• Published 9th Jul 2014
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Ten Against One - DJSkywalker

Ben had a bad life on Earth, with ten others sharing his mind. Then, one day he was sent to a far away land and the voices stopped. He thought he was free, but they only became stronger. This is their story.

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10 Against 682

*****(Third Person POV... again)*****

(This time, it's Discord's fault. I beg your pardon?!)

“Ugh, where am I?” Ben asked as he sat up. He rubbed his head, trying to draw on the memories of what happened. “Aw man, Power what kind of trouble did you get me into this time?” He looked around at his surroundings and groaned. “Oh great, I’m in jail… again.” He facepalmed, getting up to look around the room.

Ben touched and inspected the walls, noting the different runes placed about. “Rune magic. That’s ancient right there, even before my time.” He lightly tapped his fist against the wall. “Solidly constructed. This place is built for serious prisoners.”

A voice crackled over the intercom, “That it is, AEC 10000, built to contain even that strange white creature you were transformed into. Now that you’re awake, please look to your left.”

As Ben turned, he noticed a small section of the slightly glowing wall flicker and turn blue, projecting a woman’s face.

He blinked for a minute before sighing and pinching the bridge of his nose. “Look, I don’t know what Power did to tick you guys off, but whatever it was I swear I’ll pay for the damages. Can you just let me go now? I need to contact Discord.”

“AEC 10000, I’m afraid that until the Foundation Board clears your Safe class status, you won’t be going anywhere. I’m not sure what you want with AEC 1024, but you won’t be seeing him until I get a very good explanation.”

“Look lady, I need to get back home. And another thing, my name is Ben, not AEC 10000, and I’m human in case you couldn’t tell. Now as a prince of Equestria, I am ordering you to let me out of here.”

“File is now updated, AEC 10000, alias: Ben. I’m sorry Ben, but as much as you say you’re Safe, I can’t chance the safety of the staff here just on your word. And I don’t know where you’re from, but if you’re a Prince in that Universe, you sure as hell aren’t one here. Look, just sit tight for the next hour, alright? I’ll try to get your classification through as quickly as possible… to be honest, none of us really want you here, but regulations and such. Oh, and by the way, I am Head Researcher Stable Mind of the Anomalous Entity Containment Foundation. Welcome to Site 63.”

Ben clenched his fist, his anger rising phenomenally. “Fine,” he said through gritted teeth. “You get one hour to let me out of here. But you listen and you listen good, if I’m here any longer, I will get out of here. And when I do… I’m coming for you.” He pointed right at Stable, fury in his eyes. “And you’ll find out why where I come from, I’m Public Enemy numbers One through Ten. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, I do. But if you intend to kill me, Ben, I must warn you: I may not be the best person on the planet, but this entire Site’s collection of entities is under my command, and I know of one that will defend any personnel against any threat. His name is 682. Oh, and he’s standing here with me.”

The camera moved, zooming out and revealing the absolutely massive reptile curled up behind the woman. The beast was built like a tank and felt deadly even through the video feed.

“So, food for thought-” The woman’s console bleeped, startling the woman, “-Oh would you look at that, the board has seen fit to grant you provisional Safe class status. Please head through the door to your right.”

A door hissed open, revealing a hallway connected to the very room Stable Mind and 682 had been in. Ben walked out, stopping for a moment to place his hand on the wall. Ben whispered to the Omnitrix, “Scan these runes, run all preventive functions, but keep it quiet.” The watch beeped in response. A moment later, Ben was walking down the corridor and into that very room.

“Hello AEC 10000--” Ben decked her to the ground, causing the entire room to go silent.

“Never. Imprison me. Again. Got it?” Ben asked, his tone forceful and commanding. He looked over and saw ‘682’ along with a woman standing near him.

So…. any reason why you just decked the seventeenth most important person in Equestria?” The lizard shifted into a distinctly reptilian human as it spoke, crossing its arms and glaring.

“Maybe he’s just a jerk?” the other woman suggested, patting her companions head.

“The one thing you never do to me, is hold me against my will,” Ben said, calming down significantly. “I don’t care how your world works, but in mine we treat diplomats and ambassadors with respect and hospitality.”

The reptile stared, “When the Foundation found you, you were destroying Canterlot. Thanks to you, at least five thousand people died. Not exactly diplomat material from where I stand, asshole.”

“Language,” Ben chided. “And good thing that wasn’t me, then.” He smiled, swiping a sandwich off the console, no doubt belonging to the woman who was still trying to get up off the floor. “Ooh, this is good. Turkey? Haven’t had turkey in a while.”

The other woman rolled her eyes before taking on a perplexed look, “Your mitochondria are rather strange...” she spoke, her eyes glowing.

“My what?”

