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"I have a copy of [So Shines a Good Deed...] so I can read it whenever I have no internet. I'm not trying to be stalkerish but it makes me smile every time I read it :)" - NightMareSong

A collaboration with my good friend spideremblembrony.

A reboot/spin off of The Mare Who Fell to Earth, this comedy centers on Jimmy Quinn, a nerd with Asperger's who's recently been dumped by his girlfriend. After drowning his sorrows, he wakes up with a killer hangover and a naked woman in his bed. She claims to be from a land called Equestria, and a unicorn named Rarity.

She was sent to Earth by mistake, but winds up in a grand experiment by Princess Celestia: to report on human social norms, customs, behaviors, and shining examples of human kindness and compassion. The results will be collected in a guide for Equestrians to read before first contact with Earth. Together, Rarity and Jimmy will write and compile the greatest book Equestria has ever seen... The Equestrian's Guide to Humanity.

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I have an odd feeling that this was inspired by A Hitchhiker's Guide To The Universe...

Yeah. I'm glad you told me before we got married... before we had kids. I'd have to raise one big and several little Rain Men. That would take years off of my life!”

Well, She's a bloody bitch.

That was the intention. You think you know someone, and then you see something like that... it's like you're seeing a stranger.

I have a feeling that something like that's actually happened.

Thank you. I sincerely think this chapter is the best thing I have ever written. It came straight from the heart. Please pass your kind words onto Crystal as well. My muse needs to know how loved she is. :pinkiesmile:

Thank you. Like I said below, it came from the heart. I truly think that it's the best thing I have ever written.

The ending was kind of inspired by not only what Ana made me, but also the ending of About Schmidt. Jimmy's reaction to being called her hero was mine. :pinkiesmile:

Sixth time reading this. SO MANY AMAZING FEELZ!!!!

“Just realized I forgot eggnog.”


“Possibly the greatest beverage known to mankind.

I can relate to this.

A really well developed, and well written story!
I so do wish you would continue working on this one... It seriously is a great work my friend.

I would have thrown the damn bitch(Carrie) out. Then threw all her stuff out as well. Told her to take all her creepy, and dull, stuff with her.

So, when is this going to be continued at?

I do not approve of this story because it lies about humanity.

The title of this chapter just makes me think of Bob Dylan, really.

"Yes, I do. Santa's not a physical entity. He exists in everyone. You see him when you see someone do some good. Someone buys a hungry man a meal? There he is. You see someone help out someone out of the kindness of their heart? There he is. Anywhere a beacon of light and hope exists, there he is. There's nothing I believe in more strongly than that. Every time I think my fellow man has sunk to a new low, I think of that. It helps me realize that not all of us are that bad, and that as a species we're capable of so much more."

Never really thought of that

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