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Good authors too, who once knew better words, Now only use four-letter words writing prose. Anything goes. :raritywink:


Red Ace may act like a wisecracker, but he is dedicated to his dream. Since he was four years old, he has had his eye on one prize. The Equestrian league championship.

Before he gets there, he will have to face eight powerful Gym Leaders...

His equally skilled Rivals...

And the sinister Team Chaos.

Star will be there to snark his way through it.

An homage/parody of the Pokémon games. Using an OC as the Trainer and company, and Canon ponies as other characters.

Just me having fun. Like most of my writing.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 51 )

First to read! :pinkiehappy:
I think this was really good! :3

Okay. I can dig it. I'm assuming Red Ace is a nod to Red, unless he specializes in flying type Pokemon.

I like it, keep this going! :pinkiehappy:

Gotta Catch'em All~

So Ace's Elekid is about Level 9. And Teekay has a psychic type hidden power, which is a 1/16 chance (approximate) of happening. And this feels more like the anime than a game. And it does feel a bit rushed, because remembering the whole "Get a pokemon, battle for the first time" thing felt like at least ten minutes when playing a game. And in the more modern games, there is some character building and introduction before that.

It's good, but it feels a little rushed. Needs more character to all the characters. Still saying Maud Pie as Rock type gym leader.


How the Master Ball got on his flank is a complete mystery. Why not a Pokeball, as it is clearly better than a Master Ball. They're cheap, easy to find, and has the potential to catch ANY Pokémon, rather just catching ONE Pokémon with a Master Ball.

Hmm... I have to agree with 5236500 about it feeling a little rushed, but I think I could still enjoy this story since it was written in the name of fun. Let's see where things go from here. :pinkiesmile:

Would you mind if I made a small, slightly selfish, request? If there is any way you can reasonably include it, I want to see a reference to at least one of the Johto/Generation 2 specific Pokeballs.

By the way, I noticed a minor error with one instance of Ace's name:

Ae was suddenly worried

Light, you've done it this time!
Well, you've done it every time, actually.

Shall track and see where this goes. :moustache:

Snips and Snails= Jessie and James. :facehoof:

3 things:
1.) Tutorial brain disorder?
2.) Trying to beat them up the old fashioned way?
3.) Useless aides?

Those made me laugh. :rainbowlaugh: I needed that laugh, thanks! :pinkiehappy:

Author's Notes - "Who's that Pokemon?!"
I'm going to guess Ho-Oh, since it made an appearance at the end of the very first episode...

Also, I found a couple of minor errors:

"How does your Abra no Barrier?"


but do you thin you can get through another battle?


5251908 That tutorial brain disorder bit was dedicated to every seasoned player who picked up Fire Red and had to EAT Oak's battle tutorial. Oh, and the Pokemon catching tutorial EVERY FREAKING GAAAAAAME!:flutterrage:

And you are correct! Ho-Oh appeared in the very first episode. Before Gold and Silver were even in development. Congratulations!:twilightsmile:

Yeah, it would be nice if they at least gave us the option for returning players to skip those lessons that have already been ingrained into our brains so often...

...I almost went with Togepi as my guess, but I managed to remember Ho-Oh's appearance before I posted my comment. :twilightsheepish:

Just like a real Pokémon game... Only the Trainers in battle can battle, and just like the show, it was able to ignore the turn based thing.

Also, Abra attacked Trainers, even if they were bad guys...

As far as the last line of this chapter goes, it seems a rather simple statement, and I feel as though I've heard it before.

That doesn't mean it's not awesome. :rainbowdetermined2: (Double negative used intentionally.)

5261495 I knew it!
What other Pokemon could be used twice on purpose?

5261714 :rainbowderp:

I never got that until now...:facehoof:

This is the only thing that's missing.

Magpiefreak? Is that the reference?
Was it the Miltank? Or the Clefairy? Probably the Miltank.

5269996 Incorrect for reference. Correct on the Who's that Pokemon.

"Vicious" is the name of the main Villain from an anime called Cowboy Bebop. He had a great big bird that looks Like a Fearow.

5270024 Sweet! Anyway, guessing on the Vicious reference is pointless now... Oh well. I never would have gotten it anyway.

My only guess for Viscious is from Cowboy Bebop, but I get the feeling that isn't obscure enough... :unsuresweetie:


My only guess here is Whitney's Miltank...

My phone was acting up, otherwise I would have posted this comment a few minutes ago. :twilightangry2:

Thanks. I didn't thnk I would get the cookie reward on account of me posting the comment after you already revealed the answer, though I won't complain! :derpytongue2:

I think I figured out why my phone was going weird: I just saw a couple of blogs in my feed talking about the same problem. Something about "Signature missing" so I had to log out and back in...