The only other male in the room finally grunted in frustration, “Okay, let’s start this over! Hello, my name is Drake Long, this is my friend Elizabeth Mason. The woman you just decked- Doc, you okay?” “Yes” “Good. The woman you just decked is Stable Mind, one of the smartest people I know… though she’s kinda a bitch sometimes-” “Hey!” “-Calling it like I see it, Doc. Anyway, welcome to Equestria. What’s your name?”

“Name’s Ben. Ben Ten. Older brother to the Princess Sisters and personal friend of Princess Twilight and the Council of Friendship. I suppose it’s nice to meet you both as well.” Ben took the last bite of the sandwich, enjoying the familiar taste. “I’ll tell you what, she may be a jerk, but she’s got a good taste in meat.”

Drake twitched, tail carving a small groove into the floor, “Well… you know Doc Twilight then… I guess the Council of Friendship would be the Elements of Harmony, which constitutes AECs 1-6. And yeah, I guess turkey’s pretty cool. I like beef better, though…”

Elizabeth looked at him, confused, “I thought you said you liked pork?”

“I like both!”

Ben drooled a bit. “Oh pork. How much I miss bacon. It’s been so long since I’ve had that delicious, juicy, crunchy food of the gods. And don’t diss me on that, I know it’s the food of the gods. They keep a plate of unlimited bacon up on Olympus.”

“Olympus is a thing? Oh wait, of course it’s a thing. Multiverse, duh. Anyway, we don’t have bacon in the cafeteria… cheap asshats… but there’s a great diner a few miles from here. I suppose we could take you there…”

“Unfortunately, I can’t stay. I gotta get in contact with Discord and get back home. I’m only here because I had to let Power out and asked Discord to send me somewhere I wouldn’t harm my friends.”

“I don’t know any Discord’s sorry,” Elizabeth said with a shake of her head.

“Not here!” Ben said with a sigh. “My watch has a communicator built into it.” He tapped the watch and started to talk into it. “Hey. Hey! Discord, can ya hear me?”

There was only static for a moment, but then, “Ah! There you are Bennyboy! Was wondering when you’d finally snap back to normal. I bet you’re wanting to come home aren’t you?”

“Uh, duh.” Then Ben stopped for a moment. “Oh don’t tell me!”

“Yeah, sorry, but it’s taking some time trying to find which world I dropped you into. Shouldn’t be more than a few hours at most. Then we’ll have right home in time for tea! Just sit tight! TTFN: Ta ta for now!” There was a beep, indicating the end of the call.

“Wait! Discord! Urgh, ack, guh!” Ben stuttered angrily. “Gah! That stupid little...ugh, he’s more annoying now than he was five thousand years ago!”

“Hm... maybe that watch is why your mitochondria are so weird,” Elizabeth said, leaning closer to inspect it.

“Oi!” Ben said, pulling the watch back. “No touch. It’s a dangerous device.”

“Heh, I’m dangerous too ya know,” she said with a giggle, “If I wasn’t I wouldn’t be here.”

“Don’t care,” Ben practically growled at her. “You are not going anywhere the only thing that keeps me sane, any of you!” He shouted, pointing at everyone present.

“Just relax,” she said putting her hands up, “I assure you, we won’t harm you, as long as you don’t cause any trouble.”

“I’m not the one you should be worried about,” he replied with a dark smirk.

“Eh, I’m pretty sure you can’t kill me,” she said shrugging her shoulders.

“I don’t kill,” Ben said simply as he began to toy with the watch. “Spin that, type in this, punch here and there, and… done! Ha, well, I thought that would be harder.”


“Wouldn’t you like to know?” Ben said mockingly.

“Not really, I’m still working on your mitochondria,” she said shrugging, “They’re fascinating really,” she spoke softly, her eyes still glowing.

“Uh… thanks, I guess? Whatever they are.”

“They’re the parts of your cells that produce energy. I’m communicating with them,” she explained, watching him intently.

“That’s… really creepy.”

“I could tell them to make you combust or just melt you into goo...”

Ben’s eyes went wide, stepping away from her. “Omnitrix, keep Alien X on standby. Any cellular anomalies, activate said transformation.” The watch beeped in confirmation.

“Oh relax, I’m not going to do it,” she rolled her eyes, “I’m not a monster.”

“Not gonna take your word on it,” Ben shook his head. “Not taking that risk.”

“Jerk,” she said with a pout.

Drake stepped in, “Now now, Beth, don’t bother the man with a reality warping alien on speed dial…. you are referring to the Ben 10 alien, right? I mean, what with the name and the alien…. Your hair isn’t exactly tame enough for the show’s Ben… but the way you introduced yourself as ‘Ten’ instead of Tennyson… are you a Displaced?”

“Yep, that’s me. I’m not Tennyson, would like to meet him someday, though.”

“I see. Well, since you’re going to be here for a while… bacon. Yes or no?”

“Oh, might as well,” Ben moaned. “Lead the way.”

“Right then, come on, it’s just a quick flight over. Don’t worry about authorization, Doc Mind’ll give us the go ahead, right?” Drake looked expectantly at the recovering woman.






