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Ten Against One - DJSkywalker

Ben had a bad life on Earth, with ten others sharing his mind. Then, one day he was sent to a far away land and the voices stopped. He thought he was free, but they only became stronger. This is their story.

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The Mane 6 meet Ben 10

Rainbow groggily woke up, lying on the marble floor of the castle. She sat up, stretching her wings and yawning. “Oh man, what happened?” she asked turning around to her friends that were still behind her. “Girls?” All five of them were staring at something directly behind her. In that instant, Rainbow remembered why she had collapsed. Slowly, she turned around to see the living face of Wrath glaring down at her. Her eyes widened and she uncoolly whimpered.

“Rath is gonna say this one more time,” he said threateningly quiet. “What did puny, rainbow haired pegasus call Rath?”

She gulped and stuttered. “I-I said th-that you d-didn’t look so… tough?” Rath bent down to glare directly into her eyes. He opened his mouth with a growl that showed twin sets of razor sharp teeth, then he let loose a mighty roar right in her face.

“Let me tell ya somethin’ puny, rainbow haired pegasus! Rath doesn’t take kindly to your words! So if puny, rainbow haired pegasus doesn’t want Rath to give puny, rainbow haired pegasus a serious smack down, then puny, rainbow haired pegasus will apologize to Rath!” The beast yelled every word, freezing several of Rainbow’s friends in place, save for Fluttershy who fell over with a bleated goat sound.

“Sorry!” Rainbow spouted out in a rare moment of fear. She then fled to hide behind Twilight, who was staring at Rath in fascination.

“E-excuse me?” Twilight asked to Rath. Rath looked directly at Twilight.

“What?” he bellowed.

“U-um are… are you the real Wrath? From the legends?”

Rath stood up and blinked with a blank face. “There are legends about Rath?” he asked, putting a thumb on his chest.

“Y-yes, Mr. Wrath. They speak of you and nine others who rampaged nearly five thousand years ago.”

“Forget the others, Rath wants to hear about Rath,” he send while bending his knees to bring him to their height. “So tell Rath about Rath, puny, purple flying unicorn.”

“Um, my name is Twilight Sparkle. Princess Twilight Sparkle to be exact.”

Rath’s eyes widened and he jumped away in an amazing backflip. When he landed he growled in fury at Twilight. “Princess?! Rath don’t want nothin’ to do with anymore pony princesses! The last pony princess Rath fought froze Rath in stone! Rath don’t want to be stone anymore! So let me tell ya somethin’ Princess Twilight Sparkle! Rath ain’t goin back into stone! If you want Rath back in stone, then it will have to be over Rath’s dead body!”

Out of nowhere, a loud beeping could be heard. Everypony, including Rath, looked down at the monster’s chest to see a strange symbol. It was circular in shape, split in the middle into four triangles, although the two in the middle seemed to be connected a little more, close to an hourglass shape. The two side triangles were deep black, leaving the center a bright green, similar to Rath’s eyes. What was confusing to the girls, is that not only was it the source of the beeping, the center also seemed to flashing red.

Rath groaned. “What?! Rath’s time is up?! Let me tell ya somethin’ omnitrix, Rath does whatever Rath wants!” He started to pull on the symbol on his chest, but it didn’t stop the beeping. With a much louder beep, Rath was coated in a green light. “Nooooo!” he yelled out.

Twilight and the others were blinded by the bright light, forcing them to turn away. When the light died down and they looked back to where Rath was standing, they saw that another creature had taken the monsters place. This one was tall, nowhere near as tall as Rath, but taller than the ponies. He had a mop of brown hair on his head, lanky arms, and walked on his hind legs. His entire body was clothed; a pair of blue jeans, a black t-shirt, and a green jacket. On his left arm was a strange device that seemed similar to watch. He was facing away from them, crouched down on the floor. The girls began to freak as he suddenly stood up, shouting out, and… stretched?

“Ahh, four thousand years can give you such a crick in the neck!” he said while rubbing the back of his neck. He turned around to see six pastel colored ponies staring back at him in fear and suspicion. He smiled at them and waved. “Hello.”


Holy crap! I’m free! I’m finally free! Best day ever! Save for my neck; man standing in one place for a few millennia is murder on your joints. Oh, wait, what was I doing again, oh that’s right, I just said hello to a bunch of multicolored miniature horses… you would think that sentence would freak me out, but honestly, I have seen stranger. Oh crap! One of them is speaking to me, better pay attention!

“Um, could you repeat that? I wasn’t really paying attention,” I said with a blush. I noticed that the speaker was a purple winged unicorn and she seemed both curious and fearful. Fearful I have seen, but curious is a new one on me.

