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Ten Against One - DJSkywalker

Ben had a bad life on Earth, with ten others sharing his mind. Then, one day he was sent to a far away land and the voices stopped. He thought he was free, but they only became stronger. This is their story.

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One Man, Many Mares, and a Divine Interaction

*****Third Person POV*****

As Princess Twilight and her family, plus one, walked out into the morning light, another pony had been watching them the whole morning. She stared in awe as the three ponies and one dragon walked off, not knowing exactly what to do. She had seen it all, that green pegasus was no pony: he was human! Her shock soon turned to wide smile that nearly reached her ears. She squeed and raced off, hoping to catch herself a human.

*****Ben’s POV*****

As the four of us walked (trotted? Never confirmed if that was the correct term) through Ponyville, I was actually in awe of the happy little town before me. Sure it was still an old style town, thatched roofs and what not, but it had that small town feel that I enjoyed. It felt like one of those towns where everyone knew your name and waved as you passed. In fact, some ponies were doing exactly that for my friends. This place is colorful, magical, and friendly? I am definitely in the most unmanly, peaceful place in existence.

Good thing I got over that centuries ago. The ponies came in all different colors, though I was beginning to notice that there were not that many stallions. If I was actually into that kind of thing, I would have been in paradise!

Anyway, I noticed that we were encroaching on a strange building that had my mouth watering. In essence, it looked like a real life gingerbread house! I couldn’t help myself. “I’m eating that!” Before Twilight, Nyx, or Spike could respond, I raced forward and actually took a bite out of the building. Or at least I tried to. Instead of delicious gingery goodness, all I tasted was wood and paint. Wait, and a hint of frosting? ...Not going there.

“Uh, Ben?”

“Yesh Twiright?” I still hadn’t taken my mouth of the building, it was too big a shock to my system, I guess.

“It’s not a real gingerbread house, you know that right?”

“I do now.” I finally let go and turned around only to find myself face to face with a familiar pink mare. “GAH! Pinkie!”

“GAH! Benny! How ya do~in’~?”

“Um, humiliated.”

“Well we’re just gonna have to make sure you don’t turn into a frowny Benny, then!” She grabbed my hoof and the next thing I know, I’m inside the building which was a bakery filled with the sweetest scents and the most succulent treats I had ever laid my eyes on. My mind was instantly filled with sugary bliss, and I hadn’t even eaten anything yet! “Welcome to Sugar Cube Corner! The sweetest, tastiest, bestest bakery in all of Equestria!”

“I’ve died and gone to sugar heaven! I. Want. Everything!!”

“Not going to happen, Ben,” said Twilight as she walked in with Nyx and Spike in tow. “I may be a princess, but even I have a spending limit. You have no money.”

“Not true, I have an account with the Royal Treasury and I know I still have access.” I reach behind my back and pull out a small pile of bits. Ya gotta love cartoon physics

“How did you do that?” Twilight asked with surprise plain on her face.

I smirked. “Personal secret, Twi. Between me and Celestia.” Twilight huffed, but let it drop. “I want one of everything! ...please!” Pinkie smiled widely and disappeared, taking my pile of bits with. Not even a minute later, I found myself seated a table with a pile of sugary treats in front of me. I drooled heavily, but noticed a certain little filly eyeing my meal with wonder. I smirked and pushed a few her way, her eyes following and a smile wider than Pinkie’s appearing on her face. She and I both dug in with fervor, even with Twilight and Spike watching us in awe and a small sense of wonder.

“How are you eating that much food?”

I stopped eating to reply. “Simple, Twilight. I had to! If I wasn’t able to eat as much as I do as fast as I do, Celestia would have eaten all of the deserts before I even got a chance. Her and that stupid cake addiction of hers.”

“Hey that’s a legitimate condition!” Twilight refuted.

“No it’s not! It’s her trying to hog all the cake! She’s just making excuses!”

“Don’t talk about my teacher like that!”

“I’m her brother! It’s my job to tease her!”

“That doesn’t make it right!”

I was silent for a minute, then understanding came to me and I put on a shit-eating grin. “You’re the younger sibling, aren’t you?”

Twilight went silent, her eyes darting back and forth. Clearly guilty. “...Noooo…,” she practically whispered.

“Called it!!” I yelled, shocking her and the few other patrons in the shop. “You have an older brother! I knew it! Younger sisters against older brothers, eh? Nuh uh, ya can’t use that on me!”

“Why not?” she huffed.

“Because… I said so and I’m older than you.” I stuck my tongue out at her to prove my point.

“What?! That’s not fair!”