“Come ooooonnnn…”


“I’ll bring you back your normal order of coffee if you let us go~”

“....Fine. You three are cleared. Now get out of my way, I need an icepack and some pain killers.” She shoved the three from the room and stormed off, searching for her aforementioned objects.

Ben snorted amused. “Heh, wimp. That wouldn’t have done anything to a pony.”

“We’re humans, asshat. Most of these people are scientists and don’t have any resistance to being injured other than the natural anti-mauling enchantments. If you’re gonna be a douche about all the people here, man, do it where none of us can hear it, please.”

“Fine, but you’re not making your case any better,” Ben said as he strutted through the exit door. “After all, I hate humans. Now come on! I’m hungry!”

Drake looked at Elizabeth, “This fucker would get along great with SCP 682 when he isn’t in one of his bloodrages…”

“Well I’m not actually human,” Elizabeth stated, locking arms with Drake.

“Don’t really care, now do I?” Ben said. “I’m just stuck here, so it doesn’t really matter to me if you are or aren’t.”

“....Asshat.” The nonhuman pair strode over to a window overlooking a massive chasm, Drake slicing through it and jumping out in a massive unfurling of leathery wings, Elizabeth floating out gracefully with glowing eyes.

Ben sighed, activating the Omnitrix. He wheeled through a few before selecting one. He slapped it down, transforming into a big, red and yellow creature with glider like wings and long,skinny tail. “Jetray!” he shouted as he jumped into the air, immediately catching up to them. “Why was that place built on a cliff?”

Drake stared, now in his more sleek, draconic form, “Because a lot of the things there can be neutralized by dropping them into the massive lava pit at the bottom of the chasm. Oh, and because one of the board members- fucking Reggie- complained about the lack of, and I quote, “Awesome Cliffside Lairs”.

“Stupid,” Ben muttered. “Now where can we get a bite to eat before that draconequus can get me home?”

Just down there, see that sign that says “420 Crave It”? That’s AEC 420’s pharmacy and diner. Don’t ask why the guy made a pharmacy and combined it with a diner. Just… don’t.

“Whatever,” Ben said as he flew down, transforming back to himself. “Let’s just get some food.”

Yeah yeah.” Drake landed and shifted back as well, pushing the double doors open and calling out, “Yo Snoopy! I’m back!”

And then a large, humanoid mass of vegetation came out of a door marked ‘Employees Only’, looking suspiciously like Snoop Dogg and wearing a large apron that read “Blaze the Cook”.

“Aww shit homie, you be rizzle for the Snoop-dizzle?”

“Hey!” Elizabeth said with a wave, “Long time no see!”

Ben saw the humanoid and just about turned and walked out. He pinched the bridge of his nose with a sigh. “I-I-I don’t even wanna know. Let’s just get the food and get gone.”

“Aw’right ma’ homies, I gotta 682 special for my D-rizzle here, and a Eve-y blaze for my lovely lady. Take a look at the menu, homes, tell the Doggy Dogg whatcha’ll want.”

“Bacon,” Ben handed the menu back, sighing deeply and trying to hold off the oncoming headache. “Just bacon, please.”

“Sure thing, brotha’. Got a order of the b-sizzle comin’ up on my grizzle right now. Sit tight, Snoop Doggy Dogg about to drop a phat mizzle.” The sentient mass of marijuana turned back to the grill, cooking like a pro while taking care not to drop any of its leaves into the food.

Ben took a seat at one of the tables, sighing deeply. Drake sat next to him and leaned back, arms behind his head, “Yeah, most people are like this the first time they see Snoop. Don’t worry, he’s perfectly nice… though why a sentient mass of marijuana looks and sounds like Snoop Dogg is beyond me.”

“He’s rather charming though,” Elizabeth said with a smile.

“He also sells a bunch of medical marijuana next door. I mean, I guess it makes sense?”

Ben was not amused. “I am getting very tired of this.”

“Wow, way to be a fucking downer, Ben. Just enjoy the hilarity of a Snoop Dogg made of weed. Yo, Snoopy, how’s the food?”

“Ii’s good homie, ii’s good.”

“I don’t even know who that is.”

Drake blinked, “Really? Huh. To each their own, I guess.”

“Look, I’m sorry if I’m being harsh, but I am getting sick and tired of all this Displaced nonsense. I don’t know why I’m getting dragged into it now, but I hate it. I keep ending up around the species who made my life a living nightmare. I just want to stay around my ponies.”

“If it helps, I’m not human, Eve’s not human, Snoopy ain’t human-” “And proud of it, son” “-Actually, no one in this town is a human, even if they look like it. We’re all AECs that have been classified as Safe. Hell, we have a sentient shadow that sells blinds and awnings and curtains a few streets over.”

“But you two,” he pointed at Drake and Eve, “Were born human. That’s enough for me.”

“.... Wow, that’s…. goddamn. You’re like a fucking Nazi, Hitler.”

