• Published 23rd Sep 2016
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As the World Falls Down - HudsonHawk

Sunset Shimmer tries to reach out and make amends to a boy she helped humiliate, who's doing something worse than trying to kill himself... living out of spite.

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Someone in the Dark

"When someone in the dark reaches out to you
And touches off a spark that comes shining through
It tells you never be afraid...
When somewhere in your heart you can feel the glow
A light to keep you warm when the night winds blow
Like it was written in the stars, I knew
My friend, my someone in the dark, was you..."
-Michael Jackson, "Someone in the Dark."

Sunset and Silver stepped through the doors of Canterlot High only to see...

"Babs?" Sunset said, confused.

Babs Seed was seated on a bench in front of the school, her bag next to her. She turned to see Sunset and Silver walking down the stairs toward her.

"Hey, guys." She said. "What's up?"

"We thought you went home a while ago." Silver said. "What are you doing here?"

"My old man's workin' late, so's I'm stuck here for another fifteen minutes."

"I can take you home if you want." Sunset said as she reached into her pocket for her keys.

"Nah, thanks." Babs replied. "Pa'll have my head if I ain't here. Mr. Discord's lookin' out for me."

"Indeed I am."

Sunset and Silver looked up to see Mr. Discord, the school janitor, in the bucket of a window cleaning rig, cleaning the windows at the front of the school. He turned and gave a friendly wave, which Sunset and Silver returned.

"Look, Babs..." Silver began as he sat next to her. "...I need to say something to you."


Silver looked down. "I'm... I'm sorry about earlier. I said some... truly... horrible things that I'm not proud of..."

He was interrupted by Babs hugging him.

"Fuhgeddaboutit." Babs said. "My ma's said worse."

"The boy's gotta toughen up. The world is a cruel place..."

The words of his uncle ran through Silver's head...

"People are bastards, every one of them. They'll always hurt you in the end..."

"You're pathetic. Get out of the way if you're going to be lazy..."

"How I wish we could have spanked him growing up... maybe then you wouldn't have let him turn out soft!"

"Silv?" Babs asked. "You okay?"

"Uh... yeah..." Silver said as he snapped back to reality.

"You sure?"

Silver returned the hug. "Your mom said worse?"

Babs shifted nervously in the hug. "...she also done worse..." She then broke the hug to point to a scar on her leg. "I got that when she pushed me down the stairs..."

Silver grew horrified and looked in Babs' eyes. "She WHAT?"

"She got blitzed one night and... well... she 'punished' me for leavin' my toys around..."

Silver pulled Babs into another hug. "Jesus Christ..."

"Silv, it's okay. My pa sent her packin' after that. It's been tough, but we're really better off."

Babs' eyes looked downward, her voice becoming wistful. "You know, she never showed for the custody hearin'. I think she really didn't want me..."

"I... I'm so sorry..." Silver said, the heaviness in his heart evident in his voice.

"Hey, it's okay." Babs said. "It's better for the both of us."

"Still... it's just..."

"Yeah?" Babs asked, curious.

Silver was deep in thought. He always knew that he could have had it worse with his parents. He was lucky that his mother always wanted to be there for him, that his father still wanted to be a part of his life, and that the divorce was an amicable one.

But... when it came to what his uncle dished out... he didn't think he'd ever meet someone who would have it worse... who'd be assaulted physically in addition to mentally.

He looked at Babs again. He couldn't imagine his own mother doing something to him as horrible as pushing him down the stairs...

The thought of someone hurting her, much less her own mother, triggered a feeling he had not felt in a while.

He could only describe it as the feeling that would drive Charles Bronson to avenge his family in any of the Death Wish movies, although he knew he wouldn't take it that far.

At that moment, he knew what he had to do...

"Look..." Silver opened up his bag and retrieved a piece of scrap paper and a pen, onto which he wrote something. "...this is my cell phone number. You ever need to talk, give me a call."

"Sure." Babs said, taking the paper from him. "Like a pal?"

Silver paused. "No... like a big brother."

