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i'm not big on some of the rough talk, but I did like the scene with Rainbow Dash a lot. Thumbs up!

Clicked on the little source box for the picture and was taken to a Fur Affinity user with a plethora of furry porn. Not sure if there was a mistake there or what. With that being said, could I get a PM with the source for the story's cover pic, please?


It seems like the artist has taken down all his pony stuff and deleted his pony tumblr, but that's the person who's credited as having drawn it on e621. Just search the artist's name and it's on the first page.

This human must have some generically enhanced penis to be able to cum, yet still remain hard.

Are Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash truly sapinet minded, (have free will) right?

For example, if a human was a mean jerk and hurt them, they could if they wish leave him and not be bound as slaves?


I wanted to make it clear in the story that they were definitely free-willed lifeforms. The bit where Rainbow's statements were based on her having a poor understanding of the human/droid relationship and Twilight stepping in to correct her was all about highlighting that!

Also he is able to remain hard because is (secretly) a Saiyan. Maybe.

5284694 His power level is over 9000!!!!!!

Keep this delicious bio-robot-pony sex up! Please have AT LEAST 10 chapter :scootangel:


I enjoyed this overall. Constantly going on and on about the size of his dick and the fact he was able to come about a gallon kinda killed the mood but other then that it was good.

Yeah, I love dis story


Wasn't my decision!

I would like more of emotional development in the following chapters.

The premise of this story has so much potential.

Holy shit... I'm at a lost of words here... :twilightblush:

I must question the ethics of this premise: is it really ethical to create sapient beings for the sole purpose of fulfilling sexual fantasies? Could the "Heat Switch" be considered a form of mind control?

If this story has more chapters then by god keep them coming ASAP! The premis has opened a vast relm of possibilities and this was just a damn fun read.

It's good but... it was so Shitty Porno I kept expecting the pizza guy to show up. Not that I would mind seeing more. It was good up to the sex scene, then it all turned really fake.

Also: This reminds me of a really really old piece of original porn about a guy ordering a pair of gene-slave catgirls.

Huh, not bad. I definitely like it!
Myself I think I'd have Pinkie Pie instead of Rainbow Dash but you're the author so yeah.
Honestly I do look forward to more chapters though!


Working on Chapter 2 now! People who are expecting more story might be a bit let-down though, haha

Damnit, and I was just about to post that too.

Anal once again?

It s good. I mean he seems to be overly obsessed with anal and constantly going on and on about his cock is a bit off putting. But it is good overall.

I don't mind anal as much as the next guy, but it would be nice if there was cum inflation..... :ajsmug:
And this is still an amazing clop-fic.

Adorably lewd! I'm not big on anal, but I loved the setup and the incredibly charming doujinshi dialogue.

You da bes

So they aren't compelled to obey at all? Aww, I'm a sucker for mind control / monotone slave stuff.
Mindless robot slave foreplay chapter, perhaps?

Fantastic story, totally gonna be following this.

This was pretty cool, but what really drew my attention was that it has the exact same year and idea that I've had for some time now - although in my story "humans screwing android ponies" is more of a throwaway joke to show future tolerance for sexual deviance, but still.

Any vaginal coming? Analysis is boring.

Lots and lots of buttsex but it will work like and favorite can you make more chapters or make a sequel thanks
With a cloppers brohoof nice goin

Without any pants on smart decision just incase dash gets out of the shower and...... im just gonna end there :D

There needs to be a sequel where a different guy gets a Pinkie Pie droid and...
God help him.

I would very much like to see this story continued.

Is this still going to be continued if so Please :pinkiehappy:


Thanks for the show of interest, guys! I like to release things on a schedule and stagger them out a little bit, but there's at least 2 more chapters of this coming in the near future.

Soo...do they not have pussies or...

Another great chapter! Well done!

I rate this...



I love this fic so much its the wife and mine's favorite

IT LIIIIIIVES!!!!!! (And so does my boner)

This does make me wonder more about the rules. Because if they do change and grow with the taste of the user over a month but still subject to the personality of the original, would not the advanced version of this be usuing the CMC that will mature over time? So for example instead of just the new butt, by full growth if you abstained from sex till then one becomes very unwilling to enjoy it as an act, or if your preference is larger than standard Applebloom becomes as big as Troubleshoes or as thin as Fluer.


What's a Bendy?

The boner has been doubled.

I'll have the same order that William has.:twilightsmile::rainbowkiss:

Twi and Dash both have pussies, but if you noticed in Chapter 3, Twilight was reading about how they have artificial wombs. Assuming it has auto-functionality, and doesn't need to be activated by the company, that means William can knock them up. Normally, that could be solved with a condom, but as we've been made aware, William has body augments for (A) an oversized cock on par with the modern-day record-holder for world's largest all-natural shlong (15.3 inches in length, 2,1 inches in girth/circumference), (B) oversized balls for an orgams that gushes like an open faucet, and (C) enhanced sperm and seminal fluid production for shortened (if not completely nonexistent) refractory periods with optimal discharge.
This means, outside of custom-made condoms, which would no doubt be expensive as hell, anal and oral are the only options available to him unless he wants kids.

I'm already prepping for never leaving the house.:trollestia:

Some one give the auther a medal this is amazing its like my fantasy thanks dude for making it the idea is original and im glad this happend :rainbowdetermined2::moustache::twilightsmile:

Holy fuck an update! AWESOME!

Bleh! What a corny story! I stopped reading at chapter two and just started skimming to try to digest all the utter nonsense. Hell I feel like I am reading something Palcomix put out with equestrian untamed. So much mention of random silly names for his dick , ass penetration as if it was the only fuck hole she had (other than her mouth), Bucket loads of cum and a slew of other corny pornagraphic nonsense. What wasthe point of even giving them free will when his dick is almost always shoved down their throats or up their asses? I just don't see a purpose other than the commissioner feeing bad that he's just constantly using them for his perverted sexual desires.

If you're looking for a sobering, tragic depiction of the realities of sexbot AIs in a dystopain future, you might be looking in the wrong place, man. This is a giddy romp about a dude fucking robots who were built to love fuckin', written in a light-hearted, fun-loving way. It's upbeat and whimsical, not cynical and brooding.

Like, the first paragraph of this latest chapter is pure sexy goofin', and I'm personally not at all into anal. It's just fun to read the prose.

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