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With a heavy heart and an empty journal, Rarity heads north.

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How could you write another fanfic, Cherax...
You've doomed us all!

6172794 had to show the world i ain't no one-hit wonder

Reads like dry toast and over cooked oat meal ,,,,flows like crude oil on a frozen Alaskan plain .......:raritycry:

6172900 thank you (♡´❍`♡)*✧ ✰ 。*

6173005 Others might like the reading but to me it read really dry. Lost some good friends growing up sure didn't have the feels for me.

soul searcher is just sore that memes are more popular than her art

This might be one of the most emotional and atmospheric short stories I've read. The mood is incredibly well crafted and you make great use of the dynamic between Rarity's physical and emotional journies to help the story flow. The theme may not perhaps be the most unique concept for a short story to explore but there's a lot of depth to it and you explore it very poignantly. And, most importantly, it was a fully engrossing and entertaining read.

Except you made me look up three words. How dare you.

Moving. Slow but it flows. Very good.

6177079 Ohhh boy, it's been said so much better by so many other people! (I think La Dispute's "Wildlife" takes the cake.) Sorry not sorry for all my $5 words. I am actually a huge pretentious asshole. The more you know. Thank you for reading! You are my sunshine. <3

6177098 Thanks for reading!

It took so long for me to get to it (I'm so sorry about that! ;w; ), but now that I have, I just have to say that this is one of the most emotionally powerful writings I've read in the fandom. The perspective you have on Rarity with both her journal and with her personal thoughts really brings a new depth of an experience.

The most I loved about it, though, was the ending. It is the deep, thoughtful philosophy of life brought upon by tragedy to keep moving on; and it is something I know all too much. <3 Just because something is sad doesn't mean it isn't beautiful. After all, is it coincidence that the most beautiful of moments in life bring tears? Emotions, for the positive to exist, the opposing negative must be put into perspective. The more drastic the negative, the more potential light we can be driven to see as long as we learn to open our eyes.

To put all my thoughts into two words (and an emoticon): thank you. :twilightsmile:

6299548 Yeah! What you said!

I asked on another fic why nobody writes about Grampa Smith. Then I got directed here.
Feels are OP, plz nerf.


6547305 This will be fixed in the 1.2 update. Your patience is appreciated.

Wow. That was intense.


I am bringing a modest suitcase. Contents: boots, scarf and parka (with gorgeous matching paisley print), toothpaste, toothbrush, photo album, this journal, not my book
- I forgot my book
- I really wish I hadn't forgotten my book
- I know exactly where I left it too

This is hilarious and I have thought exactly this on many, many a train/flight. :rainbowlaugh:

Bloody hellfire.

I'm not sure I can do justice how much I like this story. The imagery is gorgeous, but Rarity, oh Rarity is a masterpiece. The journal entries are inspired, and her character just bleeds through the page.

...It's stories like this that make me simultaneously question why I'm writing when I know I'll never be this good, and at the same time give me a burning desire to get better.

It's stories like this that make it worth reading fanfiction, because I'll be damned if this isn't better than half of the published stuff I've ever read.

Have a review, of sorts. More of a recommendation and outpouring of emotion, really. It's right at the bottom.

6584405 Life goal: make a limited-edition run of Sundowner Season hardcovers just so I can put your review on the back. You're the best, man. I'm not sure if SS is very 'accessible,' let alone 'good,' so I dearly treasure anyone who gets something out of it. Thanks you :raritywink:

Oh I definitely got something out of it. :twilightsmile: I honestly cannot wait to see what you do next - you've quickly shot up to becoming one of my favourite authors on this site, only having read this and your short stories.

I'm going to have to look at Cerulean soon too...

6589381 That means a lot knowing how ridiculously much you read! (How do you do it?) I'm planning to put fanfic on the backburner for a while to focus on music, but when Sundowner Season 2: Sundown With a Vengeance is done, rest assured, you'll be the first to know.


That means a lot knowing how ridiculously much you read! (How do you do it?)

