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This story is a sequel to One More Dance

It's been two months since Sunset Shimmer, along with her friends, successfully kept Dactylic Pentameter from jumping from the roof of Canterlot High. It's been two months since she rectified one of her greatest mistakes...

The problem with being a former bully turned repentant soul is you've hurt so many people that you can't remember them all.

People like Silver Screen.

Unlike Dac, Silver decided to live after a crushing humiliation she helped engineer. However, he's a bit worse off: he's choosing to live out of spite rather than any true desire to live, and if she doesn't try to fix her mistake, he'll head down the same dark path she did...

A fan sequel to the excellent fic "One More Dance" by my friend and surrogate bro LightningSword.

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 27 )

Oh Sunset...it never stops does it. :facehoof:

Can't wait to read more :twilightsmile:

I think suicide is significantly worse than having a hateful demeanor. Like, a bajillion times worse.

Sunset has so many people to make amends for. Also, why would she be with a spineless twat like Blueblood?

Great story so far, my friend. I'm looking forward to seeing more. :twilightsmile:

Damn. This was a beautifully written chapter. I can honestly say that Silver has more of a threshold for tolerance than I do when it comes to things like this.

In Miss Harshwhinny's English class, he found a "dog license," crudely written in pencil on a piece of paper from someone's notebook, on his desk. Upon finding it, Jet Set waved at him, a shit-eating grin upon his face.

That's quite fascinating, seeing as how Jet Set isn't a student at Canterlot High.


(Runs in other direction)

Well, damn! He left a dent in that locker!

Ayy, this is pretty good so far.

Ohhhhhh~ shit! Silver's prized possessions... He's pissed. Those bullies had better watch out, cause heads are gonna roll pretty soon.

Pretty good song choice. Rise against is the shit!

Damn. Nice chapter!

"The past is just that, Sunset... the past." Luna said as she handed Sunset a tissue from her pocket. As
Sunset dabbed her eyes, Luna continued.


7704098 You don't know about the dab? Lucky you.

7705245 It's this dumb dance move that people do where they plant their nose into their inner elbow and raise their arm in the air, as shown in that picture from my original comment.

I've heard of it. Actually gave me the idea for the party.

I don't know this last part seemed to be resolved too easily.

It ain't over yet... notice that the tag still says "Incomplete." I still got a few more chapters to go.

I know that, it felt rushed, one moment he uterly hates Ssusnet and now he sees she changed. Yeah he had a break down and that helped but felt so sudden.
Plus that bit about his uncle all the sudden.

Was surprised to see Bab's Seed and remember from the comci she was a real ...... as well as her sister, didn't listen to Fluttershy when she warned her bout her pet till almost too late.
Bet they were surprised Fluttershy still wanted to help them, they figured she hate them or so for what they said and did to her.

As the sound of the flushing toilet died down, all that could be heard was the heavy breathing of Sunset and Babs as the adrenaline wore off... and the soft weeping of the broken shell of a boy in the stall in front of them.

Silver: Fine, I'll go to Meijer, I can get a new knife there for like $10!

Mmmmmm Know what it liek to have a busive family member, and wish he was dead.

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