“Uh, n-no problem. I was just introducing me and my f-friends. I’m Twilight Sparkle, the pink mare is Pinkie Pie, the unicorn is Rarity, Applejack is the one in the Stetson, Rainbow Dash is the pegasus behind me, and Fluttershy is the petrified pegasus over by Applejack. Who-who are you?”

“Me? I’m Ben 10!” I said proudly. They all looked at me even stranger, a few even turning their heads to the side. “You know, Ben 10? Hero of the ponies? Friend to Princess Celestia and Princess Luna?”

Twilight’s eyes widened. “You know the princesses?”

“Yeah, we were good buddies… for a while,” I said forlornly. Life, ah, she’s a cruel mistress.

“Um, Ah gots a question,” Applejack said with a raise of her hoof.

I was surprised by the accent, but moved past it. It’s not smart to dwell on those things here; just leads to painful headaches. “Uh, sure, what’s your question…Applejack, right?”

“Yeah, that’s right. Ah was wonderin’, whatever happened to that Rath feller? Not that Ah miss him, but it’s just weird that he up n’ disappeared.”

I started pulling on the collar of my shirt. “Um, well, he’s uh,” I let out a sigh of defeat and hung my head. “He’s me.”

“WHAT?!” I had yelled at me. I covered my ears from the outburst.

“Yeah,” I said pulling my hands away.

“Wait,” started Twilight. “If you’re Rath, then what about the other nine?”

“’Other nine’?” I parroted.

“Yes, legends speak of ten monsters that attacked Equestria nearly five thousand years ago. Rath was one of them, so what about the other nine?”

I hung my head again. “All me,” I admitted. The ponies stayed quiet. “It’s this device on my wrist. It lets me transform into different creatures, each with their own unique powers and abilities.”

“So it was you who was attacking ponies back then?!” Rainbow accused me with a harsh glare.

“Not completely.” The just stared back, waiting for more. “You see, I have a… condition.”

“What kind of condition?” Rarity asked with an interesting high class, New York accent.

“Have any of you ever heard of multiple personality disorder?” A few eyes widened, especially Twilight’s. “I have suffered from said illness for years, only ever being cured when I came here to Equestria.”

“You mean you’re not from here?” asked Twilight.

“Not at all. I come from another world completely, but we can talk about that later.” I noticed that Twilight didn’t really seem to like that idea, but me being an alien who could turn into other aliens really seems kinda redundant. “It wasn’t until I came to this world that the voices finally stopped, but it only made things worse.”

“What do ya mean? You were cured, how could that make it worse?”

“The voices stopped because they finally had their own bodies,” I explained. Twilight’s eyes widened in realization of what I meant.

“The ten creatures!” Twilight exclaimed. “They aren’t really you are they? They are the physical manifestations of your other personalities.”

I nodded in confirmation. “Right on the money, princess. Any time I transform into one of them, they take control.”

“Wow, that sucks,” Rainbow said subtly.

“Rainbow!” Twilight admonished, but I cracked up.

“Haha! Oh, that’s exactly how I would put it! Does suck, especially how it ruined my life. You haven’t been through hell until you’ve been dragged from one psychiatric institute to the next. All in between living off scraps on the streets.”

The room went deathly quiet. “What do you mean ‘scraps on the streets’?” asked Rarity very carefully.

I shrugged. “I’ve been on my own for years. Parents died in a car crash when I was only a year old and I was in a foster home for a few years until I ran away. The good doctors were the only ones who knew, but it’s not like they cared. I was their little test monkey and nothing was going to get in their way of that.”

“You don’t sound very mad about it,” Twilight commented.

“Nah! It was all in the name of science, plus I did get a bed and a free meal. Sure they couldn’t let me stay too long, due to reasons, but I still got food from school. You know, when I could attend. Why be so serious about something you can’t change? I focus on what I can change, like the future. If you don’t put on a bright smile and face the future, you’re gonna be stuck in the past with terrible depression. And I, for one, don’t like being depressed, so onward I move!”

“That’s the spirit!” Pinkie said with a smile while bouncing in place.

I pointed a finger at the pink mare and said, “I like that one.” Pinkie’s smile grew even more.

From down the halls, another voice made its presence known. “Twilight? Twilight are you here?”

Twilight smiled brightly. “It’s Princess Celestia! Oh goody! I can’t wait for her to—“

“Celestia?!” I shouted in fear and surprise. I threw myself at Twilight, coming down to her head on my knees. “You gotta hide me!!”

“Uh, what?” Twilight said in shock and surprise.

“You’re scared of the princess?” asked Rainbow. “Thought you were friends?”

I nodded. “We were, but we had a falling out that landed me in stone! I don’t want to be stone again! Come on, you gotta hide me! If Celestia sees me, she might do more than just seal me away this time! I’ll do anything!”