“Life’s not fair,” I said simply before chucking a cupcake into my waiting mouth. I hear giggling coming from next to me. I looked over, a smile forming on my face as I see Nyx giggling giddily at her mother’s failure to overcome a big brother. I decided not to point it out and proceeded to finish off my breakfast snack. Twilight, Nyx, and Spike finished a few minutes later and we were all laying in our seats lazily rubbing our stomachs. “That was gooood!”

“Great! I’m happy you like my cooking, Benny, because now you get to help me with it!”

“Come again?”

Twilight looked at me with a smirk, and I felt a chill go down my spine. “I am considering it your ‘rehabilitation’, Mister 10. As our ‘best friend’, you will do as we say until otherwise said. Today, you’ll be helping Pinkie in the kitchen and Rarity at her boutique. Any questions?”

I could feel my left eye twitching. I had pretty much just been turned into Grim! And Twilight might as well have been Mandy. Does that make Pinkie, Billy? I looked over to see the bubbly mare just dancing along to some song in her head. Yep. She’s Billy. I faceplanted on to the table, grumbling about my life. “Stupid, slave-drivin’ ponies.”

“Get used to it, Bennyboy!” Pinkie grabbed my hoof and I was dragged through a screen transition into the kitchen. “Hooray! I finally have bestest best friend who’ll make super-ultra-yummy cupcakes with me!”

I was visibly pale with horror, only pulled out when a pink apron and a white chef’s hat were put on my head. That made me turn sour, though Pinkie just kept smiling.

The next two hours are a blur to me, though I do remember there being a lot of cake batter. And I mean a lot of cake batter. I was covered head-to-hoof in the stuff. I have to admit, though, those cupcakes were amazing! As I dragged myself from the kitchen, I found Twilight waiting for me with an evil grin.

“So… how did it go?”

“I hate you, ya know that?”

“No you don’t. You’re my best friend, so you have to love me!”

“That’s not how that works.”

“Who’s the princess of friendship here? Oh, that’s right, me. Now come on, you’ve got some dresses to help with!”

With adrenaline I didn’t know I had, I jumped up with fear. “Oh hell nah! I ain’t dressin’ up no way no how! I’m out! Peace!” I sped out of there, flapping my wings wildly as I went. I could hear Twilight screaming after me, but I just kept running, trying to fly away. Only for me to fall into a back alley several blocks away. I groaned slightly as I stood up, thankful that ponies can take a fair amount of damage, compared to humans.

That’s when things got strange. The area around me suddenly got both warmer and colder, as if the temperature was fighting with itself. I felt a breeze blow through the alley, nice little sea breeze. Wait… sea breeze?! I sniffed the air immediately, slightly panicking, and I smelled it: salt water! I gulped, my face going pale. “Oh shiz.” I slowly turn around, already expecting what I would see even though it didn’t prepare me for the sight that lay before me. He stood nearly ten feet tall, wearing tropical attire (Hawaiian shirt included), his long grey hair and beard billowing in the breeze, his tan face looking down on me.

Then he spoke, his words while simplistic held an air of power that of which I knew only Voiceless would ever understand. “Fair tidings, Benjamin!”

I broke free of my frozen stance and threw myself at his feet in a bow. “Lord Poseidon! I am not worthy to be in your grace, oh lord of the equines!” Poseidon raised his hand and I waited for the impending hit...only to feel it softly petting me!? I looked at him in shock and a little embarrassment. “Um, sir, why are you petting me?”

“You looked so cute and pettable in your pegasus form, Ben, that I couldn’t resist!” He laughed up a storm (not literally, thankfully) while I blushed beet red. “It is good to see you after so many millennia my boy!”

“Really? You’re not pissed?” Honestly, I was surprised. Ponies were his creation and I kinda pissed them off many, many times in the past.

“Of course not! In fact, I have been awaiting your return for some time now. You see, Ben, the Gods need your help. You are our only hero and we will need you very soon.”

I couldn’t help, but deadpan. “Last time I helped you, I got taken over by Brainstorm and leveled three towns.” Then I remembered who I was talking to. “Oh gods, I am so sorry!”

He waved me off, his comforting smile never leaving his face. “You have already been forgiven for that, Ben. We hold no ill will towards you, not now anyway. It will not be for some time now, but I wanted to welcome you back, my boy. I still don’t know why you fear me, have I not been a worthy father?”

I was still shaking, because he did indeed strike fear into me. Five thousand years and I still fear my adoptive father. Don’t judge me, you try keeping calm in front of an all powerful god that is also your father! “N-no it’s not that. It’s just…” I sighed and hung my head, sniffling a little. “I was scared that you didn’t care anymore because of what happened between me and my sisters.”

