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Hmmm... If I had that kind of dire situation back in my world and they were using that argument on me, I would have made a big play for ponies coming to MY world. Ponies are suckers for lines about duty and friendship and how much more good they could do on earth rather than Equestria.

I mean if the friendship is destined then the ponies are being the ones who are messing it up by not following you back.

I'd hate to say this but given the opportunity...I'd stay and never look back :fluttershysad: I can't say that I love earth. It's a cruel and unforgiving world. some people can't handle that, me included.
I guess you could say I'm selfish:twilightblush:

I felt that was necessary. And from Twilight's perspective, it's basically what the protagonist is doing; throwing himself into a lethal environment for the good of others. Really, with that kind of willingness to sacrifice himself, I'm surprised this guy doesn't have any friends.

In all, an excellent look at the ties that bind, and how they might restrain us from pastel pony paradise. Thank you for it. I also liked how the native of each world narrated when the human was in each.

Why? It is not their responsibility, any more than it is your responsibility to go to Africa and treat people with AIDS and Ebola and trying to keep warring tribes apart.

There's no reason why you can't be useful in another world, and indeed, in a better world, you're actually likely to be more useful - over time, the world has become an increasingly better place, and individual people have become increasingly useful and valuable.

There is a saying:

We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell.

Earth isn't a terrible, unforgiving place. In fact, quite the opposite.

Hell isn't in the world; it is in you.

And that's a real flaw with the story; if you are utterly friendless, chances are that isn't going to change just because you stepped through a magic portal to ponyland. Whatever factors prevented you from making friends here are just as likely to be present there, because, as they say, the common factor in all your failures is you.

I don't think you're obligated to not step through a portal, as I noted before, no matter how important your job is here, because there is no reason to believe that you might not be just as useful elsewhere as well - and maybe more so.

As Clint Black once said:

Nice. Short and to the point.

The people risking thier lives to fight ebola right now came to mind near the end.


I said duty, friendship, and fulfillment of the destiny that the ponies themselves brought up.

I did NOT say responsibility.

They do not have any responsibility for our problems, but they could feel a duty to fix them in friendship, to accept the destiny manifested by the existence of the portal itself.

Having preread it back before the final polish, I think the shift in perspective does overall help the central section. Regardless, good to see this posted.

Da feels!:fluttercry: they feel so sad but so good.

I feel like the pacing was this story's biggest flaw. If you had dragged it out a bit more, it would have felt more natural. Of course, the portal would close soon, but that doesn't justify it. Another thing, you need to give their relationship a bit more time to settle. I feel like this would have been better as a short multi-chapter fic.

Other than that, pretty good. I liked it.

And then, after a series of implausible events and unlikely coincidences, Protagonist winds up back in Equestria anyway, because that's what happens when you try to fight Destiny. :facehoof:

Your concept isn't bad. However, I don't think it fit well into such a short format.

A good read, and a good sentiment to get across, but it's a little anvilicious there at the end. Also weirdly negative how certain twilight is that he has no friends. Still though, interesting take on HiE.

That was actually a pretty touching story. In fact, I'd go out and say this guy was one of the most heroic characters in a HiE fic I've ever seen: Even though he has no friends and is in a job that constantly exposes him to the bad side of humanity, he still feels an obligation to serve his fellow man. This gets a Like.

that is depressing :fluttercry:

I liked this and felt it justified the human's choices pretty well. I just wish it had been three times the length.

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