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Is this story anthro, human or pony?

In the description it says she's in awe of his fertility, but I believe you meant virility.

Oh yes, I forgot that tag. Went ahead and added it, thanks!

Who the hell is the "his"


"Twinky Twi". A twink is a term for a smaller, svelte male - mostly replaced by 'manlet' in modern vernacular. Also can be used as a dated derogatory term for gays.

In essence, this is Dusk Shine and he's got a huge dick and Fluttershy makes him her sex toy. Then gets him other girls to be his sex toys. /story

first off I always love hyper endowed flutterdomme story, I need more of them,
that and futashydomme storys

Comment posted by ValNitak Choas deleted May 21st, 2019

This should be rgre just from the hate stallions get

Whose the artist for the coverart?

It's in the description now!

Next chapter goes up on the 20th like always.

They're Twinky and the Domme, they're Twinky and the Domme
Their lewd shenanigans are... uh... now on CD-rom?


Thanks for the kind words, guys!

Brilliant and hot work, i'll admit I usually prefer stories where the male dominates. But I quite enjoyed the direction you took this story regardless. :)

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