Babs eyes brightened at that. "I always wondered what havin' a bro would be like."

Silver smiled a bit at that. "I always wondered what having a sister would be like."

Babs' eyes grew teary, but Silver could tell from the giant smile she had, that they were happy tears. They hugged each other tighter than ever.

"Thanks, big bro." She whispered.

"No problem, little sis." Silver whispered back.

Silver and Babs heard sniffling. They looked over to see Sunset smiling proudly, tears rolling down her face.

"That... that was beautiful..." She said, wiping her eyes with the sleeve of her jacket.

They heard a sound that could only be described as an off-key trumpet noise. All three looked to the front of the school, where Mr. Discord, still in the window cleaning bucket, had a patchwork handkerchief out and was blowing his nose into it, crying his eyes out.

"Well... well played, both of you... well played..." He said between sobs. "Despite the chaotic nature of the universe, you two managed to find in each other a kindred spirit... and... and... it's so..."

He returned to sobbing, once again blowing his nose, as Silver and Babs looked back at each other. It was then that Silver saw her eyes light up.

"Now I remember when I saw youse!" She shouted in glee. "Ya got my backpack back from that Blueblood asswipe and his yutz friends!"

It took a moment before...

"Yes... yes... I remember now..." Silver said.

"That made my day. I never got to thank youse." Babs gave Silver a kiss on the cheek. "Thanks, big bro."

"You're welcome, little sis..." Silver started as he blushed like mad. "...but it was something small, it really shouldn't have meant much..."

"Bro..." Babs started, "...it was small, but when ya get picked on and beat up like I do... it meant a lot that some dude stopped to help me."

Babs smiled a grateful smile at Silver just as the sound of a car horn honking twice filled the parking lot. The three turned to see a beat-up blue Chevy Nova pulling up to the front of the school.

"That's my pa!" Babs said, grabbing her bag. "I gotta go, guys."

Sunset gave Babs a big hug. "Take care, Babs."

"Thanks, big sis." Babs replied, returning the hug.

Sunset was stunned. "Big sis...?"

"Yeah!" Babs replied. "Ya're like bro and sis, so if Silv's my big bro..."

Sunset blushed a bit as Babs gave Silver one hug for the road.

"See ya, big bro." Babs said.

"I look forward to it, little sis." Silver replied.

Babs got up and started walking toward her dad's car. Sunset and Silver kept an eye on her as she got in and the car pulled away.

Mr. Discord was still watching from his window cleaner's bucket. "Do your little bit of good where you are; it's those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world." He said as he picked up a squeegee from a bucket of tools.

Sunset looked up. "That was great, Mr. Discord." She said.

"That's Desmond Tutu, Sunset." Mr. Discord said. "He was a very wise man. You both would do well to take that bit of wisdom to heart."

"I know she has, sir." Silver said. "...and I know I will."

"Wise choice, Silver." Mr. Discord said as he began to lather the window in front of him with a sponge of window cleaner. "If there's one thing this world needs, it's more good and kindness."

"I agree." Sunset said.

"I'm glad, Sunset..." Mr. Discord said as he began to squeegee the windows. "...because I was once like you used to be when I came to this school, and now I push a mop for a living."

Mr. Discord sighed.

"I spent my high school years causing chaos instead of studying. Let's just say that if it wasn't for Principal Celestia, I'd be homeless and jobless."

"Really?" Silver asked.

"Yes." Mr. Discord said. "She got me the job here because she believed in second chances. In many ways, it's my punishment for my youth. However, it's not all bad."

"Explain." Sunset said."

"Well, the pay and the benefits aren't bad." Mr. Discord began. "Plus, I get to try and keep my children here from going down my path."

"You have kids here, Mr. Discord?" Silver asked.

"Yes." Mr. Discord replied. "All 756 of them." He then turned to look at Sunset and Silver. "And I believe two of them have to get going before it gets later than it is."

"Bye, Mr. Discord." Sunset said.

"Bye, kids." Mr. Discord said with a friendly wave. "I'll see you Monday."

