• Published 9th Jul 2014
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Ten Against One - DJSkywalker

Ben had a bad life on Earth, with ten others sharing his mind. Then, one day he was sent to a far away land and the voices stopped. He thought he was free, but they only became stronger. This is their story.

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One to Start

The sun glimmered softly off the crystalline surface of the tree-like castle that now dominated the view of Ponyville. The deep purple structure stared out high above the town, letting everypony know that Twilight Sparkle was indeed a princess of the country of Equestria. Only two weeks had passed since its creation after the defeat and imprisonment of Tirek, a great demon who tried to absorb all of the magic in the land, but was stopped by the former bearers of the Elements of Harmony with a fierce counter strike. The result had created this castle, right in the spot where the Golden Oak Library had once sat before it was destroyed by Tirek. It was on this day, within these halls, that the young Princess Twilight was walking the halls, accompanied by her friend and confidant, Rainbow Dash.

“This place is so awesome, Twi!” the cyan pegasus mare beamed with excitement.

“Yes, Dash. I got that the first time you said that when I got this castle,” replied the violet alicorn with a roll of her eyes.

“Well, it’s true! You are officially a princess now! This castle proves it!”

“I know it does, but that doesn’t ease my worries. I know now that I can be a good princess, as long as I have my friends, but still it is a whole lot to take in.”

Rainbow rolled her eyes. “You worry too much.” They walked, well, Rainbow flew, a little more in silence. Then Rainbow spotted a few stallions up ahead that seemed to be moving in furniture. “Hey,” she said getting Twilight’s attention, “What are those guys doing?” she asked pointing to the ponies.

Twilight followed the hoof and smiled at the moving stallions. “Oh goody! They’re here!” Twilight took off towards them, leaving a confused Rainbow in the dust. The pegasus shook her head in exasperation, and followed after. She arrived as Twilight was in conversation with the head stallion. “…That sounds like a lot!”

“Yeah, you know Princess Celestia. She always goes above and beyond in whatever she does,” the stallion said absent mindedly as he scribbled on a clipboard.

“What sounds like a lot?” asked Rainbow.

“Oh, Princ, err, Celestia,” she said correcting herself. “Decided to give me a housewarming gift. She sent me a whole lot of furniture and other decorations. I happened to have pointed out to her that this castle is quite empty, so she decided to provide.”

“That’s pretty cool of the princess,” Rainbow said with a nod. She took a look around at all of the stuff that the solar diarch had sent. There were several pieces of ornate furniture: gold encrusted sofas, ruby embezzled chairs, etc. Among them were many different statues and other decorative pieces. One stood out to Rainbow above all others, though. She flew over to the largest of them all; it looked a like a tiger but was standing tall on its hind legs, its beefy chest out with its arms thrown out to the side and its mouth frozen in a roar. What stood out was the sharp details of it all, from the razor sharp teeth, to the rugged muzzle, down to the strange spikes jutting out from the back its paws. “Woah, this thing is cool,” she said with amazed eyes.

“Hmm,” Twilight said, looking up from one of the other statues and looking over to her friend. She gasped at what Rainbow was looking at rushed over to join her. “I can’t believe it!” Twilight nearly screamed. “She actually sent me this?! Oh my gosh, that’s amazingly nice of her!”

Rainbow looked at Twilight confused. “You know this statue?”

Twilight nodded, still staring at the stone. “Oh yes. This here is Wrath. He is one of the statues that resided in the Canterlot Gardens. In fact, it is said that it is based off of the real-life creature that tormented Equestria five-thousand years ago.”

“That doesn’t sound very fun!”

Rainbow and Twilight yelped at the sudden appearance of a new voice. They both turned to see a bubbly pink mare with an even brighter pink mane that looked like cotton candy. “Pinkie Pie?!” the two said in unison.

“Who else?” she replied with a happy smile.

A little further down the hall, another pony made her appearance, this time an orange mare with blonde hair and wearing a Stetson hat on her head. She looked around her, but smiled when she saw Pinkie, Twilight, and Rainbow. “Well, there y’all are,” the mare said with a thick southern accent. She turned back where she came and hollered, “They’re down here!”

From behind the southern mare, another, this one an alabaster unicorn with a stylized purple mane, trotted gracefully into view. “Must you be so loud, Applejack?” the mare said with a fancy accent. “It is not really becoming of a lady.”

Applejack rolled her eyes at the unicorn. “That don’t matter to me, Rarity. Y’all should know that by now.”

