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This... was actually really funny.

Very good, i liked this.



upvoted for the last line

Comment posted by Glowing Ember deleted Oct 24th, 2014

Ah don't care if it's for science; y'all need ta stop raping people, Twilight :ajbemused:

I am... But... Wha? I don't even know.

The ending gets an upvote by itself.


HAH! Sixty Nine upvotes!!!

I'm not sure how I'm supposed to feel about this.

5181228 I don't think there's enough gold in the treasury for the therapy he'll (they'll) need. Is one of the bottles labeled F.S.?(Flash), or L.S. (Lord Sombra?), or maybe D. (Discord?):pinkiesick:

5182109 If there was a "D" jar, it would probably be any color besides white. Maybe tie-dye...

5182331 Granny Smith's dirty little secret revealed:

"Who's that moaning in the barn, Granny?" :applecry:

"I told you to stay inside and put on your bunny suit!"


That's fucked up

That last line made this fic, and that last line is the only reason why I will favorite this.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~


Admittedly, that's really the only way a story like this can possibly end. Just gotta cross that second line.

...I was kinda hoping the last line was going to be 'Can we do this again?'

well... I suppose she is trying to even out the male to female ratio by isolating the mutation that makes males so rare
Scientific explaination
getting ready to create a sperm bank?
logical explaination
what duh buck did I just read?
actual reaction

5179001 :pinkiegasp: wow, I didn't expect to see you here
>emphasis on the evil smirk
not roleplay, just a silly name reference lol

Dat ending...:facehoof:


Well, Twilight did get the D...

I'll... uh, I-I'll show myself out.

This is one of the strangest stories I've ever read. But it was funny as hell.
I've got just one thing to say though, and that is, what the hell!?

5223838 A lot of people seem to have close to the same reaction, and each time I only wonder why they'd click on a story that visibly warns them of what's inside only to be surprised when it's exactly what I warned them about. WARNING: Unwanted incestuous alicorn fellatio. It would be a little different if i called it "Scootaloo Plays In An Empty Box For An Hour" and then pulled a big switchero, but you get what you get.

I'd read that. I'd also read one called "Scootaloo Plays With Her Empty Box For An Hour", (where 'box' is innuendo, in case it isn't clear.)

Do you know what episode the vector in the cover is from? At the very least, do you know where you got the picture?

He knew it must have affected her terribly, for during his long story she bit her lower lip in distain while her breathing became labored. At one point she even slid a hoof underneath the covers, most likely to rub at her aching stomach that must have been troubling her upon hearing of Shining’s incestuous tale.

Lost it here. Poor Shining, everypony enjoying his misfortune like this, and he doesn't even realize it until far too late. But at least he's getting lasagna out of the deal somehow. :pinkiehappy:

... We're still going to get Night Light's story in the narrative, aren't we. :trixieshiftright:

The first chapter made sense.

The second feels like a tack-on, with stupid sprinkled liberally all over it. Then again, I should have forseen that with all the tags being used.


Poor Shiny, sex is never going to be the same ever again for him :pinkiesad2: I guess, in Equestria, rape is fine if it's your sister and wife doing it? :twilightblush:

5272897 Wait a minute there... you're saying the first part made sense? :rainbowlaugh:



*SMACK* What the fuck?

Owwwwwww... What do you mean and why did you smack me?

Why? Why did you fuck your BBBFF?

Ummmm... For scientific purposes?

In the context of my expectations upon reading the description, yes

I do like the idea of everypony else enjoying themselves with the situation, and Shining being completely unable to understand why they have no problems.
However, having Shining constantly begging for things to stop, during the act itself, tends to make these just a bit too rapey for me to enjoy, and that's too bad because I really love Twining.

5272815 I think that might be where I'll draw the line but I've been wrong before

5273119 "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few," Gandalf the Grey from Harry Potter.

I'm bad person, I laughed at the end.

Some typos:

the difference between them is there relationship to me.

their relationship

forgoing the first few inches to devoir all that she could muster.


No could he shut his eyes to pretend it was only Cadence treating his body in such a miraculous manner

Nor could he

This is what a good son might would have said:

"Hey Dad. There's something you should know before you go in..."

But nope. All Shining can do is greet and bolt. He explained in the next chapter that he was just too shaken up, but come on dude. Just imagine how your father is going to feel when he walks out of that tree. Just, imagine...

Shining’s apprehension only grew. “Why do I feel nervous all a sudden?”

“Because you’re not relaxing.

Ya know, that is true, no matter the situation. Upvoted.

but the only sample remaining is from one of my own siblings. Which is why I asked you to come today.” She paused. “I mean come here today.”

Nice save, Twi.

He mumbled, “Cadence hasn’t done anything like this since the wedding.”

Really?! Princess of Love my ass.

“Please tell me you’re not going to swallow!”

I find it hilarious that THIS is the scrap of innocence he's desperately trying to hold onto.

“This isn’t for fun, Shining. It’s for science!”

And only science could make a blowjob simultaneously awesome and horrifying.

And now I try and forget this ever happened, he thought, as he stumbled towards the entrance.

I think they have a spell for that.

... Isn't it redundant to say "vegetarian" lasagna when you're an herbivore? I mean, there might be SOME species that makes meat lasagna in Equestria, but obviously the assumption would be a lack of meat.

Hold on, I had another thought in here somewhere...

Oh, right.
That was super rude of Twilight to tell Shining that his penis was the SECOND best during afterglow, even if he probably didn't even register that at the moment.
Not to mention it's largely baseless; she admitted herself that she didn't have sex often, so she must have been working with a very small sample size.

...Not saying a syllable.... NOT because something similar to this happened to me.

...I come from a family of scientists, come oonnnnn!

“Is your sister still looking for research subjects?”

Shining then slammed the door on him.

Hah.... Yesh.

And the second best cock in Equestria.

...Big Mac or Daddy? Or Spike, maybe? Child incest rape wouldn't be too too big of a jump from this... Would it?

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