• Published 23rd Sep 2016
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As the World Falls Down - HudsonHawk

Sunset Shimmer tries to reach out and make amends to a boy she helped humiliate, who's doing something worse than trying to kill himself... living out of spite.

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Make It Stop

"Brought to his knees he cried
But on his feet he died
What God would damn a heart?
And what God drove us apart?
What God could?"
-Rise Against, "Make it Stop"

It felt like a day-long walk of shame for Silver.

The walk to his locker that morning was accompanied by snickers and barely-contained laughs.

In Miss Harshwhinny's English class, he found a "dog license," crudely written in pencil on a piece of paper from someone's notebook, on his desk. Upon finding it, Jet Set waved at him, a shit-eating grin upon his face.

In social studies, the moments before the bell rang at the start of the class were punctuated by Snips and Snails barking into his ears like particularly annoying Arsenio Hall audience members.

During lunch, Silver had gotten up to get an apple juice from the vending machine. Upon returning to his seat, he found that his tray had been cleared off, a single can of Alpo dog food resting upon it. Scrawled in Sharpie on the can was "The only lunch you'll ever need."

To Silver's unease, nothing happened in either gym or algebra. During the walk back to his locker to get ready to go home, one part of him hoped they had given up, that they had had their fun. Another part of him felt that this was simply the calm before the storm... before the "doozy," as a hyperactive classmate would put it.

Silver rounded the corner and his locker was in sight. All he wanted to do was get his stuff and get the hell out, and try to recover from today. Maybe tomorrow would be better.

It was then that Silver noticed something odd.

The top part of his locker was slightly ajar... and he always made sure to close it...

Silver dashed over, hoping against hope that this was a simple mistake... that the feeling in his gut was wrong...

It wasn't.

Silver opened the top part of his locker and gasped. The inside was utterly trashed. His books had been ripped to shreds, bits of covers and pages everywhere. Buckaroo Banzai and The Incredible Melting Man were rendered into garishly colorful bits of confetti, while Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide looked as if it had been fed through a woodchipper.

But that wasn't the worst of it.

His beloved Ash figure had been smashed to pieces. His legs were in one corner of the rubble, his arms in the other, the head and torso in the middle. Underneath the torso was a note, scribbled out in black Sharpie, on a page from Maltin's Movie Guide.


"People are bastards, every one of them. They'll always hurt you in the end."

The rage and pain burned through Silver's core like a wildfire through a petrified forest. He'd been angry, but he'd never been THIS angry before.

"Hey Silvy... do you know your place now, loser?"

Silver's hands balled into fists, tight enough that his knuckles turned white. His teeth were grit so hard that if he hadn't been so angry, he would have been shocked they didn't crack and break.

"It's not your place to get involved. It's your place to stand there and take what you deserve."


Silver's fist flew into the locker door at full force. He shrugged the pain off and did it again.


He imagined the locker door was Blueblood's smug face, his fist wiping that shit-eating grin off his face.


Blueblood morphed into Snips. He wasn't spared from Silver's wrath.


Snips' battered form morphed into Snails.


Snails morphed into that witch... that temptress...

"Gonna hit a girl, Silvy?" She asked mockingly.

Oh, how he wished he could... how he wished he had the lack of restraint to do so... but even he knew he couldn't do that... no...

Sunset's face morphed into a strange looking fellow. His messy brown hair... gray skin... glasses... garish shirt...

It was Silver.


"How can you be so pathetic..." Silver muttered as his fist hit the locker door.










"...what use are you to anyone? You could have never existed and nothing would be different."


"You're nothing."

The face in the locker looked beat to hell. His eyes were swollen shut from the pummeling. His nose bled profusely, and his mouth was missing a few teeth, the empty spaces bleeding as well. His dark-green glasses were cracked and broken. The face mercifully faded away.

It was then that reality came back, and Silver found himself staring at his locker door again. There was a large dent where his fist had impacted the door, but he was strangely calm. He felt no anger. He felt no stress. He felt nothing. His hand hurt like hell, but he didn't care.

He felt numb.

He turned to see a few students staring in his direction, jaws dropped, but he didn't care. He grabbed his books and backpack, closed his locker and headed out.

He didn't care. Not anymore.

The dining room at the Screen residence was nothing fancy: floral wallpaper, a TV on the counter in the corner, a large table in the center with four chairs. It was there that Silver Screen and his mother, Bright Screen, had pizza for dinner. Pizza was Silver's absolute favorite food... but that evening, he just wasn’t enjoying it. He had sat at the table, just absentmindedly shoving food in his mouth in silence, speaking only when spoken to.

"How was your day, honey?" Mrs. Screen asked.

"Fine." Silver replied, his tone unemotional, his eating robotic.

"How was school?"


"Are you okay, honey?" Mrs. Screen asked, putting her pizza down.

"Yeah, mom, I'm fine." Silver said, taking another bite.

"You know, honey, you can talk to me about anything." Mrs. Screen said, putting her hand on Silver's reassuringly.

"I know." Silver replied,

"How was your party last night? Did you make any friends?"

She didn't know of what happened. Silver had laundered his outfit as soon as he got home. His mom had to work late again, so it was easy to cover up what had happened. Thankfully, her late nights hadn't been as frequent since she and Silver's father divorced, and they had been able to spend more time together.

"Nah." Silver replied.

"Honey..." Mrs. Screen began, "...you can't spend the rest of your life alone in your room. You have to start opening up to people."

"Why, mom?" Silver asked.

"Because, honey, no one is an island." Mrs. Screen started, setting down her slice of meat lover's. "People are social animals. They need social interaction. Why do you think a lot of couples and friends come to the Ponyplex?"

"They split the cost?"

"No. They come because they want to enjoy a movie with someone they love. Stuff like that is better when you have someone to enjoy it with."

"I got you, mom." Silver replied, putting down his slice of pepperoni.

"I know, but I'm not going to be around forever. You need to try interacting with people your own age."

If it weren't for the events of the previous night, Silver wouldn't have said what he said next.

"I can't stand people my own age, mom. They're basically sociopaths. Plus, I highly doubt they can appreciate the work of David A. Prior."

"First off, a lot more kids your age than you think enjoy trashy action movies." Mrs. Screen started. "Second, not all kids are like that. There's a lot in this neighborhood that do great things to help the community, like that shy girl at the animal shelter."

"I don't think they do it out of the goodness of their heart, mom." Silver replied, a bit of cynicism creeping into his voice.

"Now you're starting to sound like your uncle." Mrs. Screen said, looking at Silver with concern. "I don't want you to end up like him."

"A fat bastard?"

"Silver Nitrate Screen!" Mrs. Screen said firmly.

"It's true, mom!" Silver said angrily.

"He may have been a jerk, but he's still your uncle."

"Jerk isn't the word I would have used..."

"What's gotten into you tonight, Silver?" What happened?" Mrs. Screen asked, her tone and eyes radiating compassion.

Silver opened his mouth to speak...

"The boy's gotta toughen up. The world's a cruel place."

"Nothing happened, mom."

"Don't you lie to me, Silver..." Mrs. Screen began.

"I know you're going to go to your mother anyway..."

"Nothing happened! I went to the party and just stood in a corner for two hours, like every other attempt to be more social!" Silver said angrily.

"Hey Silvy... do you know your place now, loser?"

It felt bad to lie to his mom, but he couldn't let her see just how weak and useless her son was... it would hurt her to know.

"I'm going to my room."

With that, Silver walked out of the dining room and to his bedroom, leaving his mom stunned behind him.

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