The girls stopped whatever they were gonna say and looked at one another. They smiled creepily and turned to me. “Anything?” they asked in unison. Normally, this would have creeped the hell out of me, but the idea of being destroyed by a certain princess vetoed those thoughts.

“Anything!” I nearly screamed, hearing Celestia’s hoofsteps getting closer.

“Okay, we’ll hide you,” Twilight said with smile. Why do I feel like I just signed my life away to Doctor Frankenstein? Oh well, figure it out later; time to hide!

“Great and I think I got just the alien to do it!” I lifted the omnitrix up. I looked over its smooth surface, the white and green mixing well along the band. I touched the black faceplate, causing a green, holographic wheel to appear just above it. I moved my finger along the surface of the faceplate, moving the wheel to select the form I needed.

“Ah thought you said that it was dangerous to transform?”

“At first, but the omnitrix came through for me as I began to unlock new forms. These ones had no voices, so I was in control. Ah there it is!” I finally found the symbol for the form I needed. I pushed down slightly on the plate, causing it to roll back and reveal the power core. It popped up in a small cylinder and I used two fingers to press down the core. My body was coated in a bright green light and I felt the changes immediately. I was shrinking down and my skin was changing into a more metallic substance. I felt my eyes split and wings spread out on my back and my limbs elongated.

With the transformation complete, I shouted out my new form’s name. “Nanomech!” My voice had changed drastically, to a more robotic, yet high pitched sound. I looked up at the ponies who were now much taller than I was, being only an inch tall. I took a quick look over myself, noting the green armor over my grey, metallic body. My large green wings were nice and sharp looking, even from my new four eyes. “What do ya think?”

Pinkie got down near my height with a massive smile. “Oh wow, Ben! You got teeny tiny!”

Out of nowhere, Fluttershy pushed Pinkie aside to look at me with wide eyes. “Oh my goodness!” she whispered, but it was normal to me. “You. Are. So. ADORABLE!!” Wow, even when she shouts it’s incredibly quiet. Weird. She started to stroke my side with her hoof. “You’re so cute!”

“Hey I’m not cute! I’ll mess you up! I happen to be mechanical awesomeness, thank you.” I took flight and hid with in Twilight’s mane near her ear.

“Hey! What are you doing?” Twilight said, trying to swat me out of her hair.

“Can you hear me now?” I said into her ear. She stopped and stared off.

“Wow, your voice is actually quite deep,” she commented.

“Thank you for noticing. Now just keep quiet about me. We can’t let her know that I’m free.”

“I’m not so sure about this anymore.”

“Oh come on! I swear it’s not anything bad; just a huge misunderstanding that she and Luna never gave me the chance to explain. I’ll do anything, just don’t let her catch me!”

“Hmm,” Twilight said while stroking her chin. I heard Celestia almost on top of us, making me begin to freak out.

“Can you make this briefer!?” I shouted.

She winced from the volume, but smiled. “I’m gonna hold you to that promise.” Yeah, that’s not ominous at all. Thankfully, this was just in time as Celestia appeared down the hall a moment later. “Hello Celestia!” Twilight greeted her mentor.

“Greetings to you, too, my faithful former student,” Celestia replied in kind. Former student? Oh, is that how there’s another alicorn? I am really missing some backstory here. “Are you liking the gifts that I sent you?” You mean me?

“Oh yes! Though, it’s going to take a little while to get everything moved into their proper places.”

Celestia giggled a little. “Never change Twilight. You are too precious.”

I could feel Twilight blush, due to her head getting a lot hotter. “Celestia~~,” she whined, “not in front of my friends!” The others just stood back, snickering at Twilight’s predicament.

“You’re right, you’re right.”

“Not to sound rude, Celestia, but why are you here? Isn’t there some bill or something that needs to be passed?” Thanks for trying to speed this up, girl.

“Oh, I just wanted to make sure everything was delivered properly.” Celestia started to trot off towards where my former pedestal was. I nearly choked on forgetting that.

“Psst, Twilight! My statue’ if Celestia notices that it’s missing, she’ll know something is up!”

Twilight nearly face hooved. I saw her light her horn (it’s quite beautiful from this height) and cast an illusion spell. An instant later, a large Rath statue was standing on my pedestal, even if it was just a simple illusion. Celestia strode over and nodded at everything, though took a moment to glare at my illusionary statue. Damn girl, guess you haven’t forgotten about me. Dang it!

“It seems that everything was delivered properly!” she announced. “I’m glad that nothing was ruined, all of this actually came from my old castle. You know, the one that you and your friends have been renovating?”

“Really?” Twilight asked, sounding particularly curious. “This all came from the Castle of the Two Sisters?”