Ben slammed his hands on the table, glaring at him. “Humans are the most despicable race I’ve ever met! I’ve met war-like griffons, tribal zebras, gladiatorial minotaurs, and peaceful ponies, and they are all better than my species. Humans destroyed my life, so I’m pretty sure I have enough leeway to say they are despicable.”

“Aw shit ma’ niggas, this betta not be some fighting I hear in ma’ diner. If’y’ wanna fight, take it outside, homie.” AEC 420 broke the tension, bearing plates piled high with food.

“Only if they start it,” Ben said as the plate was put in front of him. He took a piece and devoured it before they could blink.

Drake and Eve shrugged, “Hey, that’s fine by me. I get into enough fights on a daily basis. Well, fight’s done, let’s eat.” The two dug in, and for a long time, the diner was silent save for the sounds of eating, cooking, and other customers.

In less than two minutes Ben’s plate was devoid of food. “Well, it was okay.”

Drake shrugged, polishing off his massive burger, “Hey, never said it was the best. But it’s still damn good, yeah?”

“I suppose,” Ben admitted.

“So…. what do you wanna do now?”

“Besides go home?”

“Besides that, yes.”

“I don’t know. There’s pretty much nothing for me to do here.”

The lizardman frowned, trying to think of something to do, “Well, what do you normally like to do?”

“Uh...nothing. I don’t do much but help out the Elements every now and then. Can’t really go out as a human, after all.”

“Well then my self hating friend, allow ol’ cousin 682 to educate you on the finer aspects of the town of Aceville! Come on! Let’s go~” Drake grabbed ben and ran off, throwing a few bills on the table to pay for the meal, “Eve, hurry up!”

“You go on ahead, I’ll catch up.”

“I don’t hate myself,” Ben muttered. He looked at 682. “So...what now?”

“Hmm… well, there’s Sparky’s arcade… the self sorting library… the Movie Theater of All Space and Time….” Drake rubbed his chin in thought, “Eh, can’t remember them all. Usually I just fly in and do whatever looks most fun.”

“Eh, that’s not really my sort of fun,” Ben said as the two began to walk.

“So what is?”

“I adventure, actually. Before I left Earth, I traveled all over the world.”

“Plenty of things to do in this world. We got a looooot of things to explore. Ruins, temples, ancient cities, forests, islands, you name it, we probably have an adventure for it.”

“I’ve only got a couple hours,” Ben reminded him.

“Shit.” Drake muttered, rubbing his chin again, “Hey, I know! Follow me!” He turned and ran off, Ben staying with him for some odd reason. The pair ran around the fairly large town, spinning around corners and cutting across roads until they finally came across a shop titled “AEC 606: The Time Dilation VR Shoppe”.

“Ahh, good old 606, for when you wanna burn a few hours but make it seem like years of fun.”

“I’m both curious and suspicious.”

“Sup?” Elizabeth said, popping her head between the two.

“Gah motherfuck! Dammit Beth! Don’t do that!”

She just smirked, giving him a hug.

“Well, come on, we can burn a few hours in time dilated virtual reality adventure sims. Let’s go, I heard that 606 released a new copy of Skyrim in multiplayer!”

“Lets go!” she shouted, rushing inside.

“Woooo!” Drake followed, dragging Ben behind him.

“Wait!” Ben said as he was dragged. “What the heck is Skyrim?!”

“Only the best looking Elder Scrolls game,” she started, “Oblivion has better quests but it just looks horrible,” she said with a shudder.

“All I’m hearing is gibberish!”

Drake placed his hand on Ben’s shoulder in sympathy, “It’s just a good videogame. You really need to experience it to believe it, though. Trust me.”

“But I’ve never played video games,” Ben whined. “The real world was much better! Especially when you could do whatever you want!”

“We’ll guide you through. Don’t worry, it’ll be fun… I think. It’s normally fun to most of the people that play it, so…”

“Ugh, I’m gonna regret this, I just know it,” he whined, silently wishing Discord would hurry up with that portal.

Four hours of real time and seventeen weeks of dilated time later, the three walked out of AEC 606, sixty bits lighter and a whole lot more entertained.

“Dammit Beth, I can’t believe you stole my kill! I told you guys I called dibs on Alduin, remember!?” Drake complained, whining at a slyly grinning Elizabeth.

“Oh you're just a sore loser,” she said laughing her ass off.

Ben walked behind them, not sure what just happened. “That was weird. What was the point of doing that again?”

“For fun,” Beth said with a smile.

“That was fun? We have a completely different definition of fun.”

Drake pouted, “You suck. That was awesome!” She just giggled, patting his head.

Ben shook his head. “I’ll never understand people and video games. They just aren’t fun.”

“Oh come on, you enjoyed using Lightning Storm and I know it! I saw that tiny little smirk on your face when you incinerated that Blood Dragon!” Drake pointed an accusing finger at Ben.

