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I'm a brony, Whovian, casual Star Trek fan, and a film geek with a collection of DVDs and Blu-Rays that numbers into the thousands combined. I'm a nerd for all seasons.


This story is a sequel to One More Dance

It's been two months since Sunset Shimmer, along with her friends, successfully kept Dactylic Pentameter from jumping from the roof of Canterlot High. It's been two months since she rectified one of her greatest mistakes...

The problem with being a former bully turned repentant soul is you've hurt so many people that you can't remember them all.

People like Silver Screen.

Unlike Dac, Silver decided to live after a crushing humiliation she helped engineer. However, he's a bit worse off: he's choosing to live out of spite rather than any true desire to live, and if she doesn't try to fix her mistake, he'll head down the same dark path she did...

A fan sequel to the excellent fic "One More Dance" by my friend and surrogate bro LightningSword.

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Human Maxwell Frazier winds up in Equestria through a freak occurrence. Adjusting to life with talking, sapient equines is a challenge for anyone, but helping him through it all is his new best friend, the party pony extraordinaire Pinkie Pie.

When Hearts and Hooves Day rolls around, Max is struck by loneliness. When Pinkie decides to set him up with a single mare, she may find her soulmate instead...

A humanXPinkie one-shot.

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Theme Song: "Take Me, I'll Follow You" by Bobby Caldwell

"I have a copy of [So Shines a Good Deed...] so I can read it whenever I have no internet. I'm not trying to be stalkerish but it makes me smile every time I read it :)" - NightMareSong

A collaboration with my good friend spideremblembrony.

A reboot/spin off of The Mare Who Fell to Earth, this comedy centers on Jimmy Quinn, a nerd with Asperger's who's recently been dumped by his girlfriend. After drowning his sorrows, he wakes up with a killer hangover and a naked woman in his bed. She claims to be from a land called Equestria, and a unicorn named Rarity.

She was sent to Earth by mistake, but winds up in a grand experiment by Princess Celestia: to report on human social norms, customs, behaviors, and shining examples of human kindness and compassion. The results will be collected in a guide for Equestrians to read before first contact with Earth. Together, Rarity and Jimmy will write and compile the greatest book Equestria has ever seen... The Equestrian's Guide to Humanity.

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James J. Quinn is an ordinary guy living in the town of Carney, Wisconsin. He's got ordinary parents, an ordinary sister and brother-in-law, and an ordinary nephew. As you can tell, he leads an ordinary life.

Then, one night, he meets a strange, disoriented woman in the woods. A woman with purple hair and sapphire eyes. A woman with three blue gems tattooed on her hips. A woman who claims to be a unicorn from a land called Equestria. A woman who calls herself Rarity.

This woman is also in possession of an medallion that has brought a pursuing evil to our world. Over the course of the next week, James and Rarity will develop a deep bond, heal a few wounds, and, joined by a few other Equestrian visitors, battle a madman for the fate of two universes.

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