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Horse musician, occasional dramatic reader, even occasional-er author.

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In a sudden, vicious fit of motivation and positivity, Cherax challenges herself to write a one-shot every week for the month of September. This is that.

1: Dreams of a Life of Petty Crime - Rarity and Soul Searcher accidentally dine-and-dash.
2: The Good Kind of Crazy - Coco Pommel solves a mystery at the theatre, with relative ease.
3: No Reprise - Why invest in love when love can't even go as planned?
4: In the Space Between Somethings - Twilight sits, and waits, and worries.
5: Summer Silence - A short poem on Equestrian summer.

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With a heavy heart and an empty journal, Rarity heads north.

Chapters (3)

Twelve scenes from the many lives of Rainbow Dash, inspired by the songs from Baths' Cerulean. Best enjoyed while listening along to the album.

(Thanks to Fluttersyke, And the Rainfall, and HarryMess for pre-reading, RoughBacon for the cover art, and Baths for the wonderful music.)

Dramatic reading by presentperfect!

Chapters (12)