“Because lightning! I don’t have anything that can use lightning yet!”

“I knew you had fun!” Drake smiled triumphantly at Ben.

“How could I have fun when I had to kill? I don’t kill, that’s just... just wrong.”

“Oh come on, you literally hit the thing for half a second and most of your blast skimmed off. If anything, I killed it, ya cryba-” An ominous roar cut through the sky and interrupted Drake. The sound was intimately familiar to all three, having just walked out of the place where they’d had to fight the exact being that made the roar over a hundred times.

“-... Oh jesus, don’t tell me…..” Drake mumbled, scanning the sky above.

“Drake...” Elizabeth started, looking rather unnerved.

High above, a massive thing descended, slamming into the ground with all the force of a meteor. It appeared to be a dragon, though half rotted and bleeding potent acid. It’s smell filled the air around, causing nearly every AEC to run in fear.

“Oh son of a bitch!” Drake yelled, throwing himself back, already shifting into his AEC form.

“Well, that’s different.” Ben looked at Drake, an eyebrow raised. “You’re going to fight, I take it?”

Drake stared back, “Of course I am, all the other AECs in this town have next to zero combat training!” He leapt at the colossal dragon, slashing at its fifty meter long frame to no avail, any wounds healing in seconds in a flash of… orange goo? “A little help here!?

Ben looked at Beth and pointed at Drake with his thumb. “You should probably help him.” Without another word, he moved over to a nearby and leaned against it, looking highly disinterested in the fight occurring practically right in front of him.


Ben shrugged, getting comfortable against the wall. “Not my world, not my problem.”

Drake turned to reply but was slammed by the dragon’s tail, smashing into the wall of 606, somehow not leaving so much as a scratch. As he stood up again, he shifted, becoming bulkier and more heavily armed.

You fucking son of a soft-shelled LIZARD WHORE!” He yelled, voice raspy and echoing. Drake picked up the undiplomatic diplomat by the scruff of his jacket and, before Ben could react well enough to break free, performed a fastball special and threw Ben into the maw of the undead dragon.

EAT THIS YOU FUCKING WASTE OF REPTILIAN GENETICS!” As the jaw clamped, a green light went off. There was a moment of silence, believing that Ben had been eaten. Until 682 saw a little metal bug fly into his face.

“Not cool, dude. Not cool,” it said to him in a high voice. It flew off back to the wall and turned back into Ben. “Jerk.”

You had the chance to turn into fucking WAY BIG inside of a one hundred plus foot long dragon and you didn’t take it!? You fucking waste of….. GRAAAAAAARGH.” With that elegant reply, the hulking form of SCP 682 charged back into the fray, blasting at the seemingly unkillable dragon with its organic rockets.

“Burn!” Elizabeth screamed, igniting the beasts mitochondria. “Get the stupid thing!”

“Woo, go Drake and Eve,” Ben said with a clap of his hands. “Go get him.” There was obviously no effort in his “cheering”.

“BEN YOU SUCK AT EVERYTHING!” Drake yelled, struggling against the beast’s flames, trying to match them with his own and forgetting one vital thing: As the water content in the acid evaporated, it became very, very flammable. “Oh son of a bitch OH GOD IT’S IN MY EYES!” The semi-blinded lizard stumbled back and tried to recover from his own acid as Eve took to the frontlines.

She snarled, mutating into her more monstrous form. She fired off some lasers, staying out of its reach. As Drake recovered, he leapt forwards, swiping at the dragon with a freshly mutated hammer of a paw, destroying its head and splattering orange ooze all over the square.

“Wait a minute… orange ooze…? Beth, look at this!” Drake called Elizabeth over, both examining the remains of the dragon’s head. Neither noticed the rest of the dragon melt and slowly move towards the splatterings already on the ground.

“You two may want to look out,” Ben suggested, still staying in place.

“Huh? ….. Ohshi- AGH!” Drake was blown away by the newly reformed dragon, it swiping him across the entire town with one swing of its massive arms.

Ben whistled, slightly impressed with how far he went. “Not bad, I give it a seven point three.”

Elizabeth’s eyes glowed brighter, intensifying the flames. “I’ll burn you to ash!” she screamed, slashing at the creature with her claws. She moved back as it slashed at her, firing off some lasers into its chest, knocking it back.

“Where’s Discord with the popcorn when you need him?” Ben quipped as he watched.

“Shut up!” she commanded with a glare, and Ben found himself getting incredibly hot.

“Host cells under attack,” the Omnitrix sounded out. “Activating cellular adjustments. Canceling outward interference in thirty seconds.”

“Not cool, girl,” Ben said, wiping the sweat from his brow.

She snarled, starting to mutate again, this time into a large and twisted mass of flesh. She held out her hand, spraying yellow energy needles at the down dragon, relishing in its pain.

“Now that’s a neat trick. Need to remember that for a few of my aliens,” Ben muttered.

