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Sweet a squeal, I'll read it once it's done and after I re-read the first again so I can get the story again.

spits out my booze :rainbowderp: @Frocto you crazy s.o.b. you didn't :pinkiehappy:

Oh my gooooood, I'm so happy I saw this today. Keeping this on my watch list. Loved the first one.

I read the original store at least a dozen times and I believe I’ll read this one just as many I’m glad to see you’re continuing this wonderful tale

Ahh yeah, T H I C C Ponk :moustache:


Yeah, a new commissioner has contacted me about keeping the story going. It should be a few more chapters at least, so please look forward to it.

OMG I loved this story and I'm so happy it has a sequel. I can't wait to see what's in store (no rush) I love it so far. I hope he gets more pony's.

I just reread the first story of the series I just remembered you said the next story was gonna be called the mares from Mars I guess when the patron changed for the story the whole idea was scrapped


Yup, there was an original part 2 planned about the group taking a trip to a halfway home for lost ponies on Mars, where they'd come into contact with Daring Do, Moondancer and Rarity. It's been shelved indefinitely, and probably permanently because of an increase in my prices a while back.

Unfortunately, being a commission writer means a lot of judging your own prices and what your writing is worth. When I had around 10+ people all asking me to write something for them at the same time a few years ago (and still do, for that matter), I felt it was necessary to increase my prices by in the name of keeping the workload manageable. At the time this was a difference from $15 per 1,000 words to $20, which turned out to be too much for the commissioner.

The idea was I'd get back to them once I'd emptied my queue out, but it's been quite a while and with my commission queue still extremely cluttered that's not really an option.

Nice chapter, i cant wait to find out what happens.

A new Frocto update for 2020?
Finally some good news this year.


I've been hoping for more of these!

*puts in read later*

Yes the new chapter :rainbowwild:

Haha, thanks. I've actually been working on a new pony story revolving around Sunset Shimmer but I have a feeling it might get rejected by site mods. Need to see what I can do, but you stay strong in the meantime.


Well if it is rejected you could always post it on Questionable Questing!

This was a awesome and adorable chapter and now I'm officially hyped for the next chapter( no rush).

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