“Oh, Ben,” he said calmingly. He stroked my mane was again, making me blush, but more because I was enjoying it than anything else. “While our first meeting was not on the best of terms, I have come to care for you just as I care for my daughters. You have nothing to fear from me, my son, the only thing you have to fear is your uncle, Zeus. He still doesn’t like that you prefer your pegasus form over any other.”

I rubbed my hooves together. “I like to fly,” I said in an almost whine.

“I know, I know, but your uncle is a stubborn one. I should warn you that Hades is going to be paying you a visit in the near future.” I paled at the thought of my uncle coming to visit. “It’s nothing bad, I think, but he wishes to speak with you. The other gods are stirring as well, so you may be seeing more of us around. I will be watching over you, my son. Farewell, and good luck with your stalker.” With a burst of golden light, my adoptive father disappeared into the wind.

Wait, stalker? What? I turned around and my eyes widened at the sight of a mint green unicorn who was staring at me the same way. As we stared in shock at each other, I had a chance to look her over. She had a dual mint green mane and a lyre for a cutie mark. Then she spoke, her voice very, surprisingly, soothing.

“You’re a human!” I didn’t know I could be shocked any more than I was. How did she know that?! “And you’re the son of a god!!” I started shaking in fear, wondering what this mare was going to do with this knowledge. Only my sisters knew the truth about the gods and that this was a complete breach in policy. But, Poseidon knew she was there and didn’t do anything. Does that mean she’s clear to know. Next thing I know, though, she’s right in my face, a massive grin on her face. “You’re my boy friend now!”

My brain literally shut down at that moment. Rebooting… Would you like to restart Ben_10.exe from the previous start up? ...Ben_10.exe has resumed running. “WHAT?!”

“You’re my boyfriend now!” she repeated.

“We don’t even know each other!”

“Well, you’re name is Ben and you’re a human! I’m Lyra, Equestria’s only anthropologist and a unicorn. We’re a couple now!”

“No we’re not! I only just met you and it was through you stalking me!”

“So? Doesn’t change the fact that we’re meant for each other! Now come here and give me a kiss, Benny boy!” She puckered her lips and leaned into me, while I leaned in the opposite direction.

“No! Not interested!” I jumped back and then took to the skies, flying off at my top speed, which admittedly needs some work.

“No matter where you go, I will find you my love!” Lyra called after me. I knew only one thing at that moment: I needed someplace to hide! I looked around and around as I sped through the sky, finally deciding on some strange place near the middle of town. I divebombed the place, slamming the door open and then shut as I braced myself against it, panting out of fear and exhaustion.

“There you are!” I screamed from the sudden voice and turned to see Twilight, Spike, Nyx, and Rarity staring at me. “What is the matter with you, Ben? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

“Twilight!” I got right in her face, muzzle to muzzle. “Ya gotta help me! Another pony knows I’m a human and she’s obsessed with me!”

“What do you mean another pony found out? How?”

“I don’t know! All I know is that she knows I’m human and now she thinks I’m her boyfriend. Ya gotta hide me from Lyra!”

“Lyra?” all of them said with a look of confusion that soon turned to understanding. They all face-hoofed (clawed in Spike’s case) and sighed.

“I take it she’s eccentric?” I asked.

“That’s not even the start of it, darling. Don’t get me wrong, Lyra’s a sweet filly, but she tends to be… obsessive when it comes to something she wants.”

“Too true. When she found out I had seen humans, Lyra wouldn’t leave me alone for three weeks trying to hound me to answer her questions.”

“You’ve met humans? I remember Spike mentioning that earlier, so what gives? I’m the only human in all Equestria and beyond.”

“It was a little over a year ago, shortly after I became a princess. My crown was stolen and taken to a parallel Equestria where everypony here was a human. I did get my crown back thanks to my alternate friends.”

“Ooooh! That stupid mirror! Yeah, I remember that thing! That was Celestia and Luna’s first attempt to see my world. Only we ended up seeing what could be considered the Stone Age of Earth. Sombra worked so hard on that mirror, too, that’s what made it worse.”

“SOMBRA?!” they shouted at me.

“Would you all stop shouting at me! You’re gonna wreck my ears! What’s so wrong about my old pal Sombra? What, did my old sombrero prank finally catch on?” I asked hopefully.

“You created that gag?!” I jumped slightly as Pinkie seemingly materialized right next to me. “I love that one!” Pinkie put on a massive sombrero and started bouncing around with a noise maker in her mouth. I felt like asking how she did that, but I figured now wasn’t the time.

“Dude, Sombra was, like, evil!”

“Now I know you’re screwing with me. Sombra had a temper that’s for sure, but he was more like Fluttershy than anything else. First Luna and now Sombra, how many of my friends are you gonna say are evil?”