Sunset and Silver waved back as they started walking toward the student parking lot.

"I just thought of something..." Sunset started. "What about your scooter?"

Silver stopped, brought his hand to his mouth, and mimed playing a trumpet as he hummed 'Taps.'

"When did this happen?"

"A week ago. I had it parked on the curb outside while I ran in to get something I forgot. Too bad the garbage men didn't see it..." Silver said, sadly. "The funeral was a tasteful affair... you should have seen it..."

"How'd you get here if your mom's out of town?" Sunset asked.

"She dropped me off before she headed to the airport. I was going to use either the city bus to get home or just walk..."

"There's the Shimmering One, over there." Sunset said pointing to a sight that had Silver's jaw dropping.

Sunset had pointed to a red-and white, four-door 1958 Plymouth Fury, lovingly restored to a showroom condition, with the vanity license plate of "SHMRN1" adding the crowning touch of awesome. Silver had never been a gear head, or even obsessed with cars in general, but from his rampant viewing of old movies, he had come to like the designs of old cars. To him, they had character.

"I wondered which of the students had good taste." Silver said as he picked his jaw up. "This must have set you back somewhat."

"Nah..." Sunset said, a small smile on her face as she opened the back door and plopped her backpack inside. "I inherited it from my aunt."

Of course, Silver wouldn't believe the truth: that she got a care package of diamonds and precious gems from Twilight every month, and coupled with finding someone who would buy them and not ask questions, she was left rather well off.

"Your aunt was awesome." Silver said as he plopped his backpack into the back of the Shimmering One, slamming the door shut.

"Yeah, she was." Sunset said as the pair got inside.

The engine came to life as Sunset turned the key. She shifted the Shimmering One into reverse and pulled out of the spot, then shifted to drive and headed out of the lot and on to the street.

"Where's your house?" Sunset asked.

"It's on Totter's Lane." Silver replied. "Five blocks ahead, first left, three blocks down."

"Got it."

Sunset popped a cassette tape into the tape deck, it and the sound system the only things not factory original. The sounds of Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds" emanated from the speakers.

"Marley?" Silver asked. "Didn't take you for a reggae fan."

"Don't need to like reggae to love Marley." Sunset said, bobbing her head to the music. "The man believed in the power of love conquering the darkness, and his music radiates that belief. It's something that everyone needs nowadays, to be loved..."

Sunset put a comforting hand on Silver's shoulder.

"Don't worry..." Sunset sang. "..about a thing..."

Silver tried and failed to keep a smile from forming before he completed the lyric. "...cause every little thing... is gonna be all right."

"You're gonna be all right, Silver." Sunset said. "That's my message to you."

"Thanks, Bob." Silver replied.

"I actually have a few questions for you, Silver." Sunset said

"Shoot." Silver replied.

"Number one: where did you find that spiel you used on Blueblood?"

"It's from a movie called 'Labyrinth.'" Silver replied as he gave a slight smile. "It's used to defeat the Goblin King. Fitting that it worked on Blueblood when you think about it."

"Think we can see it when we get to your place?" Sunset asked.

"Sure." Silver replied.

"Number two: what did you do to Blueblood?"

Silver went silent, as if refusing to answer.

"Silver..." Sunset started. "If you don't answer me, I'm pulling over and we're not going another inch until you tell me."

When Silver still clammed up, Sunset pulled the Shimmering One over to the side of the road. Putting the vehicle in park, she stared at Silver.

"Well, I'm waiting." Sunset said sternly.

Silver sighed. "Don't hate me..." he said as he took a breath. "I... I put Nair in his shampoo. I found a half-empty bottle of it during the last locker cleanout day and... I just... I just wanted to do something to him for once. So, after gym class one day, while he was showering and he had the bottle of shampoo on the little caddies they have on the walls, I grabbed it when he wasn't looking and dumped the Nair into it."

He looked down.

"Coach Spitfire caught me running away with the empty bottle just as he screamed when his hair came out. That's why I was in detention today."