5269996 Sooo... How did you guys like the chapter?:twilightsheepish:

5270088 It was pretty good. I like to believe that all Pokemon have potential too, but a Magikarp uneveolved is one of the two exceptions. He has low attack, low defense, low HP, crappy attacks, and takes forever to level up. the other one is Unknown.

Oops. I knew I was forgetting something... :twilightsheepish:

I found it enjoyable. I like Ace's snarkiness. :rainbowlaugh: I do have one question: I've heard people around here and Deviant Art mention Blackjack before, but I'm afraid I remain ignorant as to where he originates. Any chance you could fill me in?

5270040 Really? I've had no trouble with miltank in the past... that gym is relatively easy for me. Its the dragon one that gets me.

5270101 Actually, Black Jack is an OC. If he's similar to somepony else that's an accident.:applejackunsure:

5270099 No kidding here, I beat Bugsy for the first time in Silver with a Magikarp's flail. Hand to God.

5270109 Good for you:pinkiecrazy:

My experience with Whitney's Miltank was Attract! Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! Rollout! "F&@CK YOU, WHITNEY!"

*huff... huff... huff..."

How are you liking the fic so far?:twilightsmile:

5270121 Great ^_^ I've wanted to make something like this (But with my X and Y team) but I've never had the time. plus I've started two new projects. So that takes a whole load of time.

My experience is ususally : Stomp rollout miss after one time milk drink and then by then I would have switched in my heavy hitter.

Alright. I wouldn't really be able to tell you if he's similar or not, though.

Whitney's Miltank is somehat infamous. It was more frustrating in Gold/Silver/Crystal than in HG/SS. I never had too much trouble with it, but it was a bit tough to overcome.

Claire never gave me too much of a problem, either. If you can Toxic her Kingdra, it helps.

5270128 Really??? AUGH I WISH I'VE KNOWN THAT SOONER! THAT WOULD HAVE SAVED ME A YEAR OF AGONY!!! yes it took me a year to beat it because my pokemon were underleveled.

How underleveled? If it isn't too low, stocking up on Full Restores is always a good idea. If they are too low - train. Patience is a virtue.

Also, did you have any Ice type attacks on you? That can take out most Dragon types except for Dragon/Water (like Kingdra.)

5270142 No I had no ice type/moves. I thought ice types were useless back then... now they are my second favorite type. I also don't know how underleveled they were. Sorry... The pokemon I now have are atleast 80-100. No cheats.


I thought ice types were useless back then...

I'm just guessing here, but back then, you never had a Lapras did you?

Also, sometimes the best way to learn is the hard way. I bet you'll never forget that lesson. :eeyup:

5270142 I always have an algorithm for Pokemon training. It's usually Level 10 for the first badge, up five levels for each badge after that. In HGSS it's a little different. Because Chuck and Jasmine are so close together I keep them at level 30 for both gyms, then continue upwards from there.

In X and Y I had to change it up too. I had to get to level 25 before I got to grant because the first and second gyms are so far apart.

5270169 Nope couldn't find one, couldn't catch one.

5270175 I had a different way. It would be atleast 10 levels up for each gym and to only have 5 in my party. that way I could change that 6th one to one that had a type advantage.

I have no set algorithm. I just train rather often.

Friday evenings, Union Cave. At least I think it's evening... It could be all day Friday, I don't remember.

5270114 I am thoroughly unimpressed.
Wait... Isn't flail learned at level 60?

5270231 Nope. Level 15. The Scyther was down to like 1hp and it missed with the fury cutter, but still.:ajsmug:

5270238 Huh. I could have sworn tackle was level 15, and flail at level 30, then bounce at 60.
Although, that might alternate between generations.

Team Chaos sounds awesome, honestly.

"Ace!" called Crystal. "You know how this works right?"
Ace was a little irritated at the question. "I've been watching tourneys since I was, like, three," he said dryly. "Yes, I know how a Pokemon battle works."
"Each Pokemon has at least four basic attacks...," Crystal went on.
"Yes, I know," Ace sighed.
"Each move has a 'type,'" Crystal went on. "There are eighteen types of Pokemon..."
"Crys, you know I grew up here...," Ace said, growing concerned. "You were there... You were there when I first learned this..."
"Each type has it's own strengths and weaknesses," Crystal went on, unswayed. "For example, Elekid is an Electric type. So..."
"I KNOW!" Ace shouted. "What in Celestia's name is wrong with you? Do you have some sort of brain disorder that forces you to give tutorials on things I already know?!"

Excuse me while I go and die laughing.

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