Miles away, all the way across town, Drake slowly crawled out of a massive crater in the ground, regrowing half of his entire body as he moved. Closer examination would reveal that the half he was missing had melted into the orange sludge filling the bottom of the crater.

“Oh son of a BITCH….. fucker got my good half….”

He looked around, noticing the flames rising up in the distance, and shifted again, losing his arms and legs and reabsorbing the sludge in the crater. When the transformation finished, he resembled the basilisk he had killed on his first day in Equestria, with wings.

A few experimental flaps later, Drake took off, blasting towards the corpse dragon at mach 3.

Back near the center of town, Elizabeth wasn’t faring as well as she’d expected. The dragon had proved to be resistant to melting and setting it on fire only engulfed the town in it as well. Plus there was the matter of all the flailing limbs and the blasts of fire that lit up the town like a witch trial in 1692.

“Why don’t you die!?” she screamed, trying to will its mitochondria to liquify it, to no avail.

“Having fun?” Ben asked with a mischievous smirk.

She ignored him, flying into the air, mutating once again, this time taking on a more humanoid and rather naked form. She had strange rib like structures going down her legs. Her forearms were now larger and blue and her hair had grown into a large set of wing-like red arms, each one tipped with a black hand. Her spine had grown and split into seven blue tails, six short and one long with rib-like spines.

This was the scene that Drake came upon, smashing into the dragon with all the force of a sledgehammer on a water balloon, splattering goo everywhere. Before the dragon could fully reform from the ooze it now was, the snake/dragon/lizardbeast lapped up some of the disgusting substance and assimilated it, the runes on its back glowing and extending further for the first time in months.

And then Drake caught fire, expanding into a corona of hellish plasma as he expelled flammable gasses from every pore on his snakey body, appearing as though he was a demon from the deepest pits of hell.

Flaring his now burning wings, Drake screamed a challenge at the marauding dragon, how dare this soft-skinned son of an amphibious toad challenge the HIGH KING OF REPTILES!?

The sheer force of Drake’s challenge staggered the living corpse as it pulled itself together. Already it was starting to give into its instinct to flee from what was obviously an alpha predator. Then, its eyes changed, flashing gold, its pupils reflecting a tiny ‘G’ in their centers. The dragon roared back, unafraid, unable to think of anything other than its urge to rip and tear the flesh from 682’s snakey bones.

Elizabeth darted forward, using her longer arms to grab its head, holding it in place. She her humans hands onto it, focusing her rage into it, “I AM EVE! YOU WILL OBEY ME!” she screamed, the beasts cells starting to die off under her onslaught.

Then something rippled, and the entire beast glowed gold, cells rejuvenating even as it blasted Eve into and through a building.

“Japan would love this,” Ben said as he shook his head smiling.

The two massive beasts squared off in the burning wreckage of Aceville, the dragon somehow having grown to an even one hundred and fifty feet tall at the shoulder, the hellbeast that was Drake having grown as well, the flames around him flowing into green, giving the entire area a sickly tinge.

Then they both took off, rising into the sky and engaging in an aerial dogfight the likes of which the world had previously never seen. Bladed wings scored lines through rotted scales, decaying claws found purchase in obsidian scales. Both beasts were enveloped in roiling plumes of deadly plasma, the corpse burning sickly green and the snake flaring violent orange. The clouds above the town were shredded into wisps and vaporized by the violent motions, the sky was rent apart with furious reptilian screams.

It was a scene that left every onlooker desperately wishing for a camera.

There was an explosion high above, a roiling mass of green and orange plumes of fire that left the sky obscured and onlookers blinded by its majesty. Then one of the competitors slammed into the ground in a smoky cloud of dust, obscuring the view even more.

When the dust cleared, the corpse dragon stood tall over a battered and seemingly defeated basilisk, roaring in triumph even as it healed fully and returned to life, now a vibrant, shining gold.

Ben whistled in awe of the fight. “Wow, you guys really know how to have fun!” He laughed a little as he watched the battle. “Hoo, haven’t seen a monster fight in--” Ben stopped as a familiar feeling probed the back of his mind. He instinctively put a hand to his head, grunting in pain. “Urk, so you’re still not done, eh?” Ben said to himself before smirking. “Well alright, this should be interesting.”

A bright flash of light caught the dragon’s attention, a little white creature standing where Ben once did. The creature flexed his arms a bit, releasing the tension in his muscles. It looked at the dragon and smirked. “Hey, you!” it shouted, its voice sounding like it came from a synthesizer, and pointed at the dragon. “The name is Echo Echo! And I’m gonna kick your undead, scaly ass!”

The dragon merely roared at Echo Echo, rearing up and mutating. Hind legs became shorter, arms disappeared and became new heads. The beast grew and its tail split. It now towered over the town of Aceville, a good four hundred feet tall. It cried out with a voice like a bell, foregoing flames in favor of lasers, destroying even more of the town while hundreds of Safe class AECs cowered in their bunkers.

