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Twenty years.

Twenty years since the day that would come to be known as the Fall of Celestia.

The Queens are in control of all Equestria, and are quickly branching to neighboring countries. All seems lost.

There are rumors that Celestia and Luna still live, providing power for whatever twisted abominations Empress Twilight has. It is the goal of The Warriors of the Sun and Moon to free the immortal Diarchy, and bring peace to the land once more.

Rise. Rise and fight the Empire. May the Sun guide you on your way, and the Moon bolster your unwavering resolve.

For the scoop on why the buck Twilight and Co. are in charge, see The Fall of the Sun &Moon

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I know at least some people will immediately dislike this and move on, given that it is a sequel to one of my stories not everyone liked, but please, just give it a chance. this is a complete 180 from what The Fall of Celestia was.

So they captured Pinkie Pie? Either they were just that lucky or it's a very elaborate trap.

:) Wow! I was building a weapon.


I would like to see the antagonists win and perhaps Luna will die.

5487872 I don't hate Luna but Twilight Sparkle isn't an idiot.

5487905 Yes but even if Twi gets suspicious of Pinkie, all she has to say is 'Pinkie Promise', and she's immune. Even the Empress wouldnt dare revoke a Pinkie Promise... would she?

5487909 ...Possibly? I mean Pinkie is withholding vital information.

Ha! Bruce Almighty was a hilarious movie.

5532736 I forgot, did I put a reference to that in this chappy?

5533479 The Clapper.

5533500 oh yeah! Sorry, wrote that chapter like a week ago, and have been trying to get about a half-dozen chapters ahead before I start uploading agai.

But what about the "Purple Pumpkin Lollipop!?!?!":raritydespair:

5547925 well, why have such complicated pass phrases when, in all reality, you should choose something that no one in their right mind would say in normal conversation?


No I mean like we didn't get to see anypony use it...

As great and wonderful as that was, what just happened..?

5561613 they got mind jacked by Sweetie Belle, and Tiny Tina is in full-blown cosplay mode.

Here's a free chapter, since everyone (in America) is home watching the Superbowl, or (like me) pretending to watch the Superbowl while browsing Fimfic.


I feel 'ya about the Super Bowl... In fact, I'm the only person in my family that doesn't have an interest in any sport, whatsoever. Even my little sibling enjoys some sports sometimes!!!


I bet nobody saw THAT coming.

Sorry... but I did. You made it too obvious when you made him say in the beginning that there was no possible chance of being her son. So yeah.

5585232 I forgot sarcasm doesn't transfer well over internet lines.


You think I was being sarcastic about knowing? :rainbowhuh:

Sorry, but I wasn't. :ajbemused:

5585645 no, I was being sarcastic in the A/N


Oh... cool! Thanks for clearing that up.

Well, at least it wasn't some BS about how she gave birth to him, but instead...


Party time... :pinkiehappy::moustache:

5593142 really? You consider the sacrifice of two beings to be made into one totally amazing?


:yay: Yes...

Have some Derpy for your awesome work! :derpytongue2::derpytongue2::derpytongue2::derpytongue2:

5593197 :moustache::moustache: Moustache counterattack!


:raritycry: NNNNNNNOOOOooooooo..... :raritydespair: Dead... :derpyderp1:

You have done so much for this fic but why oh why aren't you spreading this fic more?

5608123 This story as far as I see isn't on any groups. Unless I am blind.

5608127 its not. Can you suggest some? For this and tFoC. I forgot the reason RD Meets RR and D m RR got about 400 each was the groups they were featured in.

I put the stories into the Good Grammar Directory, and am thinking of Evil Twilight, Tyrant Sparkle, and Fallen Heroes groups. any other, non-mane six groups this could go into?

5609303 I've done my share of adding as much as I considered this fic fitting. In any case go on and add them there.

5610245 Um... wow. 79... uh... I dont think you had to go that far.... not that I'm complaining:rainbowderp:

I heard York and Delta.

5612783 awesome, someone else who knows RvB. I van see that, but I was thinking a little more along the lines of new Kirk and Spock

Poor Dig...

Sorry for the mixup earlier today, forgot to upload 13 before 14

That would explain your blog.

5625842 I think you should have used third person throughout the whole fic cause it's confusing as fuck. Sometimes I don't know if the narrator is speaking or not. That's my biggest problem with this fic. Other than that? Princess Cadance is a bit inconsistent. Why the heck did she leave them one hour?

5630516 I don't know. I needed them to stay in the city just long enough to find the minotaur, so I decided Cadence has gone a bit loony and, instead of apprehending her one hope immediately, decided on a bit of fun. and you know how much she loves having fun.

And don't worry, the next story will have the views split up by chapter, if I decide to split viewpoints at all.

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