Rarity sighed. “One mustn’t give up hope, you know.”

“Oh, please don’t fight girls,” whispered another pony who came into view. She was a butter-yellow pegasus with a long pink mane that covered half of her face. “If you don’t mind that is.”

“Apologies, Fluttershy. We know you don’t like seeing us fight,” Rarity said with flare. She looked down the hall and smiled at seeing her other friends. “Oh there you two darlings are!” She trotted ahead, leaving Applejack and Fluttershy to follow behind.

“Hi girls!” Twilight said happily. She enjoyed having her friends over, especially now that the six of them were the Council of Friendship that ruled over the castle and Ponyville. All six of them, and one baby dragon that was currently doing his chores elsewhere in the castle. “You’re just in time for me to tell you all about Wrath!”

Fluttershy eeped. “That doesn’t sound like a nice thing,” she commented in her quiet voice.

Twilight waved off her concern. “It’s only a legend, Fluttershy, no worries. Now,” she said waving a hoof towards the bipedal beast. “Wrath lived over five thousand years ago in Equestria early days. The first known sighting of this beast was shortly before the rise of Discord. It is said that this beast rampaged the country-side along with nine other equally strange creatures. What is really strange is that none of the monsters were ever seen at once; only one was ever seen at one time. Wrath was said to be the most vicious and was eager to wage war at anything his path. After Princess Celestia and Princess Luna defeated Discord, almost eight hundred years later, they went after Wrath and his cohorts. Only Wrath was ever found and was destroyed using the Elements of Harmony. After Wrath was destroyed, the other monsters disappeared and have never been seen since. This statue is all that remains of that time, dating back to nearly four-thousand years ago.”

Applejack whistled in amazement. “Dang, Twi. That’s some story, kinda makes ya wonder what happened to them other critters.”

Twilight nodded in understanding. “Yes, and it was this legend that inspired many explorers and biologists to search out the other nine, but none were ever found. Many believe that the creatures still exist, no doubt immortal just as Wrath was said to have been.”

Rainbow flew up to the statues face, her eyes narrowed and her lips pursed. “I think I could have taken him,” she says with a cocky smile. “He really don’t look that tough to me.”

“Oh be careful, Rainbow,” Twilight said with a slight glare of amusement. “Legend says that uttering a challenge in the presence of the statue will cause Wrath to return.”

Fluttershy eeped again. “Oh, please don’t, Rainbow. I really don’t want to meet that monster.”

Rainbow blew a raspberry at Twilight. “Oh, please. That’s stupid! It’s just a myth.”

“Well,” Rarity said with hesitation. “That is what they said about Discord, and we all know how that came about. Same with Nightmare Moon and the Crystal Empire. You shouldn’t tempt fate, darling.”

Rainbow just waved off their concerns. “You girls worry too much. Just watch,” she turned back to the statue with a cocky grin. “Hey ugly! You so ugly, you went to a haunted house and they gave you an application! Oh, oh, you’re so weak that an ant could take you down!” Rainbow flew onto her back, roaring with laughter. Unbeknownst to her, but painfully obvious to the others, the statue began to crack as the pegasus laughed herself silly. The cracks continued and the stone fell away, revealing a massive orange beast with green eyes and a fierce scowl.

Rainbow turned back to her friends, all of whom were staring in horror. “What’s up with you guys? It’s just a statue. Here, I got one more.” Rainbow closed her eyes and spoke. “Hey ugly! I’ve seen others like you before, but I had to pay admission to see them!” Rainbows roaring laughter was cut short by a fierce growl and a sharp object at her throat. Rainbow looked down at the large black spike in fear and followed it up an orange and white furred arm all the way up to a now living legend.

The creature growled once more, then spoke in a deep, threatening voice. “What did puny, rainbow pegasus say to Rath?”

Rainbow did the only thing she could, she gulped and fell back in a faint.

Author's Note:

Hey y'all! New story for ya to check out, one that's been in the back of my head for a while on mixing Ben 10 with Ponies. Well, a LOHAH fic came from those thoughts and now it's out in the open to be judged. Rant if you will that it's not the real Ben Tennyson, but I think that this will work out much better. Even a few crossovers already planned, including one with Gravity of the Situation, you know, when I can finally finish that one. Man, I put way to much of this on my plate; stupid constant flow of ideas. And now I'm rambling, so I might have another out by the end of the night, if not, look for it tomorrow!