Echo smirked. “Now, you’re actually worth fighting! Bring it on, monster!”

The monster roared out again, shaking the ground and causing buildings to collapse. With fury, the three heads all lashed out at Echo Echo, blasting the area where he stood with concentrated firepower, scorching furrows into the earth and setting even more of the rubble of Aceville ablaze with golden fire.

“Hey ugly!” The monster reared behind itself to see Echo standing there. “Ya missed me, mutha fucka!” Instantly, many, many more Echo’s split from the middle. They all took in a big breath… and let out a massive scream, piercing ears and shattering every window for miles.

The beast was totally unaffected by the scream, its ears too high up and too insensitive to hear the tiny Sonorosian’s attack.

Echo canceled his attack, rethinking his strategy. “Hrm, gonna need some altitude. Which means…” He looked over at the unconscious 682, getting an idea. “You all,” he pointed to the clones, “keep it distracted. I’m goin’ for the trump card.” As he ran off for Drake, the other Echo Echo’s ran to the monster, pounding on it however they could.

When Echo Echo reached Drake, he let out a high pitch scream in his ear. The massive snake form of the man woke instantly, shrieking in a frequency exactly two times higher so as to hyper-resonate and crack the ground for miles.

With the returned consciousness of Drake came the sickly green light of a flaming, wing basilisk. Upon seeing his foes’ new size, Drake utilized every last scrap of hatred he had for the monster and grew, becoming even taller than the beast he was fighting. He grew to a length of over one thousand feet, nearly a full third of him reaching up to see eye level with the three headed being. And as the colossal monsters stared each other down, Drake utilized a power that he’d had for months but never used: The genetically ingrained petrifaction stare of the Greater Mountainous Basilisk.

With a vicious roar, the three headed beast’s middle head turned to stone, crumbling off of its flailing necks and shattering of the ground far below. This time, it didn’t regenerate; the wound had already been sealed by the unique process of the stare. The snake roared, slithering around its flailing foe in smug condescension. Only for several piercing screams to ram it against a nearby wall.

“That was my kill, you bastard!” the Echo Echos shouted in unison.

Unfortunately for all of the copies, the one in charge wasn’t Drake anymore, not after he’d lost consciousness in the dogfight. No, this was both AEC and SCP, and both were happy to take on the challenge.


And the basilisk screamed the sound shattering the mountain that Aceville lay upon, reducing a good majority of it to rubble and conveniently blasting away any and all bystanders. Fortunately for Echo Echo, he had enough copies stored away in hiding spots to make a jump on the monster.

“Think you can best me, eh? Let’s see how you like this! Echo Chamber!” The Echo Echo’s surrounded 682 on all sides and let out a massive and constant shriek. There was no escape for 682 as Echo Echo just kept letting out more and more power into his screams.

Angered and hurt, it screamed right back, matching the frequency and lacing its voice with magic, a tactic it had gained when it ate AECs 927-929. The Echo Chamber began to come apart under the internal assault, 682 more than a match against the tiny aliens. And with an earth shattering kaboom, all of the Echo Echos around 682 were blown away, though 682 still took the brunt of the blast. The dragon had merely gone unconscious from 682’s first scream, though it was slowly recovering.

Only one Echo Echo remained after that devastating blast, slowly getting himself off the ground and growling at 682. “So you want a fight, eh beastie? Then you’ve forced my hand.” He put his hand on the Omnitrix symbol on his chest, causing the core to pop out. He raised his hand up and slammed it down… or tried to. At the last second, his hand stopped just above the core. “What the?” He tried again and again, constantly trying to push down. Then he stopped. “Ben… should have known you’d interfere.”

You can’t use the Ultimates Power. We all made a pact on that. If you let it out then it can’t be stopped.

“I never wanted any part of that blasted ‘pact’ of yours,” Echo said through grit teeth. “This the greatest power we could ask for. We should use it!”

We will stop you before you can. They are never to be used, not even as a last resort. Stop this now, Power!

Echo clenched his fists, but sighed in defeat. “Fine. I’ll abide by you this time, Ten. But don’t think this means you have any control over me.”

I never would think so.

He looked back to 682 with a smirk. “So I may not have my trump, but I can still fight, dammit! You can’t beat me! I’m Power incarnate, baby!”


“What did you just call me you oversized shitty handbag?!”


“Oh now you’ve gone and ticked me off!” Echo Echo felt a new rush of anger and power rush through him and he split into several thousand clones that encompassed 682 on all sides. “Sonic Execution!!” They all screamed louder and stronger than ever, pounding 682 with extreme force.

682 screamed back with even more force, adapting to the sonic barrage even as it flicked out a whiplike tongue (Acquired from the former AEC 22222) and assimilated one of the Echo Echo clones.

“Oh my god, will you two just shut the hell up?” Elizabeth asked, having finally returned from her mutations, in human form once more.

