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High atop a lonely mountain, a young mage lies ill. It is up to her valiant protector, Shining the Brave, to descend the mountain and find the cure above an icy tomb within the heart of the mountain.

However, he must also avoid raising the ire of the two terrible dragons guarding the cure, who would like nothing more than to pass down a terrible punishment on him for trespassing where he shouldn’t have.

An imaginative story.
Made for my sister for surviving on this hunk of rock hurtling through the cosmos for 15 years.

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He's a semi-omniscient four-legged reptile of action
This goofy little gator will never flinch from the fray
He's got more than just his disguise,
He's got a pair of big walleyes
And whenever you're near him, you'll always hear him say:
He's Gummy!
Gummy the Gator!

Now with live reading by ZeusMacD.

This is a one-shot. It will never be any more than a one-shot I couldn't get out of my head

This is also partly a tribute to the greatest show Disney ever produced, Phineas & Ferb. I was doing some idle searching, and found that the show recently ended, wrapping up six years on air. I wish Swampy and Povenmire good luck in their future endeavors.

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Twenty years.

Twenty years since the day that would come to be known as the Fall of Celestia.

The Queens are in control of all Equestria, and are quickly branching to neighboring countries. All seems lost.

There are rumors that Celestia and Luna still live, providing power for whatever twisted abominations Empress Twilight has. It is the goal of The Warriors of the Sun and Moon to free the immortal Diarchy, and bring peace to the land once more.

Rise. Rise and fight the Empire. May the Sun guide you on your way, and the Moon bolster your unwavering resolve.

For the scoop on why the buck Twilight and Co. are in charge, see The Fall of the Sun &Moon

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This story is a sequel to Rainbow Dash meets Ruby Rose

Discord was just messing around. How was he supposed to know that device under a tarp hidden in the back of Twilight's basement surrounded by "Do Not Touch" signs was dangerous? Now he's in a whole new world, without the supervision of the Princesses.
Discord thinks its time to have some fun.

Set about six months after RD Meets RR. Discord is reformed, but Twilicorn hasn't happened.

I would like to thank user soulknight13 for putting this idea in my head.

Edited 12/29/14, to space out paragraphs better.

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Rainbow Dash isn't having a good day.
She woke up lost, in a body that clearly isn't hers, no memory of how she got where she is, and she's being chased by creatures from the depths of Tartarus. Super fun.
Ruby Rose is having a wonderful day.
Her team has been sent into Forever Fall on their first solo mission, to investigate recent sightings of Grimm. A bit low-key, but Team RWBY has needed the break since the last fight with the White Fang.
She's investigating some tracks when she hears a scream echo through the forest.

What she finds will change their lives forever.

MLP/RWBY Crossver. No Ruby/Dash ships. If you want that, make your own.
Set post Season 2 of MLP, and post Volume 2 of RWBY; the tournament has not happened yet.

If you've never heard of RWBY, go to RoosterTeeth's Youtube playlist right the buck now and watch it. it is in reverse order, unfortunately but deal with it. Watch the four trailers first.

Not quite sure yet how far I'm going to take this, but I'll figure that out as I go along.

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This story is a prequel to The War for the Sun & Moon.

Twilight and the bearers have been missing. When they return, Celestia has to deal with how her student and friends have changed. Will she be able to, when they now possess as much power individually as the Princess of the Sun?

I would like to thank everyone/pony/ling/hyperintelligent shade of the color blue who reads this, and my sister, who attempted to be the editor for this story.

Tags: Adventure for some globetrotting, Dark because... well, look at that cover art!
Comedy for general Pinkie-ness.

[A/N] The cover art is one of my favorites from the comics. It doesn't have much to do with the story, or does it?

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