• Published 22nd Apr 2015
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Just Once - HudsonHawk

Pinkie Pie develops a friendship with a displaced human, and tries to set him up with a mare on Hearts and Hooves Day.

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Lonesome No More (Bonus Chapter)

I woke up with a start. I felt something hitting my leg. Hard.

I looked over. Pinkie lay curled up next to me, eyes closed, snoring softly, and her rear legs smacking against my leg as if she were running. She was muttering something. After a few seconds, I could make it out.

"No... no... don't leave me... please... I don't want to be alone... please..."

Gently, I put one arm underneath Pinkie and pulled her against me, cuddling her. My other hand grabbed one of her front hooves and gently squeezed. Her legs stopped moving, and I started to whisper into her ear.

"Pinkie, we won't leave you, ever. We'll be here for you, always. Twilight, Rainbow, Rarity, AJ, Fluttershy, Spike, me... we'll all be here. Don't you ever worry about that. You will never be alone."

After a few seconds, Pinkie nuzzled into my neck like I was a giant teddy bear, a smile on her face. I gave her a gentle kiss on the top of her head.

"I love you, Pinkie."

I held her close as my eyelids grew heavy, keeping a grip on her hoof as sleep overtook me.

The rays of Celestia's sun peeked through my window, rolling over my face and eyes. Needless to say, the intrusion on my peaceful slumber was not appreciated.

"Someone turn the sun down." I muttered as I awoke and sat up, groggy. If I were more awake, I'd have chuckled at the fact that here, someone actually could turn the sun down.

"Good morning, Pin-"

I turned and stopped. Pinkie was gone.


No reply.


I heard a familiar giggle come from my living room. I quickly rose... then nearly face planted due to having the grace of someone who'd just woken up. Thankfully, my dresser prevented the face plant. I stumbled to my feet and groggily walked out the door.

Pinkie was seated on the couch... next to a familiar looking golden colored mare in black horn-rims...

"You!" I shouted. "What the hell are you doing here?"

Goldie turned to me, smirking.

"What? Can't a girl come see her friend?" Goldie replied.

"After what happened last night, you are not remotely my friend..."

"Not you, monkey boy. I was talking about the pink one." She turned toward Pinkie.

"Hi, Maxie!" Pinkie said, waving a foreleg at me. "Goldie and I have been talking, and you know... She's right..."

"Right on what?" I asked.

"That a relationship between us wouldn't work. I mean, two different species? That would be so icky!"

My heart ripped right in half as Goldie shot a wicked smile my way.

"Sorry, Max..." Goldie said, her voice dripping with irony. "...but it's like I said, you're the only human here. You're just destined to be alone."

I collapsed into my recliner, trying to repress my tears. Goldie continued.

"Oh, don't worry about Pinkie. She'll be much happier with the stallion I brought over."

As if on cue, a dark-green stallion trotted through my front door. He was a bit pudgy, with a scruffy brown-mane and tail... and he looked familiar.

"Hi, Pinks." He said... in my voice...

"Ooh! I could just eat you up!" Pinkie said to him, voice dripping with lust.

Goldie turned to me. "Max here, now he's the perfect match for her in all the important areas. He has four legs... a coat... he's everything you're not."

Then she started cackling... long peals of hideous cackling... cackles that could chip paint right off a wall...

I plugged my ears, desperate to shut out the noise. It was fruitless. I looked away... there stood Twilight, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, Rainbow and Spike... all laughing that same hideous cackle.

I turned the other way. There stood Mr. and Mrs. Cake, Pound and Pumpkin in tow, cackling as well.







My eyes shot open. My heart was pounding, and a cold sweat ran down my body. I felt two forelegs pull me into a hug, a hug I quickly returned.

"Shh... Maxie... shh..."

I buried my head in Pinkie's shoulder, and the tears started to flow freely. I sobbed into her shoulder, each sob a heaving one.

"Maxie... what happened? You were telling someone to stop laughing."

I just tightened my hold on my marefriend, never wanting to let her go.


After a while, I was able to calm down and tell Pinkie about my nightmare, every horrifying detail. When I was finished, Pinkie took my hand in her hoof.

"Maxie..." Pinkie started. "...don't you listen to Goldie. She's just a big meany-pants. I just can't believe I didn't see that she was."

"Don't beat yourself up about it, Pinks." I replied. "It happens. Besides, it wasn't just what she said that bothered me last night."

"Oh?" Pinkie started rubbing my hand with her hoof.

"I could have shrugged it off if it weren't for the fact that, in the entire place, I didn't see any other couples besides pony and pony. No changelings, no griffons..."

Pinkie looked at me, her eyes radiating pure compassion... then I heard a small "ding!" as a large smile crossed her face.

"Wait here!" Pinkie said excitedly. I didn't have long to do so as a pink blur shot through my front door, then returned just as quickly. Pinkie hopped back on my bed and took a seat next to me, a leather-bound photo album in her mouth.

"Brhhis eff myfh-" Pinkie started.

"Uh, Pinks..." I started. "Might want to spit out the album before you speak."

Pinkie's eyes darted down, saw the album in her mouth, and her cheeks turned red in embarrassment.


She dropped the album on the bed and started flicking through it.

"This is my family photo album. There's a picture or two in here I'd like you to see." She said.

In a moment, she stopped on a large, glossy photo of a griffon holding a pony that bore a large resemblance to Pinkie. She had Pinkie's baby-blues, but sported an indigo coat and a red-and-pink striped mane and tail, along with a cutie mark of an ice cream soda. The griffon had a large pencil-thin mustache. A chef's hat sat atop his head, and a red bandana was tied around his neck. The pair were lovingly nuzzling each other.

