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I prefer writing and reading original stuff, with a sinful taste to abnormality, darling. :raritywink:


(I clearly will say that I am the first, so far on this site, to make a pairing with these two. It was in my head and had to be brought to life! My Little Pony and all its stuff is own by Hasbro. Thank you very much.)

Being a fanfiction writer is one of Shining Armor's greatest traits than being a captain of the royal guard. After finding out that nopony made a fanfic on FiMfiction Ponynet (Ponynet will be mentioned in the fic for future reference), he takes it as his obligation to make it happen and be the first. Deciding to take a break, he leaves his room, accidentally knocking over a magical potion that wets his work on paper, bringing Mane-iac to life. She is persistent in believing that she is in her world still and that he is her husband, causing the poor stallion to struggle with his life, hiding her from Cadence and the rest of the pony society, and trying to figure a way to return her back into the fictional world.

Life can be a cruel mistress, can it not?

(Note: Not all of the chapters are going to be mature. I will warn you if one has a clop scene in it. I promise because I have to! -Points at the rulessssss- I also don't own the image, the source is there so you can click it and find out! -smiles-)

Chapters (4)
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Liked just because of the originality of the pairing. I haven't even read this yet. (I will soon, though)

Edit: This is pretty funny. It seems a bit rushed, but given that you wanted to be the first to post this shipping, I can understand. With a bit of editing, I think a proper troll-shipfic or a legitimate comedy of errors could be made from this.

3886463 Thank you very much! I do plan to edit this and get it re-edit by a friend very soon when I have the time. I kind of see it being a troll-shipfic, but I'm going to allow others decide what they think and how my mind will process the comedic madness poor Shining has to get through.:raritywink: A rarity for you and...

3886615 A rarity for you!:raritywink:

I'll put in a bit to Continue. Though I recommend finding an editor or reading through what you wrote, I spotted a fair amount of errors in grammar and spelling.

And you might want to tone it down a bit with the pony puns. That may just be me, but I rolled my eyes a few times at the more stretched ones. Like Coltpan.

3889773 Coltpan was no pun, more of the only thing I can think of Japan being ponified. I only inserted a few puns, not a lot to the point it puts the story into an asphyxia state. Though, thank you for reading and telling me the errors. I am aware and will handle them before I get an editor. :pinkiehappy: Oh...a Rarity for you!:raritywink:

Ok really E. I. Xirt ... Trixie. Luanda Sol...Luna. Daring Doo...LOL...Daring Doo.:pinkiesmile:

3943099 I only implied one name from a clopfic I really, really liked from Swiper The Fox. Honestly, I HAVE NO SHAME! :rainbowwild:

Oh, and a Rarity for you.:raritywink:

Threesome! End this story with a threesome!

"When you write someone interrupting-"

"-You do it like this!" followed by saying who interrupted.

New line, new speaker still applies, you just need to identify who began speaking and who then interrupted them.

Liked it already, but would like this chapter if the site let me.

4987594 By site letting you, what do you mean, darling? And thank you for the advise.


Oh, umm, as in If I could like chapters the same way one might like a story they found.

4997365Oh, I get it now. I thought you were going through a minor error on here.

Will be expecting when Shining will get lucky and just keep Cadence, Chrysalis and Mane-iac as lovers... Else... Let the comedy ensue! :pinkiehappy:

fanfiction within a fanfiction?....can you say
time to wake up, give him the buck XD

Random flash out of nowhere. Not that I mind that ship, just odd. Thought he was in the crystal kingdoms...

The dialog was a might bit confusing, but otherwise, the story was funny. Best part of having a shallow character like Shining armor is that a writer can take whatever direction they want with him. GJ, and I'm interested in how Chrysalis will help/hurt the situation. She'll likely be just as much a pain as Maneiac in this situation.

Didn't Mane-iac get an "explanation" about Cadence from Shining Armor in the 2nd chapter? Because the 3rd chapter makes it sound like she has no idea who she is, am I just misreading something or what? Love the story by the way, would love to have Cadence worked into this somehow, threesome preferable:rainbowwild:.

Author you are so dead. Shining will kill you

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