“Oh yes, I had many pieces taken with me after I moved to Canterlot. They have been in storage for so long and I felt that something needed to be done with them. Please be gentle with them, they are thousands of years old and full of memories.”

“Oh, certainly Celestia. Though, why did you send me Wrath of all things?” Oh, come on, wrap it up! I only have a little time like this!

“Wrath is… full of bad memories for me,” Celestia admitted while slightly hanging her head. “Plus, I knew you admired this one for a long time. I hope you take the utmost care with him. He has always been a hoof full.”

“No problem at all!” Twilight said with a nervous laugh.

Celestia raised an eyebrow at her, but shrugged it off. “I really must be returning to Canterlot, Twilight.” She bent down and nuzzled the younger alicorn, nearly rubbing me to bits if I hadn’t shrunk down a little more. “I hope we see each other again soon, farewell.” In bright burst of golden light, the solar princess was gone.

I took flight and flew off in front of the girls. “Thanks for the save, girls.” Then that incessant beeping started up again. Gods, I hate that sound, save for when it’s my saving grace. “Just in time, too.” With a burst of red light, I was back to being a good ol’ human. I shook off the grogginess that usually followed transforming quickly. “Woo, been a long time since I’ve done that.”

“That was so cool!” Pinkie screamed. “How you became that tiny little creature and you’re voice was adorable!”

“It was very fascinating to see,” Twilight admitted. “How did you do it?”

I raised my left arm to show them my one and only tool. “Behold, the omnimatrix, or omnitrix for short. This device has stored the collective DNA of over one million different aliens and allows me to step into their forms. Each one has their own unique powers and abilities, so it’s like an all-purpose device for any occasion!”

Applejack whistled appreciatively. “Certainly sounds like that would come in handy.”

“Certainly has! Or at least it did when I started unlocking the other aliens so I didn’t have to let the voices take over. Now, what do we do?”

The others all glanced at each other, seemingly like they were having a mental conversation. I just kept feeling the dread build as they smiled and nodded. “Well, to fulfill your promise,” started Twilight, “you are going to… stay in this castle.”

I blinked in surprise. “Wait, what? I mean, I’m gracious to have a home and all, but what’s the catch?”

“The catch is that you have to do whatever we tell you to!” Pinkie said with that huge smile.

I facepalmed. “How did I become Grim?” I muttered, the realization of what I had gotten myself into now kicking in. “Alright, I did promise, though I’m kicking myself for it now.”

“Yay! New friend!” Pinkie grabbed me in a massive bear hug. This mare is surprisingly strong! “Ooh!” she said while dropping me to the ground. “I have so much work to do to get ready for your party!”

“Party? What party?”

“It’s Pinkie’s welcome present to every new pony in Ponyville,” Rainbow explained. “Just go with it,” she shrugged.

“Ponyville? This place is seriously called Ponyville? Stupid pony puns,” I muttered. “Anything else?”

“Yeah! Could you show us another alien?” said Rainbow.

“I would quite like to see another as well,” Rarity added.

“As long as it’s cute like Nanomech,” Fluttershy said quietly.

“And fun!”

“Maybe it’ll be a big ol’ fella?”

“Looks like we all want to see another alien,” Twilight finished.

I rolled my eyes. “You’re all a bunch of slave drivers, ya know that? Forcing a teenage human who’s down on his luck to perform parlor tricks! How despicable!”

“Just shut up and transform already!” complained Rainbow.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m pickin’, I’m pickin’!” I scrolled through the list of aliens at my disposal. Some would be a little too much for this group, a certain one who needed a cage over his face came to mind, and a few I kept hidden for special occasions. I finally found one that could work. “This one should work. It’s called Articguana!” I flipped back the face plate and slammed down on the popped up core. That’s where things went bad. I could feel my mind being ripped back into my psyche, the same feeling that happened whenever they came out. And, as usual, it wasn’t very pleasant. As my body became covered in the transformative aura, I called out to my new compatriots. “Girls! Get away! It’s a mistransform! One of the voices is coming out; run!”


Twilight and the others watched in horror after Ben had called out those ominous words. They were too entranced by the transformation happening in front of them. They witnessed Ben’s body becoming scalier, more rugged and muscular. A tail formed from his backside that elongated to nearly the same length as he was tall. His limbs got thicker with muscles and his size doubled. The light finally faded to reveal a massive dragon like creature with a thick brown hide, green eyes, wearing black trousers with a white waistband and a green sash with the omnitrix symbol in the middle.

Twilight looked fearfully at the creature, not certain as to how this one would act, especially when thinking back to Rath. “Uh, um… Ben are—“

Twilight was interrupted as the creature stood fully and bellowed into the air. The shout ended with the creature screaming its name into the air. “Humungousaur!”

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New chapter, yay! I got another coming out either tonight or tomorrow, so be on the look out!

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