Silver's voice trembled, awaiting Sunset's scolding... or worse, hatred...

"I didn't want to say anything because I was afraid you wouldn't think I was a good person anymore... don't hate me..."

Sunset stared at him, slack-jawed, before busting out into laughter.

"H-hate you?" Sunset asked between guffaws. "Silver, that was awesome!"

Silver was stunned. "Say what?"

"Silver, Blueblood is an asshole who's bullied a lot of kids in Canterlot High. He helped put you where you are right now. I don't blame you in the least for what you did. If I were you and had the exact opportunity to do that, I'd take it too!"

Silver gave a small smile. "Really?"

"Really." Sunset said as she leaned over and gave Silver a hug. "Even good people have their limits."

Silver returned the hug, having never felt so warm in his life.

"Last question, I promise." Sunset started. "Babs and I found you because you were yelling at someone in the boys room."

Sunset looked him in the eyes.

"There wasn't anyone there, Silver. You want to tell me about that?"

Silver looked away and sighed.

"It was my uncle."

He started to tremble.

"He's dead. He died last year..."

Tears began to stream down his face.

"I... I killed him..."

Sunset stared, wide eyed, at Silver. "What...?"

"I killed him..." Silver said, fighting off sobs. "He was a bastard. He always put me down. He treated me like I was garbage, like I was his whipping boy. He said he was preparing me for how the real world was... a cold and cruel place... but I knew he did it because he was a bully and I wouldn't fight back."

Silver started to grit his teeth.

"I put up with it for sixteen years... my mom had to put up with him for longer... the only reason he lived with us was because he was family..."

Silver's hands balled into fists.

"Then one day, he laid into my mom... said that because of her that I turned out soft... that she should have hit me and 'toughened me up.' Son of a bitch..."

Sunset could tell he was about to break.

"I lost it. I told him off for what he said to her. He could yell at me all he wanted, but he couldn't do that to Mom... I told that fat fuck to do us all a favor and drop dead."

Silver stopped. His anger faded. He started to sob.

"He obliged..."

Sunset put her hand on Silver's shoulder. He made no move to remove it, instead letting out a heaving sob.

"I'm a murderer... I killed him..."

Sunset embraced him protectively as Silver began to cry.

"I... I killed him..."

"Shh..." Sunset said, one arm around him while one ran through his hair. "Silver... shh..."

Silver hugged his friend as if she were going to disappear at any moment. He buried his head in her shoulder and sobbed.

"They... they said it was a heart attack..."

"Shh..." Sunset cooed. "...you didn't kill him, Silver..."

"I wanted him to drop dead..." Silver whimpered.

"It was out of your hands, Silver... you couldn't have known..." Sunset said, rocking him in an attempt to soothe him.

"The worst thing is he still won't leave me alone..." Silver whispered. "He still shows up to torment me... to make me feel worthless... I wanted to die today because... because I went off on Babs earlier and... and..."

"Yes?" Sunset asked, still holding him.

"...I became him..." Silver said. "I hated him all my life and I still became him..."

"You're not him, Silver. You're not him and you never will be." Sunset said. "You're not a bully or a monster. If you were, you wouldn't be feeling anything like you do now. You wouldn't care at all."

Sunset felt something vibrate.

"That's my phone." Silver said. "Excuse me..."

The hug was broken as Silver fished his phone out of his pocket. The screen was lit up with a new text message.

It said "U there, big bro? It's Babs. Just making sure I got the right number."

Silver's eyes widened as he showed Sunset the phone.

"Silver..." Sunset said. "...there's your proof..."

Silver looked at the screen again, his face and eyes devoid of sadness. In its place, Sunset would swear that she saw... warmth.

Silver took a few seconds to tap out a reply before putting his phone back and seeking his new friend's loving embrace.

"I'm right here, little sis."

The two friends hugged each other tight. As Bob Marley's vocals faded, Sunset sang along.

"Don't worry... about a thing... cause every little thing... is gonna be alright..."

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Mmmmmm Know what it liek to have a busive family member, and wish he was dead.

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