“That depends, did you know a changeling named Chrysalis?”

“Dafaq’s a changeling?”

“Nevermind, then. Anyway, since you’re no doubt going to ignore anything we say on the matter, I’ll tell you later. Don’t worry Ben, we’ll hide you. And while you’re hiding, you can help Rarity with her dresses!”

I only just then remembered why I ran from Twilight in the first place. I froze in place for a second before falling face first to the floor. “I hate my life!”

“Oh don’t be so dramatic, dear. I’m not going to make you wear a dress!”

I looked up with hope in my eyes. “You’re not?”

“Of course not. All I need you to do for me, Benjamin, is to help me clean up my workshop. I just completed a large order and could frankly use the extra pair of hooves.”

“Oh thank the gods! As long as I don’t have to wear a dress, or anything frilly, I’ll help!”

Me and my big, fat mouth! The workshop looked as if it was hit by an EF5 tornado that was borderline EF6! Those don’t even exist! It took four, freakin’ hours to finally get everything done. Four. Freakin’. Hours. How many sheets of fabric does this mare own?! Once we were done, Twilight agreed we could finally go home and get some dinner. Spike decided to stay for a while, though Twilight made him promise to be home by dark. Why Spike had hearts in his eyes when Twilight said yes, I have no clue.

Anyway, as Twilight, Nyx, and myself headed for home, I was suddenly sidelined from my right and sent to the ground. I heard Twilight and Nyx call out my name in shock, but what I heard next sent a shiver down my spine.

“Told you I’d find you, lover!” I opened my eyes to see it was Lyra who had tackled me and was now hugging me tightly with a gleeful smile on her muzzle.

“Rape! I call rape!” I called out, but Lyra put a hoof to my mouth.

“Oh hush, you know you want me just as much as I want you,” she told me with her eyes half-lidded with a sultry smile. Thankfully, Lyra was suddenly coated in a raspberry-colored aura and was lifted off me.

“Saved by the Twilight!” Never thought I’d say that.

“Lyra, you are not going to be perform lewd acts in front of my daughter,” she scolded the unicorn. Oh, no lecture about raping a dude you only just met after stalking him all over town? Love you too, Twi. Some best friend you are.

“I wasn’t really going to do it here,” she protested in a whine. “I just wanted to get him in the mood.”

“If you want, Lyra, you can accompany us to the castle and join us for some supper.”

Twilight, I officially hate you right now. I rushed over to her and whisper shouted in her ear. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?! I’m trying to get away from the deranged mare, not get closer to her!”

Twilight whispered back, “Lyra’s not all that bad Ben. This is just so we can sit you both down and we can work things out. I’m not throwing you under the bus, as the human saying goes. We can work this out peacefully and calmly. Trust me, we are friends after all.”

I looked her in the eyes, looking for any sign of deception, but all I saw was honesty and sincerity. I nodded in agreement, not saying another word.

“Great, so Lyra, would you like to join us?” Lyra nodded with her wacky smile on her face. Twilight smiled and put Lyra on the ground and ran over to my side where she watched me like some fangirl ogling her favorite rockstar. I felt both creeped out and a little flattered at the same time. I looked over to see Twilight and Nyx giggling.

“Whatchulookinat?” I asked with pursed lips and a glare.

“Nothing~,” They sang out through their giggles. I shook my head at them and we proceeded back to the castle. Nyx ran up to my side, still smiling. I think she’s finally getting used to me.

“Miss Lyra?” she asked.


“Are you and Mr. 10 gonna get married?”

If I was drinking something, I know doubt would have done a spit-take. Instead I simply stared agape at the little filly, almost wishing I hadn’t been nice to her this morning. Almost.

“Well, here’s hoping,” Lyra replied, sending a seductive wink my way. I sighed and hung my head, staying that way until we finally arrived back at the castle. Twilight opened the door and we all started to walk in when we stopped at the sight in the middle of the room in front of us. A tall, floating figure with one eye was there, staring at us in shock, his grey form almost see through. We all stared in shock at the sight before us and then he spoke.

“Ummm… hello?”

Nyx and I both fainted right then and there.

Author's Note:

Okay, next chapter is out and the next one up is a crossover with the only other Ben 10 esque story in LOHAV/LOHAH multiverse: And Then There Were 10...Er ...67 by shagohad12. Also, for those that haven't heard, I am holding a Q n' A session soon and will be answering any questions. Any at all, whether it be this story, another of my works, or just about me in general. Either send me a personal message or please make a comment here. I'll be taking questions until tomorrow night and will post the answers on Wednesday. Until next time!