Heheh, don't mention it. As for how I read so much - waaaaay too much procrastination, combined with just being a fast and voracious reader. Reading has been my favourite pastime as long as I can remember, and as much as I love other form of entertainment I doubt I'll ever lose that love of the written word.
On a side note - I don't know if you noticed (and considering how dead the group is right now, I'm not sure how much it matters), but I did an (admittedly rather lazy) short piece for Sundowner as my Spotlight piece for this month over here. Just thought you'd like to know. :twilightsmile:

I'm planning to put fanfic on the backburner for a while to focus on music

That's awesome! I hope that goes well for you! :pinkiehappy: If you release any, I'd love to have a listen. Is your channel "Cherax Destructor"? Because if so woooooaaaah. That's some great music. :pinkiegasp:
...Although apparently I knew that already, since I'm following you on bandcamp. But seriously, I'm listening to this song "Sweetie Belle" on repeat. You're good.
...Thaaaat is if you are Cherax Destructor. I kind of assumed, what with the name and all. If you're not - I'd still love to have a listen!

when Sundowner Season 2: Sundown With a Vengeance is done, rest assured, you'll be the first to know

Awwwww yeah. Can't wait for Sundowner Season 3: Sunset's Sundown Showdown too! :derpytongue2:

6596816 I hope with time and practice I can become as voracious as you. My Read it Later list is becoming increasingly hopeless, but your avatar's scornful infant gaze is an excellent motivator to stop watching trashy anime and get readin'!
I am indeed Cherax Destructor, and I am running out of ways to say thank you. You have to stop being so supportive, okay? >_>
Future art critics: "Personally, I think the Sundowner series jumped the shark with Episode VII: Sun Down or Die Trying..."


I am indeed Cherax Destructor

Okay, to reiterate, holy crap your music is amazing

My Read it Later list is becoming increasingly hopeless

MIne currently stands at 2634...
What am I doing with my life? ;_;

your avatar's scornful infant gaze is an excellent motivator to stop watching trashy anime and get readin'!

Glad to be of service! ^_^

You have to stop being so supportive, okay? >_>

That's the one thing I can't do, sorry. :derpytongue2:

Anyway, I'll stop clogging up your comment feed now (sorry about that).

6623674 2634?? God have mercy on your soul. Let me know when you cull that down to 0 and I will write a ballad about your epic struggle. Feel free to clog up my comments / PMs / IRL mailbox any time you like. :raritywink:

Excellent read. Very emotional and compelling writing. Good

6652806 Thank you (✿´ ꒳ ` )

Hell of a story; polished and full of stuff that makes you reflect on your own life.

6740044 Thanks for reading! Don't get too caught up in self-reflection, now. Remember to take a break, go outside, eat some fruit.

Author Interviewer

"Present Perfect?" he called out into the silence.


Do you feel called out?

I won't lie, there are points here where it feels like Rarity's so deep in her own navel that her horn's poking out of her back. But the ending was a fantastic catharsis and began a beautiful healing process. Thank you for this.

The mare raised her eyebrows. "You'd be surprised. You know that rainbow is basically toxic? There's a reason they're throwing it all out. It's like, super high-concentration magic. Any wild animals around here drink it - and it's right next to the rain basins, so you know they do - it's like a system overload for them. They pretty much just stop working, just like that. You go down to the bottom of those falls, you'll find all these petrified little animal bodies all along the stretch of the river. Crazy stuff." She glanced out the window at the flats. "That's the beauty of nature for you."

I wonder what chemtrail conspiracy theorists in Equestria are like.

Oh God that's so sad! I thought they'd just broken up or something for a while!

This is a truly standout story.
Wonderfully written and executed with exceptional characterisation and presentation of Rarity. It's such a rich piece of writing. You should really be proud of yourself.
This truly deserves its place in the RCL, and permit me to add a selfish slant on that because I feel very fortunate that they featured it.

Great work! :twilightsmile:

Very late review notification! In short: this does more than enough to get an upvote from me, notably thanks to the writing itself being beautiful. On the downside, the diary's purpose doesn't feel consistent all the way through.

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