"Interesting couple." I said.

"That's my cousin Fizzypop!" Pinkie said. "She runs a soda shoppe in Canterlot. You haven't truly lived until you've tried her root beer floats."

"Who's the griffon?"

"That's Gustave Le Grand! He's a super-famous pastry chef. I met him when the Cakes had to get their Marzipan Mascarpone Meringue Madness to Canterlot for that dessert competition a few years back."

Oh, God... I remembered trying a slice of MMMM when the Cakes made it for a local pastry competition a few months back. Anything that causes you to hear the Hallelujah Chorus the instant it touches your taste buds... mmmm...

"Anyway, Poppy was asked to tend bar for the party after the judging. Gustave tried her float, they got to talking, they hit it off, and they've been married for a couple years now."

Pinkie looked at me and continued.

"You see, Maxie, they're not the only ones who found love outside of their species. Lemon Meringue... she's another cousin... she's been dating a changeling!"

She took my hand into her hoof again and held it to her heart. I could feel the steady, rhythmic beat under her plush coat as she spoke.

"That's why you have this, Maxie. That's why you have my heart. Lots of ponies found someone who wasn't a pony. They're really, really happy with each other. I'm one of them."

She gave me a light peck on the lips.

"I love you because you're you. I don't want anypony else."

I pulled Pinkie into another hug. She nuzzled into my shoulder, and my nostrils got a whiff of her cotton candy scented mane.

"I love you too, Pinks." I replied.

"If it makes you feel better, I had a bad dream, too." Pinkie said.

"I could tell. My leg's going to be bruised from you running in your sleep."

"I'm sorry." Pinkie said, sheepish. "Can I tell you about it?"

"Why not?" I replied.

"It's one I have sometimes where my friends, well... they abandon me... I'm left there all alone. It scares me even though I know they'd never do that, but it still does. But this time was different."


"I saw this... angel... after they left me... he hugged me and took my hoof, and you know what he said?"


"He said... 'Pinkie, we won't leave you, ever. We'll be here for you, always. Twilight, Rainbow, Rarity, AJ, Fluttershy, Spike, me... we'll all be here. Don't you ever worry about that. You will never be alone.'"

I could feel my heart grow three sizes.

"And it was your voice he used."

She put her hooves on my cheeks and turned my head so I was facing her. As she leaned in and kissed me, I heard her say...

"Thank you, my guardian angel..."

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So cute and adorable!:yay:

D'awwwww MUSTACHE! :moustache::moustache::moustache:

10/10 would recommend to a friend!

:moustache: Have one back! Thank you!
Thank you very much!

Woo that was an amazing story, I'm glad you gave pinky the loving side others don't see. I loved the ending as well, nice one, hope you have more like this!

i didnt have my permission slip signed for this feels trip.

(Signs it)

Thanks, bro!

6678884 ill have u know i read this from beginning to end and am still crying.

I hope they're happy tears.

Sweet little one shot :twilightsmile:
Made me want to watch Lost in Space, and I listened to Bowie's Space Oddity

Why Lost in Space?

6930667 "Danger... danger, Will Robinson..." :rainbowwild:

Thanks for the feedback. :twilightsmile:

That was beautiful. I'm crying tears of joy. :heart:

The plot was great, the songs were beautiful and fitted in with the story so well, and it's a Pinkie Pie X Human fic.
I haven't read a great fanfiction in a long time, and I'm glad I checked this one out.

Thank you.

Also... please make a sequel...if you can. :fluttercry: :fluttercry: :fluttercry: :fluttercry: :fluttercry: :fluttercry:
I want to feel again...

This. Story. Is SO under-rated. I cannot BELIEVE that this gem has not received, like, at LEAST 500 likes! What do stories like this gotta do to earn respect? :ajbemused:

Anyways, I very much enjoyed how you gave Max (thank goodness it was not Anon) a clear identity and back-story, and you made him very relatable. And I very much appreciated the extra layers you explored on Pinkie Pie's character, going under her surface and seeing..............more than meets the eye.

Two well rounded characters, and the interaction, dialogue, and emotions was VERY organic and well paced. I give this my David Crespo Stamp of approval. Cheers. :pinkiehappy:

Max is based primarily on my own love life or lack thereof. I had hit the Despair Event Horizon at the point I started writing and just had to get my feelings out. The rejections that Max experienced are my own.

But thank you for the fave, like, and glowing review.

"That's my cousin Fizzypop!" Pinkie said

Is Pinkie's cousin Fizzypop Berrytwist :pinkiegasp:

No. I got her name from a blind bag pony that used the mold for Pinkie.

Yeah, i already knew that you didn't reference the movie since this story is 2 years old, still fun in hindsight though :raritywink:

Really sweet and heartwarming story by the way :twilightsmile:

Sorry for seemingly stating the obvious, but with how the internet is, you just don't know if people are serious or not at times.

And thanks for the fave.

Great story:twilightsmile: have you thought of making a sequel?

I cannot get enough of this story. It's just so bitter-sweet and yet ends with this touching scene between Max and Pinkie.

I will download this and keep a local copy for posterity.

Good job on the story mah dude

Okay, this? This is an adorable story! (And Golden Harvest is an outright bitch.) So much fluff, I'll going to get buried in it! What a delightful end that might be… 🤜 🤜

¿Cómo es un angel para un pony?

Nice and heartwarming
I enjoyed how both Pinkie and Max comfort each other in their own ways

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