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knighty #1 · Jul 31st, 2014 · · 1 ·

Ok normally I hate these comments but....holy shit this came out of nowhere.....


ARISE, THREAD... er, author. Arise, author.

Missed you too, knighty.

Damn, haven't seen you in a while! I needed something to read tonight, thank you.


Damn, that was good. Is this actually incomplete or did you just forget to label it?

Yaaaaay sleeplessbrony is alive! My hero!

Also, daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn. I don't care how late you are to the Flutterbat party, you rocked the hell out of it. I've been dying to see you write Fluttermac for months and even though it wasn't Clouds/Earth this was well worth the wait.

Please keep being alive, that would be really awesome of you.


Jesus. She tore him up and he just went with it. Good job Mac, your the the perfect boyfriend for a vampire. You can take an asskicking and bled dry and not only live but feel relatively fine afterwords. But now I'm curious, is he going to start feeling an unending thirst that can't be sated by juice? I can't wait for the next chapter^^

You are a master, and this is the start of a masterpiece. I am so glad you take the time to make wonderfully written stories. I have not the words to adequately review this, and so will not attempt a serious review.

10/10. Would bang.

Hey look. It's Knighty! :heart:

Oh my...

This will be fun.

I'm a sucker for Flutterbat.

~Skeeter The Lurker

I'm kind of wondering what excuse Big Mac tries to come up with when explaining to his sister how his bed got broken :ajbemused::eeyup:

That said, this is both hilarious and hot as hell. More, please.


...Oh fuck you're right.

That was entirely unintentional...

~Skeeter The Lurker

You use the term "arms" to describe forelegs. Which makes me think: Anthro. Just saying.

4781328 Flutters needs to get instructions from Dracula before she knows how to do that.

There is nothing about this that was not amazing. Nothing.
And thank you for using the term strigoi. While in the more literal i believe strigoi devoured spirits as opposed to blood. I may be wrong on that but either way it is a superior term.

So from reading the description and reading the title, I have a feeling Big Mac is not going to have a happy time.

Oh good, there's an Incomplete tag. :yay:

I did NOT see this coming. Welcome back. :eeyup:

Kind of reminiscent of the World of Darkness vampires, which is always good. I've been a little underwealmed with the vampire fics as of late, but this one shows promise. Fluttershy's trying to adapt to uncontrollable bloodlust and physical lust, as the primal, dehumanizing traits vampires often invoke. It's a great parallel where more power makes us less human.

But if Fluttershy was so desperately trying to get laid, why not choose Luna who was literally offering herself to Fluttershy two feet away from her?



I will direct your attention to point one on the chart. While forelegs are frequently used to describe said legs, they are more properly called arms. You might also be interested to know that ponies have toes, four of them, one on the end of foot, and yes, they are called feet. Unless he uses the word hand, I think you can assume the story is not anthro.

4783288 Maybe because A: She was lusting after Big Mac earlier, and B: She's not attracted to mares like that?

No, not really.

Commence read.

Looks like Luna really wished to help and guide Fluttershy, unknowingly getting results.

Big Mac should be feeling the aftereffects in the morning.

Good to see you back! I've missed your writing. This was excellent writing, fun, and pretty damned sexy. :yay:

Awesome to see you back! Just a few critiques:

"two and fro" should be "to and fro"
"tight with anticipation" should be "tightened with anticipation"
"the ponies eyes" should be "the pony's eyes"
"they very definition" should be "the very definition"

Also curious why you included "It will make a lovely home for Princess Sparkle, I am sure.” after the last episode

You should make a sequel where after this night Big Mac slowly starts turning into a vampony and ends up turning his whole family that would be a great follow up to this story:twilightsmile:

I'm pretty sure you're the only author where I see "Incomplete" on a story and say, "Oh, good!"

Still hungry. Apples, consuming her thoughts again. One big, green apple in particular.

Flutterbat howled, long and loud into the night, and sprang up into the stars, snarling as she swept away on wings grown great and terrible with blood-stoked thirst. She dimly heard Luna call out after her, but she neither understood nor cared what the Princess had to say.

They were just gibberish pony noises, after all.

* * *

*deep breath*
*breathes out slowly*
It has been very refreshing up to this point. It reminds me of the fics I used to burn through like a chain smoker when I first found this site (and a similar magnitude of addiction as well).
In case that was confusing, I'm trying to say that it was near euphoric to read this up to this point.

It certainly didn’t help that he had a raging, throbbing hard on.

Only once before have I seen such a massive leap in tone in such a short amount of words.
The phrase was "*wink*."

4778292 picture was too big

Awesome story.

with the title like that
you knew what you where doing!
you fucking knew what you where doing! XD

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