some capacity.
EDIT: This comment's UID ends with five 9's in a row. I feel special.

Definitely an interesting concept. I eagerly await your next chapter.

I love this story already.:heart: please write more. I'm dying to know what happens next.

5703525 Well, shucks, I am too dagnabbit! Yeehaw! Ecterera!

With great power comes great -SHOT-

I love this story. Favorite!

Premise is awesome. I don't thumbs up until the story gets past the introduction at some point. I can hardly wait for more, but I'd rather have quality over quantity for now. Once you become consistent, you can't ever END this story. !

AJ's new perception is as close as it can be described and the the ways others get her to think of the pink elephant in the room is going to be a constant source of shenanigans. I wonder how Ponicord is taking this; if he has started to become of his limited existence.

I have one question. Has Twlight sent a letter to the Princesses yet? I would assume so, but the Princesses haven't sent a letter back or even come to Ponyville the way I would expect them to in the light of Applejack's new powers.
Other than that, great! It all seems really believable!

Exciting first chapter. The possibilities are endless.

Hmmm. I'm beginning to suspect that she really is trapped in her head.

You HAVE to make the next chapter the suspense is killing me

I'm so glad I found your story and started to read it (the attractive title helped)! It's very pleasant to read. Everything seems perfectly measured, the pace, the humour, the characters... and the idea itself is very interesting. Honestly, I'm delighted.

As a non-native speaker, I can sometimes find it hard to immerse myself in a story when it's not written in my beloved french language, but here, the magic works.

Thank you, and I'm hoping for your story to be continued. Bon courage! :raritywink:

I'm so glad this got updated. Seeing Applejack deal with crazy powers is hilarious. I mean, she almost started the apocalypse for Celestia's sake. And Fresh Coat got what was coming to him imo. There's no reason to be such a jerk.

Personally, I don't "like" a story until it's a chapter or two long. I usually wait to see if I actually do like it before, you know, liking it. Maybe that's what some other people do too.

(Edit) Good story btw, looking forward to more! :raritywink:

Simply marvelous!


or takes 8 years to update

Whoops. I was reading back through the comments, and now I feel even worse.


...and now I feel even worse.

Shtap. :applecry:
Discord as the new Bearer of Honesty? This I've gotta see.

What do EPUB, AZW3, and MOBI stand for?

6698832 Aww, don't feel bad. As long as the rest come in a timely manner, you're forgiven.

How did that happen?:twilightoops:

And I would have chosen Macintosh.

This has the potential to be extremely entertaining. I can't wait.

... Well, I can, but I'd rather not. :P

LOL I cannot wait to see the FORMER Discords reaction to the current events at hoof.

This was a refreshing update. Thank you. I was almost this close to poking you again. :ajsmug: The drawings and sketches are real nice.

“Zounds,” said Princess Luna.

:rainbowlaugh: Holy crap, that's hilarious. You know, I think Discord will actually make an excellent Honesty. The type that tells you exactly the things you don't want to hear, probably.

“I… I don’t know if I can get it out…” He wiped a tear from his eye and picked the book back up. “Okay, here goes. Dishes…” He took a deep breath. “…a really bad joke.” He bit his lip and looked up at Applejack.

I want to punch Discord so much right now.

Wow! Wow! Feature box! And look at all those thumbs up! I wasn't even slightly expecting this! Apple of Discord is alive again!

6823186 I gotta post on Monday morning. Them's the rules. Except maybe for chapter 4 for special reasons. Poking a lazy slug like me can hardly be a bad thing, though. :raritywink:
And as for the header drawings, thanks! I was wondering if anyone even noticed those things. I think they're nifty.

6823204 6823385 Elements and attributes and ambiguity about which is for what. Using a restricted subset of features to avoid weird bugs when faced with nonconformant implementations. Namespaces used to mix rigorously defined vocabularies in poorly defined ways. Verbose syntax.
Of course it's fun guys what's next are you going to say JavaScript isn't fun or what.

6823229 I think so, too. He just needs to stop lying so much. 6823461 That was the last thing on Discord's mind, I'm sure. He isn't used to the threat of physical violence.
Let's just say he's going to be meeting Rainbow Dash soon enough.


Let's just say he's going to be meeting Rainbow Dash soon enough.

Can't wait.

Also, nothing is more fun than Perl.

## ##!/env/perl
# #
$b( split
+-7+-12+18+-51+ 33
+-32+0'){system$};eval 'printf qq(%22s%s\n), $_
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Wow. This is how you write an Applejack story. The premise is not only ripe with comedic potential, but also provides a very emotional and believable study of her character. And that's not even mentioning the overall writing quality on display. I wouldn't mind waiting two months for each new chapter as long as they stay this good.

6825615 Shucks buster! Thanks! It's so easy to judge myself for my writing, comments like this are the only things that really make me feel like I might have some talent for it. Otherwise, I'm sure I would end up assuming the occasional surges in popularity I encounter just came from... I don't know, people with bad taste, maybe. It really means a lot to see that my readers value the same things in a story that I do.

As for keeping it up, well... this premise has a lot of inertia, and I've just been working through that so far. But things with a lot of inertia pack a lot of punch when they finally get up to speed. I hope to give you something worth looking forward to. :ajsmug:

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