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In a sudden, vicious fit of motivation and positivity, Cherax challenges herself to write a one-shot every week for the month of September. This is that.

1: Dreams of a Life of Petty Crime - Rarity and Soul Searcher accidentally dine-and-dash.
2: The Good Kind of Crazy - Coco Pommel solves a mystery at the theatre, with relative ease.
3: No Reprise - Why invest in love when love can't even go as planned?
4: In the Space Between Somethings - Twilight sits, and waits, and worries.
5: Summer Silence - A short poem on Equestrian summer.

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6411600 I dream of a more perfect world where no-one goes to art school... (Thanks for reading!)

Oh wow. This is amazing.

6492258 Thank you, surprised infant child!

That's a new one! :rainbowlaugh:
But genuinely, I'm loving these shorts. They also serve as timely reminders that I should really read Sundowner Season...

6497735 Pshaw, no hurry - it is nowhere near as fun as these shorts...

Author Interviewer

Don't you think it's… cool?

No, you are not cool yet. <.<

Author Interviewer

I was expecting another piece of people sitting around talking, but the mystery/thriller aspect worked out pretty darn well. :)

Author Interviewer

I really like this, but then I hate ScratchTavia. :D

Author Interviewer

Ah yes, TwiDash. Always a pleasure. :3

Author Interviewer

Not bad at all.

6969622 I'll take it! Thanks for the reviews, friend. (I really do have a phobia of "said." It may be time to try exposure therapy.)

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