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Looking forward to this.

This is already an awesome Back story. Please write more :pinkiesmile:

You know...I think I've seen a story exactly like this with nearly the same plot, but eh.Ill let it slide.

5481731 considering this is based off of a story I've been writing since June last year I'd love to know what you think its similar to. I've seen a lot of plagiarism going on lately.

screw it keep it going I like it remake or not.

5481906 remake??? remake of what?

5481948 nothing that I have read just jumping in on what APumaUnchained posted like I said keep up the great work!

This...is.......AWESOME!!!! XD Can't wait for next Chapter :)

First off good story,
second,I don't want to be that guy.
But is this not a prequel to the main story?

5484477 kind of, this seemed the best way to get attention drawn to the story and show that its connected to Discovering Friendship. Its more of a sidestory explanation of Vinyl Scratch - Similar to the rainbow dash chapters in the main story.

Speaking of Rainbow Dash's chapters.... not a whole lot liked them because of the length. But I'm a fan. These side stories of Discovering Friendship are going to be amazing. This one already is :pinkiehappy:

I can't wait for the next one! XD

No!!! Not Rarity. Scythe is so uncool now. :twilightangry2:

Oooooo! I like it. Professor Rarity is teaching about Vampires and I am but an attentive student. I look forward to the next lesson.

5492627 this is gonna be a sort of inbetween the scenes thing where Rarity explains a bunch of stuff. I'm glad to see it starting well.

5492705 Even if I'm the only one who likes it, please make more? I'll give you the most glorious of praises to continue the story and back stories.

Why the heck are there so many down votes on this? I don't get it.

Wait a second......did vin.....NEVER MIND. Keep reading the other comments. nothing to see here. Love reading this by the way :pinkiehappy:

You should so do a Spike spin-off after this. Great story btw :pinkiehappy:

5496456 you can see a peek of the spike spin off in my blogs

5496588 That's what that was? Hell yes, that was awesome!

Reminds me of a vampire series I read called "The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod". He went on all that time thinking his parents were dead when his dad was really still alive and kicking. It's just the reverse in this story with her mother being the one to live, and being human while Vlad's father was a vampire. Give this comment a like or a response if you've read the series too. :3

5501912 Sadly I haven't read that story. But I will say you are mistaken about Vinyl's mother.

5502112 I can guess what happened to her, but I won't say it for purpose of spoilers in case it's true. x.x

I really enjoyed reading this :) I kinda laughed my butt off when the "bite" happened XD My mind was like, "Whhhhaaaattt" and don't worry, I don't mind that stuff, I just tend to laugh lots :3

Great story so far! Any news on when the next chapter is coming?

Comment posted by TheOriginalThundersky deleted Jan 25th, 2015

5548276 I spent the past four days drowning in RPG maker in order to try and build a game to make some cash because I am flat broke and jobless. But I plan to update this by next week. I have most of the chapter ready, i just need to flesh it out and edit.

Ok! If you need help editing, i'm almost always available.

Normally I like Cheerilee, but man is she a total self righteous b*tch in this fic. No offense, the story is great, keep up the good work :3

5550514 None taken, she has her reasons. Imagine everytime you trusted someone it ended in someone dying, and if you had acted, they would still be alive.

5550522 Still, I don't know how she can ignore the evidence that Vinyl and her sisters are good. Even if she can't accept that, I'd still think after getting abducted by Spike she'd be intimidated enough not to pull any crap knowing that they're under his protection. If he can abduct her so easily he could just as easily kill her.

5550535 Spike is a busy dragon, which will be reflected upon in his story later on and Cheerilee will have her part in everything in her telling as will Spitfire.

5550547 Ok. Sorry if I'm ranting a bit, I get very passionate about some stories x.x

5550559 Its fine, i appreciate it :pinkiehappy:

5550605 If you'd like some decent weapon art, I can oblige. I saw the chapter with the armory and thought I'd offer. The link to my deviantart is on my page if you want to take a look at some previous stuff first. :3

Sooooo... Vinyl's dead.

:applecry: :fluttershysad: :fluttercry: :flutterrage:

My stream of thoughts at the moment.
Can't wait for the next chapter.

I just looooove cliff hangers lol

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo090000000000! Said the fabulous rarity as her sister topled over dead.

The ending? Is that... a cliffhanger?

5708334 adding anymore to it will spoil Spike's storyline ahead of time


Oh ok! can't wait for Spike's storyline then.

It seems rather sweet...a Hunter falling for a Vampire

This means that Vinyl, Rarity, and Sweetie are not vampires they are dhampirs which is like a vampire except half human and they don't have the weaknesses of a vampire, which means no allergy to garlic, no trouble crossing running water, no wooden stakes, and no silver. Google it. Also vampires' fatal metal was Iron or steel not silver.

Spikes eyes widened as Vinyl's fist flew through the air, glowing with the strength of her magic.

Spike's eyes widened as Vinyl's fist flew through the air, glowing with the strength of her magic.

5757639 I am well aware of all of these things. But as this is my story I will happily write my vampires how I like and I still appreciate your very valid point.

but they would only be affective if I were a Magian, or a vampire.

but they would only be effective if I were a Magian, or a vampire.

5758038 Well you have artistic license, so however you want to do it is fine with me.
Good to find somebody else who knows a good bit of mythology.

Just as high quality as Discovering friendship, Minimal errors, consistent characterization. TIER FOUR.

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