682 let up his screaming, now simply content to endure the barrage of soundwaves thanks to the abilities it gained from Echo Echo. After naught but a few moments, he grew hundreds of cross-pupiled eyes down the length of his body and let out a laser barrage so dense it seemed to be a single massive pulse of plasma. One after another, the Echo Echos were blasted into nothingness. Though, thankfully, one Echo Echo was smart to be hidden away, crawling out from his underground hideaway once the barrage was over.

“Well… that didn’t go according to plan,” he said, leaning against Eve.

682 merely snorted and turned away, using his hundreds of eyes to slash away at the dragon as much as possible before it woke up, scoring hundreds of thousands of rents into its flesh and sealing the wounds as it burned through.

“Can we please just kill the stupid dragon?” Elizabeth asked, looking rather exhausted. “I just want to go to bed...”

The massive kaiju sized snake with wings twitched and yawned, shaking its head in realization when it saw what happened.

Alright, let’s do this…. I’MMA BURN THIS SON OF A BITCH!!

The massive reptile sped forward, curling around the dragon and using all of its power to assimilate it. as the creature was absorbed little by little, all of the hundreds of eyes on Drake’s body converged and started carving through the golden beast until the beam finally pierced through its heart and out the other side. A few minutes later, the corpse was assimilated and Drake was now back to his normal beast size, though the slightly cracked ground at his feet belied an unfortunate change in density.

Ugh… can’t shift back… too dense already…. Beth, help…”

“You’re taking me to the spa for this,” she said with a sigh, putting her hand on his side, using her powers to help him revert to his normal form, absorbing the undifferentiated mass of organic goo into herself.

“Ugh, thanks. Sorry ‘bout that, but you know I can’t absorb all that material without repercussions… how you manage it is beyond me.”

“Just take me home,” she said, closing her eyes, leaning on him for support.

“Righty o’ then milady. Oi, short stuff, you still there?”

“Don’t go pickin’ a fight with me, lizard breath,” Echo retorted, not taking the short joke well. “Just because you can pick around with Ben doesn’t mean you can do the same with me.”

“Whatever. Jesus, how long until we get the normal asshat back?”

“Ignore him...” Beth said with a yawn, “Carry me...”

“You’re stuck with me for another five minutes, jackass,” Echo retorted back.

“Fun. Alright, short and angry, what’re you gonna do now? Town’s destroyed, occupants are scattered to the five winds, and there’s a massive crumbling dragon head I need to melt.” Drake picked up Elizabeth in a bridal carry, then shifted her to his back to a second set of arms.

Echo ignored him and moved to the dragon’s head, smirking. He let one massive shriek, causing it to completely disintegrate. He looked back at Drake and Eve, still smirking. “You vibrate any sort of substance to the right degree, and they just go away. Don’t mess with best, bitch.”

“...” Drake stared for a moment and then spat an acid bullet (AEC 6677) into the ground at Echo Echo’s feet, the mere fumes of it melting the nearby rubble to slag. “Yeah, I doubt you’re the real best.”

“I am Power incarnate, dammit!” he shouted, nearly toppling the two from the intensity. “That is literally who I am.”

Elizabeth was thankfully still passed out, thanks to a pair of hastily generated fleshy (And quite disturbing) earmuffs. Drake glared at the tiny white alien. “Keep telling yourself that and one day I might think you were the incarnation of blowing hot air out of your ass. Now, this trip hasn’t been all that great, but I still had fun. Go fuck yourself Echo Echo.” And with that, he spun around and left, ascending in dragon form at mach 3, blowing Echo Echo back a few feet.

Echo huffed as he got back on his feet, brushing the dirt off. “Who does that runt think he is talking to me like that? I’m the best there ever was, is, or will be. That’s a matter of fact. Now,” he looked around the damaged town with a frown, “what the hell am I supposed to do for the next three minutes? I’ve already killed a bunch of people when I first got here, now I’ve destroyed and fought some monsters and wrecked a town. There’s gotta be something I can do to pass the time.” Echo thought on it for a moment before sighing. “Ah to fuck with it.” He tapped the Omnitrix, instantly reverting back to Ben.

“Whoa!” Ben said as returned to normal. “That’s a first, usually Power always finds something to do.” He took one look around and whistled loudly. “Dang, they wrecked this place. Hey wait!” Ben looked all over for a moment before, “They left me here! Oh that’s so not cool! I knew it! Ya can’t trust humans in any universe! Well ya know what? Screw them. And screw this noise.” He tapped the watch. “Yo Discord, ya got that portal ready yet?”

“Perfect timing! Just found you! Now… this might hurt…

“Might hurt?” Ben parroted. “What do you mean--” He was cut off as a hole in reality was ripped open and a lion’s paw grabbed him by the back of his jacket. “Whoah!” Ben shouted as it pulled him through, closing up like a zipper a moment later.

Author's Note:

A crossover with I Got 682 Problems, But a Lizard Ain't One by my friend Jsyrin.


Echo Echo (Power):

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